The 6 Best WiFi Range Extender For Gaming in 2022

Buying a good Wi-Fi range extender will solve a lot of your problems, like the gaming room being too far from the internet router, tired from using ethernet cables, or low internet speed.

Wi-Fi range extenders, as the name states, will give a much broader coverage of Wi-Fi. For the gamers out there, it’s going to save you from lag and slow internet while gaming. The best WiFi range extender for gaming will allow your computer to have a much more responsive and faster internet connection. And you, as a gamer, want that, right?

We have carefully selected 6 of the best WiFi range extender for gaming for you based on the value of money, speed, signal stability, and efficiency. All the buying criteria will be discussed further in the article to know what you should be looking for while buying the best WiFi range extender for gaming.

Also, at the end of this guide, we will be answering the top FAQs regarding Wi-Fi range extenders!

Our Favorites

  • High data transfer rate
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Four ethernet ports and one USB port
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  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • 5 gigabits Ethernet ports
  • Compatible with most devices
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  • Secure network
  • Tri-band technology
  • Comes with parental controls
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The Six Best WiFi Range Extender For Gaming Reviews

NETGEAR AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender (EX6200)
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Range Extender EAX80
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NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX7700
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NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX6250
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NETFUN Wi-Fi Range Extender
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Hmude Wi-Fi Extender and Signal Amplifier
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We have made it easy for you and selected the six best WiFi range extender for gaming that you can buy without thinking twice. While choosing these out, we judged them on some critical factors. These factors were speed, range, warranty, ease of use and installation, specifications, and price.

We have reviewed them honestly, with all their pros and cons, so that you may have a clear idea of what you are buying. So, let’s begin!

1. NETGEAR AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender (EX6200) – Best Value

Top Pick For Best Value

The NETGEAR AC1200 Wi-Fi range extenders are very reliable and convenient to use. They are easy to set up with a simple button. These devices allow their users to have a faster internet connection speed up to 1200mbps. It comes with dual-band technology of 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi boosters for better network range.

Dimension: 12.01 x 10.12 x 3.19 inches

Coverage: 100

Can Connect: 5 devices

Transmission Rate: 1200mbps

You can connect different devices into its five-gigabit ethernet ports. These Wi-Fi range extenders provide a high power range of 700mW and come installed with a dual-core processor for the ultimate gaming and streaming experience. These devices also have a USB port and come with an instruction manual for easy setup and installation.


  • Dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • 5 gigabits Ethernet ports.
  • Comes with the technology of beamforming+.
  • Compatible with most devices.

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Range Extender EAX80 – Most Efficient

Top Pick For Most Efficient

The NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi range extender provides coverage for an area of 2500sq.ft and can connect with up to 30+ devices. These devices also come equipped with seamless smart roaming technology, allowing users to roam around anywhere in the house, and the Wi-Fi would remain connected. They have dual and Wi-Fi technology providing you with AX6000 Wi-Fi speed of about 6 gigabits per second. These devices have four ports for ethernet connections of 1 gigabit.

Dimension: 13.03 x 10.28 x 5 inches

Can connect: 30+ devices

Coverage: 2500 sq.ft

Transfer rate of data: 6 gigabits per second

The NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extenders have the ODFMA technology, which allows the sharing of Wi-Fi bandwidth much more manageable, smoother, and stabler. Through this technology, a higher amount of data will be allowed to be transferred between your devices, reducing or preventing any connection delays. These Wi-Fi range extenders have 4 antennas, giving you a lag-free connection.

With the WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols, your network remains secure. These devices are also pretty easy to set up and install; you just have to download the nighthawk app or simply press the button on the device to connect it with your router. These devices also have their app, through which they will display which location in your house is the best for setup.


  • High data transfer rate
  • Connects easily with almost all types of routers
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Four ethernet ports and one USB port

3. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX7700 – Most Devices Connected

Top Pick For Most Devices Connected

This Wi-Fi range extender is one of the best devices if you have a high number of devices to connect it with. These devices have a dual-band of 1900mbps. They come equipped with seamless smart roaming, allowing the user to remain connected, no matter how much they move around. It covers an area of up to 2300sq.ft.

