Apple MacBook Air Drawing Laptop Review 2021

Have you heard a famous saying?

That, an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well of course you did. But I am not to talk about the fruit here, though, I have got much to talk about the real Apple. So, let’s begin and find out what we are onto today. 

So, What Is That Real Apple?

Apple MacBook Air ReviewApple has become one of the leading laptops or I can say MacBook producing companies around the globe. This multinational billionaire company is providing solutions in every small or big niche these days. And, you can see its marvelous inventions from the mild hint of one of our best MacBook named Apple MacBook Air.

Yes, our today’s concern is this masterpiece advanced technology MacBook which is making its place in the core of everyone’s hearts as the next morning comes. But why are there too many praises and sayings?

Why is it becoming that famous? Well, if you have that curiosity to know in-depth, I welcome you to join me over this never-ending journey.

So, just make up your mind and let’s do this. 

What Is It Actually About Apple MacBook Air 2021? 

Since Apple has launched it into the market, the sleek, stylish, thin, and extra performer machine left no stone unturned in providing the promised quality and perfection. Its powerful processor with RAM, memory, and SSD storage provides working speed which is limitless.

Apple has also added an M1 chip inside it which is something new and very advantageous to know as I’ll explain this later to you. However, you can say, the budget you’ve got to buy a decent, portable, and long-lasting MacBook will never let you decide anything else except Apple MacBook Air 2020. Anyhow, I think it’s time to dig into its flawless specs.

Design and Appearance 

Design and AppearanceThis MacBook has a unique silent, finless, and astonishing design with an eye-catching look. There are no lies that you won’t become its fan even at the first glance. The laptop is very sleek and thinner than its previous Apple additions and wider in displaying things. Its 2.8 pounds weight with a reasonable width will give you backpack portability for having watched, playing, and quality browsing anytime, anywhere. So, having plans to go on an adventure, or for the office, just have this masterpiece in your backpack and let it add a pleasant charm to your personality.  

Performance M1 Chip

performance M1 ChipBefore going further, let’s have a look at what is besides and what is upgraded in this new charm of 2020. Yes, this is M1 Chip which is something new in this laptop. This is Apple’s first designed chip for a Mac that consists of 16 billion transistors and packs CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, and I/O all over it.

The CPU has become 3.5x faster than its previous versions, GPU 5x faster and an Advanced Neural engine with 9x faster machine learning. With unimaginable performance, latest technology, and industry-leading power efficiency, this is a new step for Apple towards new and next-generation development.

Since I have talked about the latest innovation that this giant is keeping, there is still much work inside it. like, just look at its amazing processor which is stepping into the next generation. Its M1 chip includes an 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and having more than 4 efficiency cores, which gets everything done in very little time.

With 3.5x faster performance capability, gaming, watching, heavy-duty, and everything is at fingertips with this extra advanced processor over macOS. There is another great feature which is its 8GB RAM capacity that gets the projects done faster than ever. 

Moreover, the latest MacBook is available with SSD storage capacities of 256GB and 512GB SSD whatever you’d like. So, the giant Nancy is always on the go and has more space for letting your store a reasonable amount of data.   

Display and GPU

Display and GPUYou do need a faster frame holder and quality display for watch and playtime. So, don’t worry as this one is holding your back in this unique feature too. The MacBook comes with 13.3 inches wider display screen that has a retina display with 2560 by 1600 resolution. It shows you sharper and clear text, vibrant colors with a glass that goes right to the edge of the enclosure, hence there is no way of missing anything.

But what about the GPU that is holding this display’s back?

Of course, there is nothing shameful or not to tell. The GPU is a 5x faster performer than its previous MacBook versions that have 8 cores which provide you extraordinary editing and graphic experience. You’d not be having any worries regarding running heavy software for editing and creativity over it. 

Apple MacBook Air Machine Learning Feature

Just wow! This amazing feature inside this great machine is something extraordinary and hard to find on any other laptop or MacBook. But how is it beneficial?

The thing is, this feature lets MacBook apps retouch photos and edit like a pro by themselves. This 16 core Neural engine technology helps you make magic wands and audio filters working more accurately with auto-detection. It means Apple has provided much more advancement than another in its MacBook Air.

Connectivity, Security and Keyboard

Connectivity, Security and KeyboardEveryone knows that no laptop is complete without these features that’s why Apple is also making sure that you have them too. So, let’s talk about security first. It’s macOS BIG Sur and M1 chip provide you more security for keeping everything safe inside this laptop. Privacy is beyond the borders and more advanced than its predecessors. 

When it comes to connecting this laptop to the outer world, the notebook is also having it in a large quantity. The WIFI 6 is there to help you connect with the faster internet for longer and faster hours. Two thunderbolt USB 4 ports, display ports Thunderbolt 3, and USB 3.1 are also there for faster data transmission and charging purposes. Moreover, you will also find wireless Bluetooth 5.0 technology. 

The laptop has a magic keyboard with rightly and comforted placed keys that enhance your typing and working skills. You’d be doing your work in very little time over this sleek keyboard.

Camera and Audio Features

Apple knows that you’d also need some quality video chatting with your friends that are in remote areas or anywhere in this world. That’s why it has built a high-quality HD camera in this MacBook Air for chit chat and gossip with your friends over skype.

Moreover, when it comes to having some quality music with enriching sounds, the MacBook is also having it. This one provides you some quality music with advanced audio speakers that are beneath its chassis and helps you in working with peace. So, whenever you find yourself bored and fatigued, put on some quality music and go with the flow. 

Battery Life

This feature is something exceptional inside Apple laptops. These MacBook’s are best in providing a long battery time for working and playing hours. Therefore, this is the same with this laptop. The notebook is gonna give you a long-lasting battery timing of 18 hours. So, have more than half of the day for working and getting the jobs done in a single charge. Didn’t I say something exceptional? Yes, you heard that!


If you are in search of something extraordinary and also in Apple then the price must not be your concern at all. However, you won’t have to think much but just have to make up your budget of at least 1000 dollars for buying this latest generation MacBook. So, there is a truth for it that at the end of the day, there will not be any regrets. 

What is additional? 

Since you’ve got much under this budget but still, you’d be having a 30W USB-C Power Adapter and a USB-C Charge Cable of 2m in the box of your 13 inches MacBook Air. No one else is gonna offer the same features under this price. Well, I am not sure about you but I am fully satisfied.

What is lacking?

I have told you that Apple has no comparison with HP, Lenovo, and other companies’ laptops. That’s why I wasn’t able to find any lacking inside it. The laptop is best in its way and as it is something latest and advanced so haven’t got any bad sayings yet.

  • Sleek, Portable, and lightweight
  • Newly released, advanced, and latest
  • M1 chip including
  • Machine learning technology
  • Remarkable performance, outstanding graphics
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Comes with WIFI 6 and Thunderbolt 3
  • Reasonable price
  • Limited ports
  • No touch screen

Final Said

All in all, the notebook is something worth having. With such an advanced CPU, faster GPU, M1 chip, Neural engine Technology, Machine Learning, and a lot of never-ending features, this MacBook Air will make you proud being with friends, colleagues, and gatherings.

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