Best Laptop Under 150 | Top 10 Cheapest In 2022

We know that most parents cannot afford expensive laptops for their children, but they still want their dreamers to have one. Isn’t it true?

Yes, of course, it is. That’s why we have brought 10 best laptop under 150 dollars so that buying a laptop by parents for their son’s basic needs won’t be an issue anymore.

The time had gone when the laptops were just at the reach of a richer. But, for someone like you or me, they were too expensive to buy.

However, as of today, anyone can get a decent and best laptop under $150. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or parent who desperately wants to fulfill his star’s dreams. You can have an affordable laptop at a reasonable price of $150.

These best laptops for teens under $150 are the best for daily tasks like managing emails, browsing, document work, and many other timely-based works.

Top 3 best picks from the below list to make a quick decision:

HP Stream Laptop PC

HP Stream Laptop PC

Best Choice

HP 14 inch

HP 14 inch

Staff Pick

Acer C720 Chromebook

Acer C720 Chromebook

Budget Pick


But these laptops also don’t mind if your kid wanna play games over it. Besides, with their exquisite appearance and very less weight, they are ever ready to go anywhere with you.

That’s why with my best knowledge, experience, reviews, and research, I have brought 10 best laptops under 150 so that you may also have a computer at your home. So, why should we not have a look at them? 

Top 10 Best Laptop Under 150 Dollars | Our Advocacy

The below-listed laptops are all the best in their ways, and you can have an excellent experience by using any advised one. But, as I have mentioned earlier, these laptops are not designed to perform heavy-duty tasks. So if you are a student and want your laptop to perform those tasks, you have to look for the best laptops for graphic designing, gaming, heavy software, and video editing. 

It’s also true that you can’t get everything under 150 dollars as some other giant laptops are available for performing these monumental works. But don’t worry as I can make sure that you are going to worth your $150.

Let’s name our today’s masterpieces.

Image Product Details Price
Acer Flagship CB3-532 Acer Flagship CB3-532

Check details

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Samsung Chromebook 3 Samsung Chromebook 3

Check details

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HP 14 inch HP 14 inch

Check details

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Acer C720 Chromebook Acer C720 Chromebook

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Samsung Exynos 5250 Samsung Exynos 5250

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ASUS Chromebook ASUS Chromebook

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Dell Chromebook Dell Chromebook

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Newest High-Performance RCA Viking Pro Newest High-Performance RCA Viking Pro

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HP Stream Laptop PC HP Stream Laptop PC

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Dell 11-3120 Dell 11-3120

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So without wasting time, let’s dig into each one by one.

Omg, I am super excited but are you?

I know you are!

So let’s do this.

Acer Flagship CB3-532 – Best 15 inch Laptop Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core
RAM & Storage: 2GB & 16GB SSD
Display: 15.6 inches FHD crystal precise results
Battery life: 7 hours
Weight: 4.3 pounds

Acer has a glowing name in producing the best laptops for everyone’s needs at a reasonable price. That’s why it is on the top of the list for a reason. Acer Flagship CB3-532 is the best one for its remarkable features and mind-blowing user reviews with 5 stars rating. 

The laptop has an Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core fast Processor. Including 2GB DDR3 RAM, which is more than enough for performing your daily duties. It will never stop and will work like a beast. With Chrome OS, browsing the internet will be at your fingertips.

These Chromebooks are highly recommended for those obsessed with them as they know that these are best in their ways. They can perform web browsing faster than any other laptop and are counted in the best laptops for email and the internet. 

Acer Flagship CB3-532 has a magnificent large display screen of 15.6 inches with FHD crystal precise results from edge to edge. The thing is, no other laptop is going to offer such a bloomy display at such a low price. You can do documentation, office work, watch a movie, or something else anytime, anywhere with this handsome machine.

However, it is not the thinnest or lightest Chromebook, but still, you can carry it with you due to its low weight of 4.3 pounds. Moreover, equipped with Intel HD Graphics 400, the frames will be shiner and brighter on the screen.

It is not the end, as the laptop offers 16GB of storage memory for storing a reasonable amount of data. Though it is not that enough, you can increase it later or have a portable hard drive to face data storing issues. Its 7 hours long battery timing is its most appreciated feature.

It will never let you down while you are doing some critical work on it. However, what if the appearance is not that eye-catching, but no other laptop is going to offer you such a long battery timing at such a low price. 

This best laptop under 150 dollars does have a webcam on the front for having a chit-chat with friends and family at a long distance.

