How Do You Get Higher FPS On Roblox?

To achieve higher framerates, you must limit your game’s seemingly unnecessary animations and visual effects. If you are running the game client on a quite old computer, then it might be harder to reach higher fps counts. If this is the case, consider updating the specifications of the computer or getting a new one?

How Do You Get Higher FPS On Roblox?

In addition to limiting visual effects, try changing graphics settings. To access this menu, open up your ROBLOX window and click “Settings“, then switch to “Video” on the left side of your screen. From here, switch from “Automatic Graphics” to a lower setting such as “LOW” or “HIGH“. The more effects turned off, these options will directly correlate with more fps.

Finally, try closing all other applications on your computer that are currently open and not necessary for gaming. If you have too many programs running at once, it may slow down your computer’s overall performance. This will be especially the case with anti-virus programs since they often run in the background of your operating system, checking every file that passes through the computer to make sure it is safe.

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If you experience lag while playing games online, there are two common causes: large amounts of activity taking place either on your end or on your opponent’s end. First, if there is a lack of players in the game you are playing, consider switching servers because most servers now hold larger amounts of players since they are not as popular. If there are always many players or just a few, then that is where the second cause of lag comes in.

If it is on your end, consider getting better hardware to improve game performance. However, if there are too many players with high-quality internet, the server you’re playing on can not handle all their requests at once and will begin to lag. You may also experience lag when playing ROBLOX on wireless internet since it tends to be slower than wired internet connections.

If you do happen to encounter any problems while gaming online on ROBLOX, try quitting out of the game and restarting it whenever possible; this has helped some users get rid of these issues for good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get 60fps on ps4?

There isn’t a definite answer since Sony hasn’t explicitly stated whether or not you can achieve 60 fps. However, there are some counterarguments against these claims. Since many high frame rate games usually eat up a lot of memory bandwidth and VRAM (Video Random Access Memory), systems with less VRAM might experience worse performance, especially if they are trying to run games at such high framerates.

Also, framerate is usually tied to your monitor’s refresh rate of your monitor so you would need a really good display to be able to handle games at such high framerates. Other than that, the ps4 pro has an even better GPU(arguably), and it might be able to handle higher frame rates as well. However, this can also apply to Xbox One X, which will also have an even better GPU.

Can a 60hz monitor run higher fps?

Yes, a 60hz monitor can run higher fps. I’ve seen people playing with 144hz and even 200hz monitors with no problems (I’m talking about professional gamers). You might need to make some changes in your graphics settings, though, like turning off some of the special effects and such.

Can 60fps be achieved on ps4/Xbox one?

Theoretically, yes, but we don’t know how much games will suffer from that (since frame rate is usually tied to the refresh rate and most console games are locked at 30 or even lower). Also, it depends on whether Sony/Microsoft allows developers to disable the framerate cap or not. If they do, many console games would have way higher fps than normal since console devs can’t use high frame rates for marketing purposes.

However, the more powerful your system is, the better fps it can achieve, so you should be fine if you have a ps4 pro or xb1x.

Should I increase fps?

It depends on what you define as higher. If you are not satisfied with your current fps, then, by all means, increase it! You should know that the frame rate does not affect the game; only how many images per second can be displayed (People who turned off v-sync usually suffer from this). So you should play around with your graphics settings and see if there’s any difference for yourself.

If you do so, people will also be able to tell whether or not your computer struggles to handle the game because every time low fps occur, an indicator pops up saying “LOW FRAME RATE”. This could give away that your system cannot handle ROBLOX Studio at optimal levels.


To sum it up, the best method to get higher frame rates is by minimizing visual effects and closing unnecessary programs. If you do not have an adequate computer, then consider updating your specifications or buying a new one for better ROBLOX performance.

However, if there are too many players with high-speed connections, the server may begin lagging, and you will experience problems during gaming sessions. In addition, if lag still occurs after following these steps, try restarting the game as a last resort.

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