Do I Really Need A Laptop Cooling Pad?

Do I really need a laptop cooling pad?

Let’s find out the answer…

Cooling pads for laptops are used to reduce heat generated from the bottom of the laptop. The heat that flows out of the bottom of a laptop makes it hard for its components (CPU, GPU) to function at their peak performance which can cause them to burn out much faster than they normally would.

A good laptop cooling pad will help prolong the life of your computer by reducing stress on its components by taking all of the heat away. Not only does an aftermarket cooler make your laptop last longer, but it also makes it run much quieter and cooler, making you happier (because who likes loud laptops).

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Do I Really Need a Laptop Cooling Pad?

A number of things could be causing your laptop to overheat:

Dusty Blowing Air: If dust is collected in your laptop, it will have a harder time staying cool. You should blow all the dust out of your computer and get an external cooling pad.

Faulty/Old Cooler: If you bought one of those cheap P.O.S cooling pads from eBay and it isn’t doing its job, replace it with a good aftermarket cooler or get a better laptop cooling pad as I did.

Laptop Sitting On Your Lap: Your thighs provide insulation for heat, meaning you’re counterproductive to keeping things cool; put some absorbent material between yourself and the laptop if this happens often.

Heavy usage: Running heavy applications without giving your CPU time to turn itself down will cause your laptop to get hotter; make sure you allow your CPU time to cool down.

Factory Cooler Isn’t Doing Its Job: You might need a sturdier cooling pad because the one that came with your laptop and is currently in use might not be strong enough. Try upgrading or getting an external cooler.

Does the cooling pad damage the laptop?

cooling pad

The cooling pad itself won’t damage the laptop as it’s an external accessory. However, some have been known to have defective USB ports that will cause your laptop to lose files from its hard drive or not turn on at all. If you’re worried about whether or not your cooling pad will harm your laptop, ask the manufacturer if they offer a durability guarantee.

Do I need extra USB power?

Adding more peripherals can increase strain on the USB ports, so yes, you may need to use an extension cable.

How do I know if my laptop needs an external cooling pad?

If your Razer Blade 15 (Amazon) gets uncomfortably hot after 30 minutes of use, it might be time for you to get a new laptop cooler. If the outer shell on your Toshiba Satellite gets so warm that you can’t rest it on your bare thighs, it’s definitely time to look into getting another cooling pad or laptop cooler.

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Where should I buy one?

There are dozens of different brands and models of coolers out there; find out which ones are durable enough for you by reading online reviews written by customers who have already purchased them. (Check out the best cooling pads from Amazon) Make sure the product comes with a warranty in case something goes wrong. Keep in mind that not all cooling pads.

How long should my cooling pad last?

That depends entirely on how often you use your laptop and what kind of care goes into looking after it. I use my laptop every day and decided to spend more money on an extra-strong cooling pad that will last longer; you should do the same if you want your laptop cooler to outlive your next laptop.

Do laptop cooling pads work for gaming?

Yes, laptop cooling pads can be used for gaming and other activities. If your gaming laptop starts to become too hot or you want a more convenient way to keep it cool while you’re on the go, get yourself an aftermarket cooler as I did.

Laptop cooling pad pros and cons:

  • It prevents damage from overheating.
  • It makes your laptop quieter and less likely to break.
  • It keeps you happy because who likes loud laptops.
  • The cooling pad itself won’t damage the laptop as it’s an external accessory.
  • Some cooling pads only have a USB connector and plug into a laptop to get power.
  • Many laptop cooling pads are loud.

How to use a laptop cooling pad?

  • Follow the instructions included with your any laptop cooling pad to assemble it.
  • Plug the USB cable from your cooling pad into a spare port on your laptop and watch as all of its fans start spinning. You’ve successfully put together a new laptop accessory.
  • Open up a Web browser and use your computer for 30 minutes straight without ever having to worry about burning yourself or it getting too hot to touch. Enjoy!
You might need a sturdier cooling pad because the one that came with your laptop or is currently in use might not be strong enough. Try upgrading or getting an external cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cooling pads worth it?

Yes, cooling pads are worth it as they keep your laptop running smoothly and protect it from damage. If you use your laptop a lot or are on the go, look into getting a portable cooler that makes transporting it easier.

Will a laptop cooling pad help?

Most likely, yes. A laptop cooling pad is equivalent to a small air conditioner for your laptop. It cools down the air around the laptop by blowing cool air directly on your precious laptop. By doing so, it can effectively reduce your laptop’s internal temperature, and thus increase it’s lifespan.

Do I need a laptop cooler?

Yes, you do need it. If you’re playing big title games or performing graphics-intensive duties on your laptop, you need to keep the laptop cool. Otherwise, it will run slow and may get slower with time. Cooling your laptop with a laptop cooler will prevent it from overheating.

Should I use a laptop cooling pad?

Yes, you should use Laptop cooling pads. Because laptops are built in such a way that it generates heat. That makes laptops very convenient to use, but not very convenient to work with. Because of this heat laptops overheat and get damaged.

Do Alienware laptops need cooling pads?

Alienware laptops are famous for their powerful computing capability and aesthetic design. Most of the Alienware laptops are based on Intel Core i7 processors, which are powerful enough to handle almost all applications. If you’re considering using Alienware laptops to run 3D games, you should use cooling pads to avoid overheating.


After reading all of this, do I really need a laptop cooling pad? You should now know if a cooling pad is right for your laptop. It’s up to you whether or not the benefits of owning one are worth the price tag and added weight- it really depends on personal preference.

A cooling pad can really help! In fact, a cooling pad can help you stay comfortable while using your laptop. Cooling pads are a great solution for anyone who regularly uses a laptop, especially while using it for long periods.

If you want more information about what type of cooling pad would be best suited for your needs, let us know! We have experts ready to answer any questions that come up in our FAQ section, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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