Moreover, its multiple USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, HDMI port, and card reader allow it to transfer any amount of data in or out. In addition to this. There is a security lock on the right of the chassis to keep it protected. That’s why it has succeeded in making its name at the top of the list.

  • 15.6” screen size at reasonable price
  • Comes with latest generation graphics card
  • Comfort Keyword
  • High-quality webcam
  • Good battery life
  • Plastic body

Samsung Chromebook 3 – Best 11.6 Laptop Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Intel Celeron N3050
RAM & Storage: 2GB & 16GB SSD
Display: 11.6-inch FHD Anti Reflective Display
Battery life: 11 hours
Weight: 2.4 pounds

In the series of best budget laptops under 150, here falls another great Chromebook named Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K01US. It is entirely worth buying as it is produced by one of the world’s leading producers, “Samsung technologies.” Hence, with many love and positive reviews, this Chromebook stands best for the people looking for the best laptops under 150. 

Samsung Chromebook 3, becoming the latest Chromebook invention of Samsung in laptops, has extraordinary features like Samsung offers in its other products. The processor is an Intel Celeron N3050 with 2GB of RAM, which works faster for managing emails, browsing the internet, using the office, or other tiny duties.

This laptop offers you on-the-go portability by weighing only 2.4 pounds, so just grab it, and it will come with you anywhere you would like to take it. You can have your movies, work, the fastest internet, working at the edge of the world, I mean anywhere anytime. 

This Chromebook display is also quite worthy as it has a screen of 11.6-inch FHD Anti Reflective Display with Image Enhancer. Its resolution of 1366 x 768 is more than enough for having a quality display of anything you watch over it.

Enjoy multimedia at another level with this machine due to its 180 degrees rotatable screen enhancing image quality. Moreover, it is embedded with a 2GB integrated graphic card of Intel HD graphics 400 technologies, ensuring that the frames will be natural and purest. 

However, the hard disk storage is just 16GB, which I know can’t be enough for storing your desired amount of data. But no worries as you can put another one, if you are going to, keep it for a more extended period. You will be surprised to know that this Chromebook has a battery timing of 11 hours. This means students can have a lot of work done on a single charge and anywhere as it is quite portable and easy to carry a smart machine. 

This is only getting something more for less. With multiple ports, such remarkable portability, enhanced security, a Spill-resistant keyboard, and a lot more features, and nobody can stop it from making its name in the best laptops under 150 dollars.

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Bright screen
  • Affordable
  • Solid overall performance
  • HD webcam for video chat
  • Just 2GB RAM

HP 14 inchBest Laptop For Games Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: AMD Dual-Core A4-9120C
RAM & Storage: 4GB DDR3 & 32GB SSD
Display: 14-inch FHD IPS anti-glare WLED-backlit
Battery life: 7 hours
Weight: 3 pounds

As you were looking for the best budget laptop under 150, HP has listened to your wish. Who doesn’t know about HP-branded laptops?

Of course, everyone has a profound knowledge about that. So, not going so far admiring HP, let’s have a look at its cheapest HP 14 inch FHD fantastic laptop. 

You can use this laptop for daily tasks as its AMD Dual-Core A4-9120C APU with the fastest DDR3 4GB RAM is more than enough for doing the simplest chores.

The laptop is on the go always whenever you push a button to make it do something. With Chrome OS, internet surfing will be faster and quicker. The portability is on the other level as it is just 3 pounds and smartest for carrying anywhere with you. It becomes your fan, as you won’t go anywhere without taking it with you. 

Coming towards its natural display, HP 14inch FHD Chromebook is blessed with 14-inch diagonal FHD IPS anti-glare WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) display screen. That has perfection in displaying the quality results for everything you require to play on it.

When it comes to displaying, The AMD Radeon R3 chip makes the graphics more natural and more transparent and does allow for playing small games over it. It’s not very sensitive in appearance or touching. It is a long-lasting product. You can’t ignore it if you are seeking the best cheap laptops for gaming under 150. 

Chromebooks always have a shortage of storage issues, but it doesn’t mean that these can not be resolved. Sure, they can, as HP 14inch FHD comes with only a 32GB hard disk drive, but as I said earlier, if you want to upgrade it for storing more data, you can easily do it. It’s not a big deal at all.

The good news is the battery timing is up to 7 hours, so taking it with you in school or at some distant place won’t be a bad idea. Isn’t it correct? You can have 7 hours of working or entertainment or browsing or playing little games over this little smashy smarty one. 

