8 Reasons Why Comcast Email On iPhone Not Working

Are you trying to fix Comcast email on iPhone? Follow this step-by-step guide!

One of the perks of signing up for the Xfinity services by Comcast is a complimentary email account, for which you don’t have to pay a single penny. Comcast email on iPhone is gaining popularity nowadays because of its ease of use, secure network, and quick regular services.

Many people use it as their private email account. However, sometimes their account receives no new email notifications, or the app becomes too slow. Although these errors might be due to an internet issue most of the time, several people claim that their internet works fine.

This indicates that they are experiencing software problems. So, if your app is suddenly too slow, signing in and logging out takes too long, or you keep thinking that there might be a server down issue, then we are here to help.

Below, we have discussed and provided solutions for major problems iPhone users have experienced while using the Comcast Xfinity email service.

What’s The Most General And Easiest Solution?

When having trouble with Comcast email on iPhone services, you should first check the email app settings. The number one reason why Comcast Xfinity email services do not work for iPhone users is wrong settings and incorrect options.

The general solution for these problems is quite simple. For receiving emails, you just have to select port 993 and host imap.comcast.net. Meanwhile, in order to send emails correctly, select port 587 and smtp.comcast.net. Another small thing you should check in the Xfinity mail portal settings is whether the security option for third-party access is on.

Now, let us discuss the different issues that people usually experience with Comcast email on iPhone and their possible solutions.

8 Reasons Why Comcast Email Not Working On iPhone

Comcast Server Is Down

All big websites experience servers going down once in a while, be it Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter. Hence, sometimes, there might be a server issue if your app is not working properly.

How To Know If Server Is Down?

Here are some things you can do to confirm that the troubles you are facing are indeed due to server issues:

  • Whenever there is a server issue, it usually does not affect everything, rather only one or two services of the same company. Check if your Comcast internet services, TV services, and phones are working correctly. If the problem is only with your email app, then it is indeed a server issue for the emailing services.
  • Another way you can confirm this is by opening the website, www.Xfinity.com, signing in with your credentials, and logging into your email account. If you can open your emails from there, then the app is working fine. The problem might be in your iPhone mail services only. However, if the server is down, the site will display an error or notification when you try to open your emails.
  • The third way is by checking the website’s forum. There is usually a thread that starts immediately whenever the server is down. You can also see possible solutions on there.

What Can Be The Solution?

When the issue is due to the server, you can do absolutely nothing about it except just wait. You can also try to contact Comcast support and ask them about any updates on the issue. They already know about the problem and are fixing it, so wasting your time and money by calling them does not seem logical.

You can check whether the issue is resolved by opening the mail service every few hours to see if it is working. It usually takes 4 to 5 hours or, in some very exceptional cases, a few days to fix the server problem.

iPhone Is Having Connectivity Issues

Have you noticed your email app not working outside when on data, but you start receiving emails as soon as you come home? This might be because you have not allowed your app to use cellular network or mobile data yet.

How To Solve This?

To enable these settings, just go to iPhone settings, click on cellular, go to mail setting, and you can see right there whether the option is on or off. You can enable the option by sliding it to green if you want to receive emails while using your mobile data.

However, keep that option off if you want to save your mobile data and only use the app when you are connected to wifi.

Another issue is that the wifi router is sometimes working, but the internet signals are too slow. Hence, even if your app is connected to the wifi, it will still be unable to receive or send emails.

How To Check This?

Just try to open any link on a web browser like Safari. If that works, there is definitely something wrong with your app. However, if it does not open that link, then it is just an issue with your wifi router.

Incorrect Mail App Settings on iPhone

Wrong settings or incorrect options being enabled are the most common reasons for issues faced by iPhone users or people using Comcast email on iPhone. The app will quickly notify you if you are having this issue by displaying a message along the lines of “smtp.comcast.net does not support password authentication.” So, if this is your issue, just check the mail settings.

How To Solve This Issue?

Open the mail app settings, and click on the passwords and accounts tab. Open your Comcast account.

Now, if you are having trouble receiving emails, click on the “incoming mail server” button. You can also check the settings in the advanced tab to get more details about the incoming emails’ server settings. Now check if all the information written in the incoming emails server is as mentioned below:

  • Incoming Emails Server Hostname should be imap.comcast.net.
  • Username should be your correct Comcast email account ID.
  • Password should be your correct Comcast email account password; rewrite it to be sure.
  • Incoming Email server port number should be 993.
  • Use SSL must be on.
  • Do not write anything for IMAP Path Prefix .
  • Choose authentication by password.

If you are having issues regarding sending emails, then check the settings of the outgoing mail server. Make sure that they are as written below.

  • Outgoing Email Server Hostname should be smtp.comcast.net.
  • Username should be your correct Comcast email account ID.
  • Password should be your correct Comcast email id password; rewrite it to make sure it’s correct.
  • Outgoing Email server port number should be 587.
  • Choose authentication by password.
  • Mark “use SSL” as yes.

Incorrect Fetch Settings on iPhone

If you do not have any wrong information entered in your mail server settings, then there might be a possibility of incorrect fetch settings. Fetch settings allow users to select how frequently they would like the app to check for received emails.

How To Solve This?

Click on the iPhone settings app, open passwords and accounts, then click on the fetch new data line option. Under this, open your Comcast account and find the “fetch new data” option.