Dimension: 6.9 x 8.71 x 5.04 inches

Coverage: 2300 sq.ft

Can connect: 45 devices

Tranmission Rate: 2200mbps

These Wi-Fi range extenders come with tri-band technology, which gives you a Wi-Fi speed of up to 2200mbps, allowing you to do heavy gaming and video streaming. These devices have 2-gigabit ethernet ports. It is also designed to choose between three bands smartly and then give you the highest speed after reducing any interference.

You can use the NETGEAR Wi-Fi analyzer app to find the optimal and perfect location to set up the device. This app lets you put parental controls on the device and allows you to set up a schedule for the device. Your network also remains safe and secure by its WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.


  • 360-degree full signal coverage
  • Secure network
  • Tri-band technology
  • Comes with parental controls
  • Easy to set up with a single button

4. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX6250 – Best Compatibility

Best Compatibility

If you need a Wi-Fi range extender that gives you reliable speed or coverage, then this is the best one for you. This NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender provides coverage of 2000 sq.ft and can connect up to 32 devices. It also provides a speed of 1750mgb per second. With its seamless smart roaming technology, the device does not get disconnected or slowed down as you move around the house.

Dimensions: 1.75×6.34×3.2 inches

Coverage: 2000 sq.ft

Can connect: 32 devices

Tranmission Rate: 1750mbps

This Wi-Fi range extender works great with all kinds of laptops, computers, mobile phones, or other devices. It also comes with an ethernet cable port so that you can connect it with your devices. It also comes installed with WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.

This one is straightforward to set up; you just have to press a button to connect to the router. It also comes with a NETGEAR Wi-Fi analyzer app so that you can find the perfect and most optimal location for its setup.


  • Good value for the money.
  • 2000 sq. ft coverage area eliminates almost all dead zones.
  • Comes equipped with innovative roaming technology.
  • Works with all kinds of devices.

5. NETFUN Wi-Fi Range Extender – Best High Signal Coverage

Best High Signal Coverage

This Wi-Fi range extender device gives excellent high coverage of signals over thick walls or dense surfaces, with its four antennas so that no lagging or buffering in any of your internet usages. The antennas are designed so that their penetration rate is high and almost no signals are lost in transmission. These Wi-Fi range extenders come with five modes to fulfill different demands better. You can choose from repeater mode, access point mode, client mode, bridge mode, or router mode. It gives full 360-degree coverage, can connect with up to 35 devices, and can cover an area of 5000 sq.ft.

Dimension: 8.31 x 4.02 x 2.44 inches

Coverage: 5000 sq.ft

Can connect: 35 devices

Transmission Rate: 300mbps

This Wi-Fi range extender comes with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi booster band technology, which gives a speed of up to 300mbps, hence making it very convenient for high-quality video streaming or gaming. It is easy to install and set up and comes with two ethernet ports. It connects with all 802.11n devices and takes a very short time of only 8 seconds to connect. It provides WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protocols.


  • 360-degree full signal coverage.
  • Five different modes to choose from.
  • 2.4Ghz band technology.
  • Universally compatible with all 802.11n devices.

6. Hmude Wi-Fi Extender and Signal Amplifier – Best For HD Gaming

This Wi-Fi range extender is perfect for all HD gaming and streaming. It provides coverage throughout the house with an extensive area of 4000 sq.ft. It’s compatible with almost all the routers available in the market. These Wi-Fi range extenders can be used for a longer duration because they come equipped with two cooling vents, which promotes the device’s efficiency. These devices have an OLED display and can speak out sentences like “Wi-Fi-connected,” “device connected,” etc.

Dimensions: 8.19×3.86×2.68 inches

Coverage: 4000 sq.ft

Can connect: 35 devices

Transmission Rate: 1200mbps

The Hmude Wi-Fi range extender device has four antennas for excellent signal frequency and strength. It also has ethernet cable ports to connect with the devices, if not wireless. It’s simple to use and set up, you just have to press the WPS button, and it takes seconds until the OLED display shows you the most optimal location that will provide you with the most coverage. The speed of this Wi-Fi range extender is 300mbps and 900mbps at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, respectively. The device is designed to provide high security, preventing stealing or hacking of Wi-Fi connections, hence a good choice when the internet is connected on multiple devices.


  • Connects smoothly with 99% of the routers.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • Comes equipped with WIFI standard technology of the current wireless new generation 11AC dual-band.
  • OLED display.

wifi range extenders for gaming

What Makes The Best WiFi Range Extender For Gaming

We have chosen the above listed best WiFi range extender for gaming after carefully assessing them on the following criteria!