The features don’t end here yet, and you have a lot more to get under such a low price. The different ports are there for managing data sharing. A webcam, I mean your favorite part, is also there for having a video chat with your girlfriend if you are not single like me.

A marvelously designed keyboard as you can move your fingers on it as you move them over the water. Rich quality sounds speakers for setting up your mood and much more just in the same machine. I don’t think you will ask for more on such a low budget, will you?

  • Lightweight and portable
  • 1080p Display screen
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Good amount of RAM and storage
  • Speakers output is amazing
  • Plastic body

Acer C720 ChromebookBest Cheap Laptop Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Intel Celeron 2955U
RAM & Storage: 4GB DDR3 & 16GB SSD
Display: 11.6-inch FHD crystal display Anti-Glare
Battery life: 8.5 hours
Weight: 2.76 pounds

You might be thinking about why another Acer Chromebook is on the list?

Well, don’t worry because I am going to make it clear. As we know, your budget is not that high, and you want multiple options to choose from. That’s why we are making sure that you can get the best under this budget. 

As we have explained earlier, Acer produces the best cheapest laptops within everyone’s reach.

Here is another Acer C720 Chromebook that requires no fame to tell that it is one of the best laptops for 150. How? Let’s dig into it. 

The laptop is designed to perform daily tasks and prefers some gaming in their free time. With its Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz (Haswell micro-architecture) Processor with 4GB DDR3 maximum RAM capacity, the laptop is always on the go for browsing, watching, and having fun. As Chromebook supports it, you will have offline/online cloud computing anytime, anywhere. 

The display is unique and natural. This user-friendly best 11.6-inch laptop under 150 is embedded with an FHD crystal display with Anti-Glare Screen and the best quality visuals. The portability and appearance have another distinguishing value: the thinnest from the thinners and the lightest lighters. It is relatively easier to take anywhere and to work anytime than its predecessors. 

The best laptops for students under 150 have unique features. They are quite important to remember if the budget is a concern. No other notebook is going to give you 8.5 hours of battery timing, webcam, multiple connectivity ports, and remarkable appearance in such a low budget of 150 dollars.

The laptop is highly recommended for students for performing their daily basis tasks. But if your concern is more significant, you may also look for the best gaming laptops under 600, workstation, or something at a bigger budget.
  • Comes with plenty of ports
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Ultra-portable
  • Very fast boot-up
  • Overall excellent performance
  • Tinny speakers
  • Limited storage

Samsung Exynos 5250Best Productivity Laptop Under $150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Exynos 5250 1.7GHz
RAM & Storage: 2GB DDR3 & 16GB SSD
Display: 11.6″ HD LED backlight
Battery life: 7 hours
Weight: 2.29 pounds

Leaving no stone unturned, Samsung is excitedly proposing another masterpiece for the best laptops for 150 dollars. This smart ass has a distinctive appearance and greater portability.

Like other Samsung’s electronic devices, it does make itself prominent in providing the cheapest laptops with extraordinary features. The truth speaks of this saying: Samsung Exynos 5250 compatible notebook. 

Samsung makes sure that its buyer can get every necessary feature under such a low budget of $150. That’s why this laptop runs on an Exynos 5250 1.7GHz processor that is designed under the special care of one of today’s world’s leading laptop manufacturing companies “Samsung.” With such an excellent processor, a 2GB DDR3 RAM is like having an additional jet oil for your machine. The system supports Chrome OS, so there is no worry about lagging during web browsing, watching movies, emailing, or MS office work. It is always on the go. 

The screen and portability are on another level in this laptop. Embedded with an 11.6-inches quality display screen with an excellent frame rating, the cinema will be there whenever you need it. The portability demands that you can’t go anywhere without having this laptop in your backpack. It’s stylish look and on the edge appearance adds an exceptional glimpse to your personality anywhere you go. That’s the thing about it, the best laptop for professionals. 

Under a reasonable budget of just 150 dollars, you’d get 16GB fast SSD storage for storing data and getting the work done at a faster speed. As I always say, having a storage issue can be solved by putting another one or having a portable one. That’s why these laptops are designed in such a way that they can be upgraded or used in whatever way you like. 

For making its name in the best laptops under 150 dollars, this laptop has struggled to make sure that you can get a long-on-screen timing of up to 7 hours. Moreover, a high-quality webcam, multiple USB and built-in Bluetooth ports, and many more are available for just $150. Now, I don’t think there can be any reason for ignoring it because I won’t, as I will grab it ASAP. But should I be worried about you?

