Can You Use AirPods On Planes? Things You Need To Know

Do you use wireless earbuds, headphones or AirPods? If yes, then you will definitely be carrying it everywhere. I am sure that there will be a question in your mind about: Can you use AirPods on planes?

The devices with Bluetooth have been banned for some time but the Federal Aviation Administration has lifted that ban on use of Bluetooth devices on planes.

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Now, let’s dig into the details. But first we’ve to know about…

Can you use AirPods on planes and How do Airpods work on planes?

As you know that AirPods are typical wireless headphones so, there is a need for wireless connection. The FAA has allowed the passengers to carry short length Bluetooth devices with them. In this way you can carry AirPods with you for your flight because they are good for listening to music. 

However, you will have to follow a procedure for its connection. This procedure can be carried out by following steps;

  1. Go to the control center of your device and turn Airplane mode ON.
  2. When Airplane mode is turned ON, switch the Bluetooth ON.
  3. Connect your AirPods to the device and enjoy music.

Almost all airlines offer Wi-Fi service to their passengers. You can use that service and can enjoy your journey with online music as well.

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Using AirPods on plane TV

Using AirPods on plane TVWireless headphones like earbuds and AirPods are very fancy. However, there are some disadvantages of these devices as well. One of the leading disadvantages that affect the travelers is that they can’t use them with seatback entertainment systems. 

So, you should keep an alternative pair of wired headsets for this kind of situation or if you want to use Airpods with plane TV then you can follow the process as under;

Use Bluetooth adapter

Different kinds of Bluetooth adapters are available in online as well as physical markets. These adapters differ in quality and price. Some popular Bluetooth adapters are as follows;

All these Bluetooth adapters work equally well. Each of the above products has its own specialty and you will get complete value for your money if you select one. Now, let’s move to the process of connecting the AirPod via adapter.

You can connect Airpods to the seatback entertainment system of the plane by following the steps given below.

  1. Keep the adapter charged.
  2. Press the main button of the adapter for a while to put it into pairing mode.
  3. Hold AirPods close to the adapter for pairing and put them to Bluetooth mode.
  4. When the devices get connected, they may produce a sound or the color of light may change.
  5. Plug the adapter into the system and put in your AirPods to see whether it is working.
  6. If it doesn’t work, turn the adapter off and repeat the process from step 2.

This may take some time but it is a 100% working method. As the airlines provide their customers with Wi-Fi connection, it’s better to use your own device like tablet, laptop or personal mobile phone.

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The Good And Bad Things About AirPods and Air travel

Can you use AirPods on planes and How do Airpods work on planes

AirPods are unique wireless headphones. The apple company has introduced AirPods and AirPods Pro which are the most attractive and appealing devices of this era. Use of these devices in normal routine has gained great appreciation. 

However, people do ask how to use Airpods on planes. This is a special case because travelling via airplane is not as usual as other transports. So, based on air travel here are some likes and dislikes about AirPods.

The good things
  • It connects to the phone easily
  • It has a great noise cancellation feature which enables it to block the annoying sound of interior plane
  • Clear and rich sound quality
  • Strong connection between phone and the AirPods
  • Small in size. So, easy to carry on plane
The bad things
  • Not comfortable
  • Battery life is poor
  • Not possible to use with entertainment system of plane directly

These good and bad things are purely based on the traveling experience. And when you will use the AirPods then you will also be able to draw some of these conclusions about AirPods and air travel.


People are very excited about the use of Airpods on planes. In this regard they ask many questions. Some of the frequently asked questions are as followed:

Are AirPods comfortable and suitable to use for long flights?

AirPods are not that comfortable and suitable for long flights. Because they can cause minor ear pain. Although, the devices come with different sizes yet they are not comfortable. This is my personal opinion about the AirPods. Others can experience it differently.

Do AirPods have a good noise cancellation feature for flights?

AirPods have a powerful noise cancellation feature that enables the users to use it according to the environment. This feature is more permanent in AirPods Pro. So, the noise cancellation feature of AirPods is ideal for flights.

Is the battery life of AirPods good for long flights?

As it is explained earlier that AirPods are poor in terms of battery life. Their maximum battery life can be up to three hours. So, they are not ideal for long flights. However, there is good news about the device is that its charging case will charge it at a very fast pace.

Is it possible to talk to another person while wearing AirPods?

It depends. If you are wearing AirPods with noise cancellation feature switched OFF then you can talk with other people as well and if you are wearing an active noise cancellation feature then it is very difficult to talk with other people normally.

Final Said

AirPods have become very popular due to their reliability and efficiency. Although they are not perfect, they are perfectly satisfactory in terms of performance. Being an AirPods user I should say that I had many expectations from these devices when they were launched. And I am glad that they have come up to my expectations. 

To sum up the discussion, I would say that AirPods are the devices that are the solution to all air travel entertainment problems. At the end I would suggest you to have at least a test of these devices and you will definitely fall in love with them. This is all for now. See you soon with another informative idea.

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