A Wi-Fi range extender must be great at what it is supposed to do. It should provide excellent stability and strength to the signals, giving you no connectivity or lagging issues. It should be able to cover a decent area and boost the signals all over the dead zones of the place. If the device doesn’t have good speed, ease of setup, modern technology, and suitable bandwidths, it will just be another useless electronic device. It should increase the overall network performance and must reduce latency.

Ethernet Ports

Ethernet ports are essential, especially if you are into gaming and want a lag-free direct connection to the Wi-Fi. If your device comes with ethernet and USB ports, it is always advantageous. All of the Wi-Fi range extenders that we have listed above offer ethernet ports so that you also have the option to connect your devices directly.

Value for Money

There is a saturated market of Wi-Fi range extenders out there ranging from affordable to pricey hence cost was one of our main criteria. A good Wi-Fi range extender will cost you around 50 dollars to 200 dollars. It highly depends upon the type of the Wi-Fi range extender, the specification it offers, the technologies it uses, the area coverage it provides, and the bandwidths. Better Wi-Fi range extenders are usually on the higher side of the range and offer a much better network performance.


People buy these devices so that they can use their internet anywhere in the entire house; hence if a Wi-Fi range extender doesn’t have good coverage, you won’t find it on our list. Usually, a good coverage range starts from 2000 sq. ft. Although, we recommend that you buy a Wi-Fi range extender of more coverage than you require because you can’t guarantee their coverage 100%.

Buying Guide: What You Should Consider Before Buying a Wi-Fi Range Extender For Gaming

Before you go ahead and put down money for a Wi-Fi range extender for gaming, you should read this list to learn what makes a reliable Wi-Fi extender for gamers!

Wi-Fi Standards

The number one thing that you should keep in mind before buying a Wi-Fi range extender is to look at the standards that the device supports. Wi-Fi 6 and above provides the best speed and signals for heavy internet usage such as HD gaming and streaming.

So while looking for a good Wi-Fi range extender, see if it supports Wi-Fi 5 and above standards; otherwise, it will just make the signal strength better, but the speed of the internet would still be slow. Wi-Fi 5 also offers better performance and prevents lagging.

So we recommend buying a Wi-Fi range extender that works with the latest Wi-Fi standards, as it offers much more stability in the signals and its strength. Currently, a few Wi-Fi range extenders support the Wi-Fi 6 standard; hence, keep searching for it while also keeping the price in check.

The Different Types of Wi-Fi Range Extenders

There are mainly two types of Wi-Fi range extenders, the standalone and the plug-ins. Both of these have similar shapes and dimensions. Which type you should buy depends on your house or your choice. There is also a variation in the cost of the two types.

The Plugin Wi-Fi Extenders

The plug-in Wi-Fi range extenders are an excellent solution to your internet problem as they are affordable, and you can just put them wherever there is a socket for their plug. Their performance is no different from the standalone one; they can eliminate all the dead zones.

Also, before buying a plug-in, keep in mind that the Wi-Fi range extender must make solid contact with the router, so it is a must that you put it on the edge of your router’s existing coverage rather than in the dead area. The only problem with these plug-in Wi-Fi extenders is that the space becomes limited. However, you can always plug them in an extension cable if necessary.

The Standalone or Desktop Wi-Fi Extenders

These Wi-Fi range extenders are the most convenient, as you can just put them anywhere to boost your internet speed and signals. These come with ethernet and USB ports, into which you can simply plug in your devices, such as game consoles, printers, laptops, etc.

These standalone Wi-Fi extenders are also made with better technologies and more robust antennas. The only problem people might see with these Wi-Fi range extenders is that they cost a bit more than the plug-in Wi-Fi extenders, but if you are getting more advantages and uses out of your device, then a little more cost would not be a big problem.

Keep in mind that conventional Wi-Fi setups work well and fine with the plug-in ones, while the standalone ones are better with higher technology Wi-Fi standards.

Checking the Router Specifications

This is an essential initial step that you should do before buying the Wi-Fi range extender devices. Check the standard and specifications of your Wi-Fi router and try to find a Wi-Fi booster that matches it the most.

This will make the performance of your Wi-Fi range extenders even better. If the standards of your Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi range extender are different, it will negatively affect the performance, reducing your Wi-Fi speed.