  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Excellent Build quality
  • Storage isn’t impressive

ASUS ChromebookBest Laptop For Students Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Intel Bay Trail-M Celeron N283
RAM & Storage: 2GB DDR3 & 16GB SSD
Display: 11.6″ HD LED backlight
Battery life: 8 hours
Weight: 3.45 pounds

While looking for the best laptops under 150, how can we forget ASUS? Of course, we can’t. ASUS has a 5-star rating for its many products. Today, it has become a leading brand in the eyes of its various users worldwide.

ASUS Chromebook is one of the cheapest laptops that are in reach of every average or extraordinary student. He can have it on a meager budget and can make his dreams worth-living. 

You might be curious why we always recommend a Chromebook under 150 dollars? Aren’t you?

Of course, that’s a good question anyone can ask or expect. The reason is that Chromebooks are always suitable for performing daily basis tasks as well as for the fastest internet browsing; they are not that too expensive. They are in the reach of any ordinary student so that he can fill a moment of bliss in his dreams by getting a nice piece under such a low budget. 

That’s why here another Chromebook named ASUS Chromebook is recommended because of its too high features under a low budget of $150. The laptop is unique with its unique dual-core 2.16 GHz Intel Bay Trail-M Celeron N2830 processor along with an extra fast 2GB DDR3 RAM. The computing is on the go, the internet is on the go, and everything you’d ask this to perform is on the go except heavy-duty tasks. 

When it comes to its great specs, the display is quite large and reasonable to buy under 150 dollars. With It’s Large, the 11.6-inch screen having HD quality and 1366 x 768 native resolution provides you with a natural environment for writing, listing, playing, and working anytime, anywhere. Though the weight is high, like 3.45 pounds, it is still ready for traveling with you.

ASUS Chromebook provides you with 16GB of SSD storage that is not enough for storing much data. Still, it does offer you multitasking at a more incredible speed. The battery is quite bigger and keeps the screen on for at least 8 hours.

Moreover, It let you seamlessly connect many extra screens and devices for providing features like a beneficiary, HD webcam, 3-in-1 media card, sound framework speakers, charging rope, an aux jack, Bluetooth 4. 0, HDMI port,2 USB ports, and much more to get under a low price of $150. I hope there is no reason left behind for not including it in the list of best laptops under 150 and worth buying.

  • Good looking and solid built quality
  • Excellent keyboard and smooth trackpad
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Runs cool
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Basic screen resolution

Dell Chromebook – Best Laptop With RAM Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core
RAM & Storage: 4GB DDR3 & 16GB SSD
Display: 11.6″ HD display (1366 x 768)
Battery life: 7 hours
Weight: 2 pounds

While talking about the best laptops under 150, how can we forget not to include Dell? As its current product, Dell Chromebook, we won’t be the cheapest laptop out there to get. Students can get this dream book at a low price and can get their work done online or offline anywhere, anytime. 

This Chromebook under 150 dollars comes with great specs. The processor is quite powerful and faster. It is embedded with Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core CPU structured by Chrome Operating System, ensuring that browsing and documentation must be faster and easier. Its 4GB DDR3 RAM provides support to it during the lagging and always keeps it on track. The gaming is sound, the editing is proper, and working is profound with this ever-ready machine. 

Dell Chromebook always suits the best students looking for the best laptops for students under $150. This Chromebook is blessed with an 11. 6″ HD display (1366 x 768) that gives you clear images and the purest results. The Intel HD graphics technology is there for you to provide faster and sharper frame rates. The multitasking and speed are on the other level with a 16GB SSD flash drive.

However, you might have a storage issue with this laptop, but you can solve it quickly, as I stated earlier. With 2.9 pounds weight, the computer is ever ready. It has portability on another level to go anywhere and to have work done anytime. 

Coming to its additional features, the Chromebook will allow you to connect different devices with it. It will stay with you until you get bored because of its 7 hours of battery timing. The webcam is there for making your dull day a fun day while seeing your friends online and having a visual sharing with them. It is something getting a lot of free features at a low price of 150 bucks. Isn’t it true?

  • Durable design
  • Good for multi-tasking
  • 2 in 1 functionality
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Dim screen

Newest High-Performance RCA Viking ProBest 2 in 1Laptop Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Quad-Core Processor
RAM & Storage: 1GB & 32GB SSD
Display: 10.1-inch high definition screen
Battery life: 5 days battery life
Weight: 2 .9 pounds

That is a 2 in 1 laptop with some high features under such a low budget of just $150. The laptop is new in the market and is best for students and professional office usage.

