Does RAM Affect Streaming?


I mean, yes!!

Aaah, this is the question that people are asking on Quora, Reddit, and on forums. And I observed that people are a little confused just like you right now, Does RAM affect streaming? and How Much Do You Need For Streaming?

Well, it’s Edward Elvis and I’m writing this to clear the confusion on this topic. 

But first, tell me, are you planning to build a custom PC for streaming on twitch, YouTube, big title video games, and on other platforms?

If yes!! 

Then keep in mind, RAM does affect streaming but how much do you need for streaming. 

Well, it’s another good question. So first let me understand you…

What Is RAM?

Does ram affect streaming

The RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This is just like how we studied in school. I think you remember those days.

Well, I remember!

It’s a temporary memory in your computer, laptop, or smartphone that stores all the new information quickly which your system needs. This is not used to store multimedia stuff or anything else just like this. You can say it’s a short-term memory that is used to learn, store and process the new information in your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

The more RAM your computer would have the smooth and reliable experience you will get. Whether you play games or streaming the videos on YouTube, twitch streaming.  

Now let’s answer the question one by one that does RAM affect streaming and How Much Do You Need For Streaming? How does RAM affect streaming performance?

Let’s discuss, 

Does RAM Affect Streaming?

The simple answer is yes. It does affect streaming. It helps to send the content that you’re streaming over the internet without any interruption. It also helps to stream comfortably.

It’s another major question that may come to your mind that does more ram affect streaming?

And I would say It depends on what you’re streaming dude. Because when you’re streaming big title games like GTA 5, Tomb Raider, and Pubg. you need more RAM, at least 16GB DDR4 RAM or 32GB DDR4. so the more ram you would have the better streaming performance you will get. Because it will help you to get better Frames Per Seconds (FPS).

How Does RAM Affect The Streaming?

It does affect two different factors.

  1. RAM size
  2. RAM speed 

Both factors are equally significant. For this reason, Some people asked, Does ram speed affect streaming? The speed of the RAM determines how fast it will process the files. And the term “SPEED” is sometimes replaced with the frequency of RAM. and it could be like in this format; 16GB RAM 3200mhz DDR4 or 32GB RAM 3600mhz DDR4. so don’t be confused while buying RAM for a PC or laptop.

How Much Do I Need For Streaming Video?

It’s an important question. Is 4GB RAM enough for streaming?

No! Not at all…

4GB of RAM is barely enough to handle your operating system. 4GB of RAM can disappoint you on streaming whether you’re streaming twitch, YouTube, or Netflix. It’s enough to play just casual games.  

Is 8Gb Of RAM Is Enough For Streaming?

The short answer is yes. 8GB of RAM is a minimum number for streaming videos. It will provide you good performance when you will stream demanding games by using OBS software. Most of the streamers use this software for streaming. Even if you’re a multitasker like it will provide you a good experience.

Is 16GB Of RAM Is Enough For Streaming?

16GB of RAM is highly recommended when you want to steam the most demanding games right now. Also, it depends on how many software or applications open at once to work on. Wait it does mean that if you have 16GB of RAM and you will get a good excellent experience on streaming without a good combination of CPU and SSD (Solid State Drive).

Are There Different Types Of Ram?

Yes. There are different types of RAM, the very first one is DDR which means Double Data Rata and others like DDR2, DDR3, DDR4. all come at different price points.


It’s time to wind up the discussion. I tried my best to cover this topic with all the relevant questions that were mostly asked. And I answered the questions in a brief explanation to gamers, streamers, or multitaskers.

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