Are Gaming Laptops Good For Everyday Use?

When you start searching for your first laptop, you do examine many laptops around you and you may ask many questions from people like, are gaming laptops good for everyday use?

What kind of laptop is the best one? Which one should I get for myself? How will I be able to know that it is a great choice? Seems like this becomes a pretty messed up situation at that time, doesn’t it?

But instead of worrying about anything, your target must be a gaming laptop, whether you prefer gaming on it or use it for your daily activities. But why? Well, I am just here to answer this question and tell you how a gaming laptop is good for gaming as well as for your day-to-day computing purposes. 

So, hold on and take a breather, because we are going to reveal several important factors and things about gaming laptops in this short guide that will let you know whether having a gaming laptop is a good decision or not?

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Are gaming laptops good for everyday use?

gaming laptops good or not for everyday use

Let me explain this thing with the help of an example. Just tell me, can you compare a heavy bike with a bicycle? Or a car with a bicycle or bike because the purpose of both is to ride and to reach from one place to another?

No, of course not, because what benefits a car can offer, you can never expect or have them from a bike and the same, what a bike can offer, you can never have it from a bicycle. So, things are designed for their purpose of usage and demands. The same thing is with these gaming laptops.

A gaming laptop is just like comparing a car with a bike. What a gaming laptop can do due to its productivity, working capacity, speed, smoothness, and unimaginable performance, any other or any ordinary laptop can never think of. Gaming laptops are designed for tackling some high-end tasks like playing big title games, video or graphics editing, studio, or other heavy usages.

So, the answer to your question is a big Yes, which means, you can easily use your gaming laptop for everyday purposes.

According to me, and I do know that according to you too, everyday purposes means a laptop that can be used efficiently for internet surfing purposes, documentation, entertainment, taking classes, creating animations, and other small things on a daily basis. Therefore, gaming laptops are far more than just performing these tasks and you can believe that there will be no regrets with this type of machine.

However, still, I will let you know about the bad and good sides of gaming laptops as well, so that choosing or considering the best one might be easy for you. 

Therefore, let’s begin explaining the downsides of a gaming laptop:

The bad sides of a gaming laptop for using it on daily basis

bad sides of a gaming laptopBefore describing the good factors, let’s have a look at their bad sides that may create some hurdles for you if you bring a gaming laptop to your school, college, office, or anywhere you prefer. These hurdles are given as follows: 

Battery life:

Compared to the other laptops in the market, a gaming laptop has a comparatively short battery life. This is because it works for performing high and when it performs high, the battery ultimately drains out. So, if you bring it somewhere in public for gaming, you’d have to have a separate battery or an adapter to keep it on track.

However, if you just work to prepare some documents, or do other tasks of your day to day activity, you will not have a problem at all. Because in this case, a gaming laptop can stand up to 6 to 7 hours on a single charge.

Loud fans:

Gaming laptops have extensive cooling systems and big fans that work at a great speed to make sure that your system must stay cool while performing end-to-end tasks. That’s why, when it runs and you perform things on it, its fan runs at full speed that will create noise.

You can ignore it in some cases, but maybe at some public place or using your laptop inside a library may disturb other people due to its loudness. That’s why gaming laptops are not that environment friendly to bring to public or calm places.

Heavy weight and less portability:

On day to day working, you need something lightweight, portable, and one that can be taken anywhere without any problem. But, somehow, there are only some gaming laptops that are portable enough to bring anywhere.

A laptop like Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop (Check Price on Amazon) is something portable and can be with you, but from most of them, you won’t get your demanded portability as they are heavy machines and when you will have to carry such a machine behind your back, this may feel like a burden to yourself. 

So, these were some of the bad sides of a gaming laptop. Now, let’s move to the good sides of these gaming laptops and figure out why they are actually praised that much.

The good sides of a gaming laptop for using it on a daily basis

good sides of a gaming laptopSince we have discussed that you will have to compromise on noise, battery life, and portability if you go for a gaming laptop for using it at your work or inside your college. Because yes, if a laptop is made for some extreme purposes, it will not offer you things like these. But why do people still recommend having a gaming laptop even for your daily work? Yeah, that’s why I am here to tell you about that. So, give me a high five, and let’s begin. 