This masterpiece comes with top specs that you may require on your daily basis, work or entertainment.

I can congratulate you that buying a smart and best laptop or tablet under 150 is no more an issue for you. This laptop has both features of a laptop as well as a touch tablet. This newest one is the true speak of portability it offers in its marvelously designed specs. With its detachable keyboard and weight that is only 2.9 pounds, you can have it with you anytime, anywhere. 

Coming to its performance, the Newest High-Performance RCA Viking Pro has 1GB memory which is quite not good enough. However, it’s still something worth buying under such a low budget. The storage size is 32GB that makes this tablet store a relatively large amount of data than our previous ones. 

The display is also good enough for Killing your time and having some work done. It is 10.1 inches 2 in 1 touchscreen display with satisfactory frame rates and better quality visuals. The essential feature is its 5 days long battery timing. I mean, just charge it for once and let it work for five consecutive days. I am sure that your demand has been marked up as you will get this latest one is just $100.

  • Excellent quality
  • Awesome battery life
  • Good performance for the price
  • RAM value isn’t impressive

HP Stream Laptop PCBest Small Laptop Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Dual-core Intel Celeron N4000
RAM & Storage: 4GB DDR4 & 32GB SSD
Display: 11.6-inches FHD LED display
Battery life: 12.5 hours
Weight: 2.9 pounds

So, here comes another HP masterpiece named stream laptop and PC. Being smart and cute, HP Stream Laptop PC has specs at another level under its sturdy chassis. Though the price doesn’t come under 150 dollars, it is still something worth buying for your dreamer. 

At this price, the performance is holding a remarkable place. The processor is quite powerful and fast as it is a dual-core Intel Celeron N4000, which responded in a blink of an eye. 4GB DDR4 RAM, along with such a good processor, make the hindrance clearer and leggings smoothers. It is structured with windows 10 OS, a fine and smart on-the-go piece for your daily tasks. 

When it comes to displaying, this little one holds significant importance. It is 11.6-inches large with an FHD LED display screen that shows natural and better quality visuals for the shows you watch and work you do. It’s quite useful for playing some games as well as it is a sturdy one.

When it comes to portability, you can see from the picture that it’s a quickly grabbing and easy carrying smart device. Weighing just only 2.9 pounds working is fine, and entertainment is extraordinary anytime, anywhere.

HP Stream laptop Pc can be used as a PC and stands best in the best laptops under 150 USD. It is specifically designed for students who prefer portability and the heaviest working capability at the same time. There are two dual front-facing speakers with it, making you put your favorite music on and get the party started.

In addition to this, a built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, multiple ports, plus a lot more features this is something you were looking for so far.

Omg! How can I forget its long battery timing of 12.5 hours? Just wow, such a masterpiece under such a low budget!

  • Long lasting battery life
  • Solid performance
  • Awesome design
  • Great audio
  • Webcam isn’t impressive

Dell 11-3120Best Budget Laptop Under 150

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

CPU: Intel Celeron N2840 X2
RAM & Storage: 2GB DDR3 & 16GB SSD
Display: 11.6-inch LCD Display (1366×768)
Battery life: 10 hours
Weight: 2 .7 pounds

Well, our 10th recommendation for the best laptop under 150 comes to an end at Dell 11-3120, which is according to your son’s demands and working capacity.

This one will win your heart through the edges by giving you the best-expected quality you would be looking for in the students’ best laptops under 150 dollars.

The product is unique, highly recommended, and highly rated with a lot of positive reviews. So without talking through the lines, let’s dig into its specs.

The laptop is obsessed with an Intel Celeron N2840 X2 processor with ultra boost frequency up to 2.16 GHz. The working is more than sufficient, and the speed is faster than imagined. It is one of the best laptops for daily working and for having a dose of entertainment. The Chromebook feature is quite useful for the fastest internet and working daily. The processor is powered by 2GB DDR3 RAM, which is quite good with such a good processor; however, you will have issues while playing games over it. So it is not recommended for that. 

Its 11.6 inches large LCD makes it prominent among the best 11.6 inches laptop under 150 dollars coming to the display feature. The colors will be sharper, and the seasons of Netflix will be extraordinary. Along with such an excellent display, the portability does go hand in hand. This smarty weighs only 2.7 pounds and is ready to go anywhere you want to take it. Seriously If I were a child’s parent, I would buy this one because nothing is more important to me than my child’s happiness. 

