Are Gaming Headphones Good For Music?

Are gaming headphones good for music?

Being a gamer and music lover, this very question about the headphones will always have been irritating you. The reason is that you would always like to use a multipurpose device. If this is the query in your mind as well, then welcome because you have reached your destination.

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I hope that after reading this article you will be able to make a decision in your mind and there will be a clear crystal roadmap in your mind. Let’s stop beating by the bushes and focus on our goal.

Are Gaming Headphones Good for Music?

Why Gaming Headphones Not Good for Music

Well! The simple answer should be “NO” because in gaming headphones, bass and highs are over-tuned so that you can get a good experience of games with each and every sensation of even a low sound. So, we can say that gaming headphones are mostly built for only gaming not for music. 

However, this rule is not applied to each and every device. Let me explain to you what it actually means. 

It means there are some factors that make a difference in gaming headphones and others. But there are some devices in the market that are good for gaming as well as for music.

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Besides that, there are some techniques that can be used to convert gaming headphones into music friendly headphones as well. 

Let’s dig into the details.

Why Gaming Headphones Not Good for Music?

Are Gaming Headphones Good For Music

Why are gaming headphones not good for music? Well! There are many reasons that make gaming headphones imperfect for music. The most important reasons are the design and the bass and highs. Let’s discuss these reasons by making a comparison of gaming headphones and headphones for music.


Gaming headphones are usually designed for comfortable gameplay. The manufacturers focus on the comfort of the user and quality of the material used for headsets. In this way they compromise on the sound quality.

Although the quality of sound for these headphones is good enough for gaming, it is not ideal for music. Because, for music you need great sound quality. And if you will go to buy a gaming headphone with great design and sound quality then it will prove heavy on your pocket. 

In this way, we can say that gaming headphones are comfortable but they lack quality sound.

Bass and highs

Another factor that makes the difference between gaming headphones and music headphones is bass and highs. Gaming headphones are usually designed for the immersive gaming experience so, their bass and highs are usually boosted. 

Because, if there is no explosive sound then the user will have a boring and dry gaming experience. However, in making these headphones explosive, manufacturers design such devices which lack mids and this drawback makes them faulty for music. 

On the other hand, music requires accurate sound with normal base and highs matching the mids as well.

Audio and Visual features

Gaming headphones usually target one thing that they have high bass and due to this heavy bass, they sacrifice other audio profiles. 

On the other hand, music headphones have high quality drivers which can produce a wider and better frequency range. Music headphones also have balanced audio profiles which make them better for music.

As far as the visual features of the headphones are concerned, you will come to see that gaming headphones come with LED lights, some colors, brand logos and some other visual features which make them attractive and distinctive. 

For music headphones, these visual features are not usually available. You will seldom see a music headphone with LED lights or logos. So, music headphones are usually simple design based.

How to make gaming headphones good for music?

How to make gaming headphones good for music

As it is explained that gaming headphones are not ideal for music. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make changings to make them comfortable for music. We can change their settings a little bit to make them work great for music as well. 

Let’s see how we can tweak the setting.

Changing equalizer settings: Usually headsets can be made useful for music by just changing equalizer settings. The gaming headphones often come with software. So, you can just open the provided software and change its equalizer settings. 

For this purpose, you will have to lower the bass and highs, and boost the mids a little. In this way your gaming headphones will become convenient for music.

If your headphone doesn’t support the equalizer setting software then you need to sell it or replace it with the new headphone or the conventional one. You should be clear about one thing: cheap headphones don’t have those drivers which can support equalizer setting software. 

So, always try to purchase headphones which are reliable. Because, if the thing you are buying is not giving you satisfactory performance then it is better to change it or replace it with something worthwhile.

Recommendation for you

Obviously, you will be looking for a device which can be good for music as well as gaming. Knowing this, we have prepared a list of devices for you. You would definitely like these devices as these devices will work according to your choice. 

So, here is the list of some recommended devices for you.

  • Philips Fidelio X2HR Check Price: Over-Ear open headphone with wired connection
  • Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Check Price: Over-Ear closed with wired or wireless connection and noise cancelation
  • Sony WH-1000XM3 Check Price: Over-Ear closed with wired or wireless connection and noise cancelation
  • Sennheiser HD 600 Check Price: Over-Ear open headphone with wired connection
  • Sony WH-1000XM4 Check Price: Over-Ear closed with wired or wireless connection and noise cancelation
  • HyperX Cloud II’s Check Price: Over-Ear closed with wired or wireless connection and noise cancelation

All of the above devices are available on both physical as well as online markets. These devices will provide you satisfactory performance both for music and gaming. You can choose any of the above devices according to your own satisfaction.

But whichever you choose will be good in all aspects.


Some of the most commonly asked questions asked about the use of gaming headphones for music are as follows.

Can we use gaming headphones that are good for music?

Gaming headphones are usually not ideal for listening to music because of the fact that gaming headphones are usually designed with high bass. However, you can tweak equalizer settings to make them comfortable for music as well.

Why have gaming headphones have boosted bass and highs?

Gaming headphones usually have boosted bass and highs for a good experience of gaming. Gaming requires a sensational atmosphere. So, these headphones with boosted bass and highs create that kind of thrilling and sensational environment for gaming.

Final Thoughts

Gaming headphones do not provide that ideal performance when we use them for music. However, it doesn’t mean that we can never use them for music. If you purchase the right headphone then it will work with great efficiency not only for music but also for gaming. We have recommended some devices for you in this article or you can also buy some other one of the same calibers. 

An option of a separate pair of headphones is also available if you care more about the audio quality of gaming and music. It is also important for you to consider what is important for you. If money is not the matter for you then you can go for separate headphones for gaming and music or you can buy a reliable and expensive device which can work well with gaming and music.

You can also make some changings in gaming laptops to make them comfortable for music. Maybe you will not be able to get that superb experience like music headphones but it will not be a disaster for sure. Now the choice is yours. 

I hope you will definitely make a decision that will be good for yourself. Best of luck for your decision. See you soon with something new and interesting. Until then goodbye.

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