2 Easy Steps To Check Processor Speed On Windows 10?

If you’ve got a new laptop or have the old one, you might wanna know how powerful it can be while processing tasks or its CPU speed. So, if this question is bothering you about how to check processor speed on windows 10 of your laptop then you have landed on the right platform to have a complete idea and knowledge about it.

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Windows 10 is the most user-friendly and easy-to-use operating system that lets you know the processor speed of your laptop easily within too short steps. It’s true that the CPU is the main part of your laptop or computer and without it, you can’t even think of having something on the screen.

And it’s also true that you might be very curious to know the processor speed to generalize how your system can tackle things through thick and thin.

However, it doesn’t matter what type of CPU like AMD or Intel you’ve got, you can easily check out its performance specs and speed. Therefore, let’s dive into today’s important piece of information and look out for the processor speed on Windows 10.

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2 Easy Steps To Check Processor Speed On Windows 10

There are basically two main ways through which you can easily check out the processor speed of your laptop. Just believe me, man, Windows 10 has made it much easier for you. So, let’s have a look at those steps: 

  • Checking from the Task Manager of your laptop 
  • Checking from This PC icon on your laptop

Now, let’s have a look at both one by one. 

Using task Manager: 

The first method that will give you the complete specification and the ultimate performance of your laptop on Windows 10 is using the Task Manager. For this, follow the easy steps given below: 

  • Click the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key to launch the task manager
  • You will have a screen appearing like this

How to check processor speed on Windows 10

  • Now click on the performance menu and this will show you the actual processing speed of your laptop’s CPU. 

I have these specs on my laptop and you can check for yourself too.

check processor speed on Windows 10

So, now you have detailed information regarding your laptop’s CPU speed and its other basic performances like memory, GPU, Wi-Fi, and Disks.

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Checking from This PC Icon:

Another way of checking your laptop specifications or the performance of your processor is you can take information from This PC icon on Windows 10 operating system. This will let you know how many cores your laptop’s processor has and to what frequency it can tackle the things. So for checking this, do the following steps exactly the same way they are applied here. 

  • Go to the My PC and click right click button on anywhere
  • Right-click on it and then click on “Properties”

Checking from This PC Icon

When you open the properties menu, you will see the following information regarding your own laptop. It includes the processor speed, its cores as I already mentioned, the operating system that you are using, installed memory, and other necessary information like CPU generation, etc.

How to check processor speed in CMD

You can see that your laptop processor model and its speed are written under the system heading. This method of knowing your laptop’s processor specifications is also applicable on Windows 8, 8.1, and 7, etc. 

Moreover, you can also look for it from the control panel of your laptop that will also give you the same information given here. 

How to check processor speed in CMD?

Some people like checking their laptop specifications through the command prompt software on their laptop. Yeah, I am talking about my intelligent programmers who are a bit conscious even in checking their laptop’s CPU performance through coding. So, if you don’t know this yet, then let’s find out how you can check it out. 

For this, 

  • Open the Command Prompt on your laptop screen. 
  • Then enter this command wmic CPU get name, maxclockspeed, currentclockspeed. You will have a window like this appearing with the exact information regarding your laptop processor specifications

How to find out what processor I have for Windows 10

How to check processor generation in Windows 10?

If you want to know what type of processor with what generation your laptop is using, you can find this information by looking at these things. 

  • First of all, go to desktop and right-click on This PC icon the go to the properties of your laptop
  • You will find much information written about your laptop over there
  • For checking what generation your laptop’s CPU is, you’d have to look at the thousand figures given there. Like, let me show you in the below picture

How to check processor generation in Windows 10

This shows that my laptop has an Intel Core i5 2th generation processor. A thousand figures mean this is the generation in which your laptop’s CPU lies. If you have 6000+ figures it means it is of 6th generation, for 7000+ means 7th generation and so on. 

How to find out what processor I have for Windows 10?

For this, apply all the steps described in the above most recent given method and you will get to know what processor you are using on Windows 10. There is no rocket science in that. Moreover, there is also a tag of CPU attached to your laptop’s keyboard that tells what Intel or AMD processor your laptop is containing.

How to check CPU temp on Windows 10?

Well, there is no such thing as checking the temperature of your laptop’s CPU on Windows 10, but you can use some third-party applications to do that. However, these third-party applications might damage your system and can cause you a serious problem regarding CPU performance efficiency. That’s why always keep in mind that you can only check the temperature in your laptop’s Bios or using any third-party application. 

How to check GHz on Windows 10?

The GHz information of your laptop’s processor is written at the same place where you found the processor specifications. In simple words, right-click This Pc>Properties and then you will have the GHz information given here.

How to check GHz on Windows 10

How to check processor speed in mobile?

Yes, not just the laptop but I am going to tell you how you can check the processor speed on your mobile. This is going to be very interesting and you will easily be able to find it. 

For this,

  • Go to Settings>About Phone> Processor
  • Or else you can use a free app named CPU-Z app for checking out the processor specifications on your mobile phone from the Google Play store or app store.

Final Saying

I hope that after reading this article you’d have certainly known how to check processor speed on windows 10 and also specifications of some other different terminologies in this brief guide. There are no hard and fast rules for getting information like this as many of you might already be aware of it.

However, if you still have more queries or want to add something, please let me know through the comment box. I would love to respond to your questions as I am available 24/7. So, until the next topic, good luck, stay home and stay safe. Have a good day.

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