The unimaginable performance: 

If you are an introverted guy who doesn’t go outside and runs his entire empire by just sitting in one place, I would love to recommend you to have a gaming laptop for that. However, even if you are a person who has to go outside on a daily basis and wants to have a laptop that must be efficient enough to get everything done, and you can compromise on the above-described factors then yes, a gaming laptop is waiting for you to solve your worries. 

A gaming laptop gives unexpected and unthinkable performance due to its powerful processor, RAM capacity, SSD storage by providing great multitasking at great speed. There is nothing outside that a gaming laptop cannot do. You just have to put your work inside it and it will make sure to give you results as soon as possible. Moreover, it never lags, you will have no busy or waiting hours, no hurdles, nothing like that. Just smooth and unstoppable work done. 

GPU and Display:

For the people who love to perform editing, video creation, and animation or 3D work done at an extensive and fast display screen by running some class high-end software, a gaming laptop will be the best choice for him. But why? The answer to this question is that a gaming laptop includes high quality and speedy GPU that makes sure you’d have quality graphics at a great speed without any complaints.

You can even have the latest GPU inside your gaming laptop like NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 in different memory sizes that work like a beast. Moreover, when it comes to displaying, a gaming laptop can perform things even more than at a 60Hz refresh rate over a glossy and natural display screen with some immersive results. This means you will have no complaints regarding these things inside a gaming laptop. 

Sturdy design:

Compared to a sleek, or ultra-portable laptop, a gaming laptop is made of some sturdy stuff to ensure long-time durability and its body never breaks due to interaction with any kind of forces or surfaces. You will have a strong workstation to bring anywhere anytime without any hassles. 

Audio quality, keyboard, and other features:

A gaming laptop can give you rich quality sound speakers that will blow your house up. Ah, just kidding. I mean to say that you can have quality music even while working on your gaming laptop because it is designed to keep you cheerful with the game’s sounds while you do gaming on it. Most of the laptops have backlit RGB keyboards that make you work even in the nighttime. They are best for easy typing and getting your important things done on time. 

Moreover, a gaming laptop has many other features. You can have a good quality webcam, which is also available on non-gaming laptops. A gaming laptop for daily purposes makes sure to give you extensive and comprehensive connectivity with lots of ports and wireless connections. It does perform web surfing and data transmission or uploading at great speed. 

Easy to use and set up. 

Instead of waiting for turning Windows on, getting programs refreshed, and making things on track inside a normal laptop, a gaming laptop does it within a very short time due to powerful hardware configuration. You can use any software easily on it.

A gaming laptop includes normal usage software like MS Office and it does include heavy software like Adobe Premiere Pro. But a normal laptop can only include or run MS Office and will lag while running something like Adobe products. That’s why a gaming laptop made sure that you’d have the solution for everything inside a single unit.

My opinion about gaming laptops good for everyday use or not?

Since I have described some good and bad sides of gaming laptops, but if you want me to tell you whether you should have it for your daily activities or not, then I am here to sort this out. Honestly, if you are a smart person and like things that must be as smart as you, you should go for a portable, sleek, smart, thin, lightweight, and laptop with good battery life.

Because on a daily basis like being inside the college, office, or at a cafeteria, these will be the uppermost things you’d have to have inside your desired laptop. 

However, as far as you know, a gaming laptop is much more efficient and powerful than a normal laptop. It couldn’t be brought anywhere with you easily. You will have to deal with a lot of things by having a gaming laptop because you will miss portability, calm working conditions, and a good battery backup.

The thing is, if you are a person, who is an enthusiast gamer or one, who deals with everything by just sitting at one place or inside your house, you could easily go for a gaming laptop. Because having something like a gaming laptop inside your house will solve your worries for the rest of your life. 

Final thoughts

Hence, I hope that, now, you have the answer to your question regarding are gaming laptops good for everyday use? I do hope that the information provided here will help you make an easy choice and you will be able to value your money. However, if you have any queries related to this topic or you want to ask something else, please let me know through the comment box.

In the end, take care of yourself and we shall see each other very soon on another great topic. Until then, good luck.


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