Dell XPS 13 Drawing Laptop Review [2022]

You probably have seen and used many Dell laptops and some other branded laptops too but have you ever experienced an ultraportable, ultra-smart, ultra-stylish, and ultra-performer Dell laptop yet?

Well if you haven’t and I know that you didn’t so I’m here to tell you about the same one. The Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop that has a promising future for everybody who made his intentions for it. I won’t say many praises but I’m forced to tell you that if you are the one with a good budget and looking for the solution to your daily life problems then you are hopefully at the exact place and your money is in safer hands.

So, let’s find out the meaning of these extraordinary lines which are about this giant yet portable and sleekish machine.

Things You Should Know About The Laptop  

Dell has a shining pride in its XPS 13 for its remarkable performance and imagines designing the look. The look is something very important to consider if you have got an astonishing personality between your loved ones.

Therefore, Dell XPS 13 is always there to make you proud and also save your much time by solving hurdles with its powerful processor, long-lasting battery, and imaginary display.

Moreover, yet it is something hard to buy, I mean expensive so it means you are gonna buy it for once and you are done with your everyday problems. The gaming, watching, browsing, and emailing time is always on the go over this marathon runner. So, why not we just stop talking about it and find out what exactly we are talking about? Yes, this is the better idea!

Performance and Striking

Since it is expensive, I think we should start with its performance. The laptop has got the balls to handle every heavy-duty task without any hindrance. It’s smart, a problem solver, and a man in the working, gaming, graphic designing, and development field.

But how?

The reason is, an Intel Core i7 8550U 8th generation processor is working that has a cache memory of 8MB and with an ultra-boost frequency of 4.0GHz. So, just forget about the busy hours and leggings and wasting time waiting for your laptop to be responsive or not. Because there will be no condition like this, as the processor has a great company of 16GB DDR4 RAM. Which means everything will be fast and fluid.

I know that you might need some space for storing your data like installing software, keeping files, movies, and songs on the same device. That’s why I consider this thing too important and have brought you a laptop that has a vast field for storing any and every amount of data with its 1TB SSD storage capacity. wow! Just amazing! I mean you could easily save much and can keep it anywhere with you. 

Moreover, for keeping this laptop cool and fresh, there is GORE Thermal insulation that works harder for making sure that your laptop stays cool and keeps performing best all the time. 

Stunning Look and Personality

Dell XPS 13 ReviewWhen we talk about the look and personality the laptop is proud of. Despite offering this flawless performance, the laptop is still something easy to carry and easy to have with you every time. It is cut from a single block of aluminum and inspired by aerospace engineering; the laptop has no match. The laptop has also got Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which provides resistance and strengths than its competitors. Its smart and thin body gives it the title of an ultraportable laptop.

The laptop weighs only 2.6 pounds which means it can be easily fitted into your backpack and ready to go. The larger body with a wider screen and keyboard feels like a notebook and you can easily pack it and take it with you. The design and silver color are also user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

So, I have no reasons for not being admired. 

Display and Cinematic View

Wouldn’t you be happy if somebody gives you a cinema at home?

Yes of course you will. But you don’t need to bring the actual cinema because the laptop has got one on its ultra-wide display screen. This Dell XPS has got 13.3 Inches 4K Ultra HD with a resolution of (3840 x 2160) Infinity Edge and touch IPS panels display screen that makes watching, playing, and working time easier and faster than ever before.

The less border and more explorer with 87% screen to body ratio gives you everything in large quantities and quality pixels that you see. When windows 10 home performs multitasking over it, this works like a beast and leaves no stone unturned in providing the ever-lasting ever imagining performance. Moreover, with an Intel integrated UHD graphics 620 technology, the images would be sharper and clearer like crystals. 

Connectivity and Battery

With the demanded performance and wider display, the laptop has got the back to make everything possible to work. The provided battery timing for using this laptop over Word and Excel is about 10 hours. But on deep research and with many user experiences I found that the laptop has an average battery life of 4 to 5 hours. Though it is relatively a shorter span, it’s better for indoor use. This notebook won’t mind if you’d be using it a little bit outside without the availability of a charger. 

With advanced technology, you can start a conversation now even from a wider distance. This laptop has Microsoft Cortana and waves-enabled speech technology with built-in mikes that make this laptop respond even from 14 feet away. So simply speak up and control everything over this laptop with your beautiful voice. 

However, when it comes to connecting devices with it, the laptop has no comparison. This one has got 2x Thunderbolt port 3 USB 3.1 port which is of type C, WIFI, Bluetooth allows you to charge this laptop as well as transfer a large amount of data respectively at a faster speed. 


If you are a normal student or a person like me, then you have got no work here as this laptop is not in your range. But if you are the professional one who has got the nerve to have this giant and the portable machine then this one is definitely for you only. This laptop is going to be heavy on your pocket by spending 1600 to 1800 dollars but there is a surety for one thing that is, the ultimate solution to your every problem for the rest of your life. So, make sure you have a strong concern for this one. 

What To Look For More?

The laptop has got a wide keyboard and two small cameras for providing you great typing and working speed with never-ending quality video timing respectively. These high-quality HD cameras make you talk with your friends anytime whenever the mood is on for video chatting or something to share about. 

Is There Anything Lacking?

I don’t think so if there is anything that this laptop under such a bigger price hasn’t got. So, no more bad sayings.

Pros & Cons

  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Star performer
  • Works great and very fast
  • Beautiful 4K touchscreen display
  • Thermal cooling system
  • Corning Gorilla Glass
  • More room for storage
  • Thunderbolt connectivity options
  • Comes with fingerprint reader
  • Expensive
  • Short battery timing over heavy performance
  • WIFI Could better


In a short saying, the laptop is a cinema for watching, tiger for performing, and hero for staying longer and anywhere when you need it. The Dell masterpiece with a powerful processor, large storage, extra RAM, thermal cooling a lot of more never-ending features make this, the one you’d be happy to have in your backpack. So, no regrets at the end of the day.


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