Hence, if you are buying a good Wi-Fi booster, make sure to check the specs of your Wi-Fi router first so that they both together will give you the best connection instead of making it worse.

Tips For Buying The Best WiFi Range Extender For Gaming

Before buying a Wi-Fi range extender, make sure that you are well aware of the following things listed below!

  • It is essential that you buy a Wi-Fi range extender that covers the whole house. If your house is big, you might need a Wi-Fi extender that gives more coverage; hence, it will cost more.
  • Wi-Fi boosters won’t solve all the lagging problems or slow internet 100%, hence keep some limitations in mind.
  • A Wi-Fi extender is meant to boost the signals so they can reach the dead zones of the house effectively. Hence, keep in mind that they might not significantly increase the speed of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • If your house is too big, you should consider mesh networking with Wi-Fi boosters.
  • The Wi-Fi range extenders are pretty easy to set up, but they should be near the Wi-Fi router.

Limitations of Wi-Fi Range Extenders

It is essential to keep in mind that there are some limitations to what a Wi-Fi range extender can do; these things are as listed below:

  • Although most Wi-Fi range extenders come equipped with seamless roaming technology that allows you to move around the house while staying connected, however, you must check for this before buying one. Otherwise, this might be a limitation.
  • A Wi-Fi range extender is supposed to boost the network signals to reach the far end zones. However, they are usually not meant to increase the Wi-Fi connection speed.

How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Range Extender

We know that these devices might sound like you need a lot of technical expertise to figure them out. But usually, these Wi-Fi range extenders come with an instruction manual that makes it pretty easy for you to set and install them.

Find the most optimal location in your house to keep the Wi-Fi range extender at so that it can boost the signal to the entire house from there. Some of these devices also come with indicators or apps that tell you if the location is not good.

The next thing is to connect them to your routers. There are usually WPS buttons, and when you press them, the Wi-Fi boosters will start working. Then you should name your network and set up a password. Some devices also allow you to put extra security or parental controls over the device, and after doing all this, you are all ready to go!


Let’s go over some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to buying the best WiFi range extender for gaming!

Are Wi-Fi range extenders good for gaming?

Yes, Wi-Fi range extenders can prove to be good for heavy gaming and streaming. Usually, a Wi-Fi connection is not that good for competitive gaming as there can be a lag time; hence a wired connection is considered a much better choice, as it gives much less lag.

The lag time will increase if you use a low-quality Wi-Fi range extender, which could affect your overall internet performance. However, a good Wi-Fi booster will increase your coverage and boost the signal strength, reducing lag and latency, even if the connection is wireless. Check out this guide to find the best Wi-Fi range extenders for gaming!

Do Wi-Fi extenders help with ping?

Yes, if you use an average Wi-Fi range extender, there might be ping. Otherwise, it is mostly negligible. Ping is usually an issue over wireless connections. Most internet routers work on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz, which usually gives a ping of around 2 to 4 milliseconds. Hence, if you add a Wi-Fi booster to your Wi-Fi connection, there won’t be a much more significant difference.

How much latency do Wi-Fi extenders add?

Latency is the delay in sending and receiving signals over a wireless connection. Usually, the latency is around 1 to 10 milliseconds over the Wi-Fi standard 802.11n. Adding a Wi-Fi range extender should decrease the latency and make the overall network performance and the stability of the signals better.

However, if the latency is more than 100 milliseconds, there might be an issue in the connection of the Wi-Fi booster setup or the quality of the Wi-Fi range extender.

Does a Wi-Fi extender cause lag?

A lag is generally experienced while using a wireless connection. When you add a Wi-Fi extender to your Wi-Fi router, they usually decrease the lag time by reducing the time the signals take to reach your devices by eliminating the dead zones. Therefore, suitable Wi-Fi range extenders will reduce the lag time, strengthen the signals and increase the Wi-Fi speed.


For gamers, Wi-Fi boosters or extenders are a very affordable solution to the slow internet and dead zone problems; they don’t make your electricity bill skyrocket or just be another electronic item that gives you a headache when it comes to setting it up. They are pretty easy to maintain and usually last a long time.

Having reached the end of this guide, we bet that now you know very well about all types of Wi-Fi range extenders available, what you should look for while buying one, and which Wi-Fi extenders are the best ones. We’ve also given you recommendations of the 6 best WiFi range extender for gaming. We hope you will have lag-free internet now, with powerful signal strength!

Happy gaming!

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