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Being an artist and having a craze for drawing, does this question often circulate in your mind? That is, do you need a laptop to use a drawing tablet?

Well, this question might seem too easy to answer as we are here in the 21st century, which is the era of the latest technology and innovations. 

Well, before discussing this, shouldn’t we have a look at what these drawing tablets are? I think we should!

Old Graphics Tablets:

Graphics or drawing tablets are input devices that create digital images and were traditionally used by artists or graphic designers. They are flat black pads that synchronize your handstand’s movements and send signals with the stylus so that you can see a cursor moving on the computer’s screen.

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They are equipped with old technology. They must be connected to the laptop or computer to perform some drawing work with them because they create electromagnetic signals by capturing hands movements over them. 

But the good news is, the time had gone when the drawing was only possible by connecting drawing tablets with the laptops or bulky Computers. In most cases, you don’t need a computer or heavy machine for performing your graphics work these days. However, you can use a drawing tablet that is equipped with the latest and advanced features.

Latest Drawing Tablets:

Today, a drawing tablet comes with an active pen that generates and sends signals to the tablet. You don’t need to touch the tablet’s surface physically. However, you can draw anything with the help of this Pen. They do have embedded screens so you can see your designs on the same device as well. It also doesn’t need to connect with the laptop or computer.

So, if you desire to perform artistic work and you don’t have that budget to manage a laptop, too, you can fulfil your wish by getting a decent drawing tablet. These are too advanced that you can do drawing and graphics work anytime, anywhere. You can bring them with you while travelling, sitting in nature, staying with friends, and exploring nature in the art you’d wish to draw. They are well designed with portability and smart features.

But do all drawing tablets are suitable for drawing or work without connecting them to the laptop? Will you be able to draw a superb design in a smart and portable device? Is graphic designing so simple these days? Can I rely on merely a drawing tablet for graphic designing, or should I get a laptop too? To answer your every question, you have to stick with us till the end of this article.

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Not To Connect: 

If you consider portability and versatility your uppermost needs, you should look for standalone drawing tablets. They are equipped with the latest technology, and for artists and graphic designers, they are the best thing to replace with the old traditionally used graphic tablets.

They are coming up with a pen-enabled screen and an integrated computer on the same device. You don’t have to buy bulky equipment for your drawing work or arrange for some heavy laptop or computer. However, you can get an advanced drawing tablet and can start doing your work anytime, anywhere. 

To Connect:

However, there is also one more thing. If you want to see more significant results or visuals of your drawing work, you should have to get a laptop or computer. Because some of these tablets still work traditionally and also not that expensive, like the latest ones. You do have to make sure that your drawing tablet must be capable of connecting with the laptop or computer. 

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Just keep in mind that you only need a laptop or computer for your graphic or artistic work when you’d like to see many results over a large screen or use a traditional drawing tablet.

As I said, if you have done, don’t want to carry your laptop or computer with you and still want to get some drawing work done. Then, prefer choosing the latest drawing tablets that don’t have to be connected to your laptop or computer, and drawing might be easy.


I hope that we have solved your query regarding do you need a laptop to use a drawing tablet or not. So, please make your own choice as it always depends on you. Our work is to guide you so that you can see the difference and easily create a selection of your own. So, see you with the next idea, until then happy drawing.


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