However, the storage is a 16GB hard disk drive, which is not enough for storing a large amount of data. Yet, it still can put another one or get a portable one with it. With such marvelously embedded features, there are multiple ports, connectivity for the internet, and Bluetooth. A webcam, a long hour battery timing of 10 hours, and it is something worth buying out there. 

  • Sleek design
  • Good feeling keyboard and touchpad
  • Great battery life
  • 4GB RAM
  • Very small amount of storage
Since we have discussed all recommendations for the best laptops under 150, I hope that now making a decision will be an easy task for you. But If there is any ambiguity about selecting the best one, let’s look at the buying guide.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Cheap Laptop Under $150 

Like always, we provide a buyer’s guide at the end of the article to choose a laptop that would be much easier for you. Since you are looking for the best laptops under 150, budget or price is not your concern. Rather than this, it would be best if you considered the following essential parameters or factors while buying a decent laptop for you under 150 dollars.

What are they? Don’t worry!

Let’s dig into them. 

Processor and memory (RAM):

To get a lovely laptop under 150, make sure that your work is done daily, so you don’t need some heavy machinery to do these mini tasks. Get a laptop with a good processor, such as more than 1.5GHz processing speed, as mentioned in many laptops earlier in this article. Along with this, at least 4GB RAM would be enough. With these features, you won’t lag while browsing, watching, documenting, and listening. But if your concern is more immense, look for more significance under a reasonable budget. 

Durability, portability, and display:

Students are always in search of something right under the low price. For making this sure, you should get a laptop for your blooded student that has good durability, portability, and natural display. Most of the laptops under 150 dollars are durable, slim, thin, and lightweight.

So they are too portable to take them anywhere, that’s why you should get the same one with the same recommended specs. When it comes to displaying more than 10-inches FHD display screens will be enough under such a hectic budget. 

Storage and other features:

Most of the laptops under $150 don’t have enough storage capacity. But while buying, get the one with the maximum SSD or one that has a feature for putting an additional one. However, storage is not an issue under such a low budget.

Later on, you can get a portable storage drive to keep a lot of data with you. Most of the time, these 150 dollars laptops have additional features like webcams, USB ports, and much more. So specify them before buying.

Battery timing:

The best feature that you can get under a low budget of 150 dollars is the right battery timing. Most of the laptops under 150 dollars have a battery life of up to 8 to 12 hours. These days laptops are manufactured with longer battery timing. Even under 150, you can get a laptop with maximum battery capacity. Make sure that you have that one so that there will not be any interruptions of low battery timing pop-ups and notifications. 


What are the best budget laptops under 150 in 2022? 

Well, the answer is no more than this article. However, if you still want to know and want me to recommend you some, you should look for the following as you wish to buy the best laptop for under 150 dollars. 

  • Acer Flagship CB3-532
  • Samsung XE303C12-A01US Samsung Exynos 5250
  • ASUS Chromebook C200MA-DS01
  • Dell Chromebook 11 CB1C13
  • Dell 11-3120 Intel Celeron N2840 X2

It doesn’t mean that the others are not worth buying. Yes, of course, they are in their ways.

What is the best cheapest laptop in 2022?

We have explained everything to you in 2022, so there can’t be any more cheapest laptop this year. Maybe some cheaper will come but for now, have your desired one from our above-recommended ones as there are no more choices. 

What laptop should I buy for my 12 years old son?

At this age, he won’t have much knowledge about using a laptop safely. He can break it in a few days. If you still want to buy a laptop for him or her, you should look for the cheapest one. Because this will suit him as he doesn’t have to do anything with a laptop at this early age. 

What is the difference between laptops and Chromebooks?

The significant difference is that Chromebooks have a Chrome OS while the laptops have Windows or Mac OS. Chromebooks are specially designed for the fastest internet, but these can perform other features too. However, laptops are for all-around use. Chromebooks are not that expensive and cannot perform heavy-duty tasks. Still, laptops are relatively costly and can perform heavy-duty tasks too. 

Is the cheapest laptop worth in 2022?

Yes, these cheapest laptops have their value for performing daily basis tasks. They are not designed for performing massive works, but a good laptop under 150 dollars can solve your worries that you might face daily. 


We have described each and everything that we considered we should, for the best laptop under 150, to get the best and decent notebook for you. Look for each and everything that you think you should before purchasing. You will not buy just a laptop for your loved one but bliss to his life because happiness has no bonds whenever you get it.

In addition to this, thanks for spending such a great time with us. So, let’s meet with another new idea, until then good luck and happy buying.


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