Now there are three types of options for fetching new data: push, fetch, or manual.

  • Push means that the server will send these incoming emails to your phones. It is the best option for essential apps like emails, but one disadvantage of choosing push settings is that it uses more battery life.
  • Fetch allows the server to check emails periodically. You can set this frequency according to your choice. For example, if you set it to 2 hours, the app will get you new emails after every two hours.
  • The last one is the manual setting, in which you have to open the app by yourself to check for new emails. With this option, you will not receive any notifications from the app until you refresh it by yourself.

You can select whichever option you think suits you best based on your work requirement or use.

Outdated Mail App

You should always check the updates section, as new updates are usually made to fix any common bugs or errors happening frequently. It is always a good idea to check for app updates to see if the app is working correctly. Maybe using an outdated version of the app is the main reason for the issues you are facing.

Third-Party Security Unchecked In Xfinity Portal

Check for a third-party access option in the Xfinity portal settings to see whether you have allowed the Comcast mail services app to link to third-party apps such as Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail. Follow the steps below for checking this:

  • The first step is to log into your Xfinity portal account.
  • Open the Comcast email on iPhone by clicking on the mail icon.
  • Look for a gear-shaped icon on the top right corner to open the mail settings.
  • Find the security option on the left side and then open it.
  • You can now check whether the option to allow third-party access is enabled or not.

Xfinity Connect App Was Discontinued

Unfortunately, the Xfinity app was discontinued for iPhone users on April 20, 2021. You can not access it on iPhones anymore. If you try to open it, it will direct you to its website. Now from there, you can check all the settings. As the app is discontinued, it means now you have to allow third-party access to your Comcast email, which can be either Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail.

Turn Off VPN

As mentioned earlier, check the comments on forums as they provide solutions from real users facing problems. This is a common problem faced by users as well. Nowadays, everyone uses VPN. If you have a VPN installed or enabled on your phone, this might be the reason for the issues you are facing with the email app. The Comcast email app does not work correctly with a VPN connection in the background. Hence, make sure to turn it off if you want to be connected to your Xfinity email app properly.

How Set Up Comcast Email On iPhone

So, now we have discussed all the possible issues and their solutions. However, if your app is still not working, just try setting up an entirely new account on the Comcast email app. Then add it on your iPhone again to see if it will work.

The process to add a new account of Comcast email on iPhone is pretty easy; just follow the steps written below:

  • Tap on iPhone settings.
  • Find passwords and accounts.
  • Select the option to add a new account and select the “other” option.
  • Choose to add another email account under the section of “Mail.”
  • Now just enter your credentials, your email, and your password. If they are verified as correct by the Comcast email app, they will be added as an email account.
  • Tap on Save, and now you can use it as your emailing app.

Note that whenever you add the Comcast email on iPhone devices, the server will download all the emails by itself on the app on that device.

What If Nothing Works

If absolutely nothing is working, and you have tried all the possible solutions mentioned above, we still have three more solutions that you can try.

Force Restart Your iPhone

Try restarting your iPhone, and refresh all the apps and websites by clearing cache and browsing history. Maybe due to excessive cache or usage, the app has stopped working. A complete refresh or restart may help solve this.

Reset All Settings

This is a very drastic option, but we realize that emailing apps are essential hence we have provided this solution. You can reset settings by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and choosing the “resetting all settings” button. Be careful not to selectively erase all content and settings, as this will delete all your private data. If done correctly, this option will only reset all the network options and might fix the issue you’re dealing with.

Reset Email and Password

The last thing you can do if nothing is working is to back up all your emails and just make a new account altogether. Or you can also try to verify your email iD again because maybe you are miswriting something, which is causing all the issues. You can do this by logging into the Xfinity website. From the settings, look into account details and verify all settings and data.

How To Reset Comcast Email Password

Another thing you can do is reset the password. Sometimes this solves the issue for some people, as this new setting refreshes your account details. You can do so by choosing the reset password option on the Xfinity app. Note that you will be asked to verify this change using a code or another validation process.

FAQs – Comcast Email On iPhone

How do I get my Comcast email on my iPhone?

Follow the steps below to get Comcast email on iPhones:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Click the mail option and open accounts.
  3. Tap on add another account and choose the option “other.”
  4. Now write your email ID and password, and click next.
  5. If the credentials entered are accurate, it will add your Comcast email.
  6. Now you can receive and send emails using the Comcast email on iPhone.

What happened to the Comcast email app?

The Comcast email on iPhone app is still online. However, the Xfinity app was discontinued on April 20, 2021, for all users, as they wanted to develop a better app, which they will launch soon.

Why can’t I access my Xfinity email?

The reason why you can’t access your Xfinity email may be because of the excessive browser cache. You can try deleting all cache and history of the browser and then refresh the website. If you still can not access it on this browser, just try accessing it through a different one.

Is Comcast email POP or IMAP?

Using IMAP is highly recommended as it is most compatible with the Comcast email app. It has been observed that using POP causes issues when using the email service on more than one device. This is because POP works by sending an email directly to your priority device and completely deletes it from the server.


We hope that we have covered all the issues you might face while using the Comcast email on iPhone in this article. Email apps issues are pretty common. Try the solutions mentioned above to resolve your issue.

Good luck!

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