How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use

In this world of modernity, people do care about the little things that even don’t matter. Like, what if you are concerned about the electricity that your gaming laptop consumes?

How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop UseWhenever you are buying a gaming laptop, this question comes to your mind: how many watts does a gaming laptop use? However, this is not only you, but I also have this question in my mind quite frequently.

So, determining how much electricity does any gaming laptop take should be one of your priorities before buying it. 

Therefore, this article, with comprehensive research about it and some significant facts that you should know before getting a gaming laptop. I’ll help you to understand this query. But first, let’s make a thing clear about a gaming and normal laptop.

How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use

Suppose I compare a gaming laptop with a typical laptop. I find many interesting facts about them. A regular notebook usually consumes from 55 to 65- watts of energy. At the same time, a gaming laptop consumes 160-185 watts of power.

Moreover, it depends upon GPU (graphical processing unit). If I talk about gaming laptops’ kwh per year consumption, the average energy that a gaming PC consumes is around about 1450 kWh per year.

Also, considering the other laptop components like screen, RAM, SSD/HDD, WIFI, Keyboard, the total consumption will be higher.

Consumption Factors:

Above all, I should know what the critical factors of any gaming laptop are. These essential factors decide how much watts a gaming laptop consumes power supply. 

GPU-Graphical Processing Unit

As I talk about gaming laptops, I should speak of GPU because it plays an essential role in gaming laptops’ power consumption. 

It handles all the heavy games that I have on our laptops. To control heavy games needs heavy GPUs that consume more power because it requires more energy to perform.

Moreover, it maintains the quality of your laptop’s display. If your only need for your laptop is browsing the internet and running spreadsheets, it’ll be fine to run with the lower grade graphics card that consumes less power.

So, it depends on the work that a GPU is performing. As if it is heavy, it will let your laptop consume more watts. If it is not, then it can smoothly run on low voltage. 

A virtuous card will improve illustrations and help the computer run more smoothly but needs a higher wattage.

Here are some graphics cards that consume power according to their performance. 

  • Low-end graphics card 28-85 W mid end graphics card 108-165 W 
  • High-end graphics card 165-260 W 

High-end graphic card 

  • 245-350 W 

Screen Resolution-HD+ 2K, And 4K

Screen resolution is also an essential factor for power consumption. It’s also necessary for you to focus on it when you buy a gaming laptop. 

Usually, the gaming laptop is coming in 1080p HD, 2k, 4k display, and absurd with an 8K display.

As much as the screen display is more extensive, it will consume more watts. A 16-inches screen of a laptop commonly uses around about 60 to 70 watts per hour. If you buy a larger screen laptop, watts will increase to 100 to 150 watts per hour. 

CPU: (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is the brain of a computer, containing all the circuitry needed to process input, outputs, and store data. The CPU continuously follows the computer’s instructions that tell it which data to process and how to process it. Without a CPU, the computer is nothing. 

The average power that a CPU uses is about as many kilowatts per hour as the typical light bulb. However, Gaming laptops running on a Pentium- type processor use about 100 kWh.


Adapters allow you to connect a peripherals device with one plug to a different jack on the laptop. Adapters are often used to attach with current devices to a bequest port on an old dock. 

The superior your laptop, the additional influential its adapter will be essential to be. 

Consider this in the notice if you are looking to elevate your laptop. Make sure that anything you add is well-suited with your laptop’s power pile.

RAM-Random Access Memory

Ram also consumes electricity. When the RAM is being used excessively by apps or services trying to run simultaneously, the system may need to kill some of them very frequently. Even multiple times per second, and resume them soon as required by something else. That is the thing of using lots of CPU cycles, and consequently, some battery capacity.

The Gaming Laptop VS Gaming PC Power Consumption

A standard laptop can draw 60-65 watts of energy. However, the normal desktop is 165-185 watts, and the gaming laptop consumes 30-85 watts. The gaming desktop ranges from 400-1325watts to be contingent on the GPU. Generally, laptops are well-organized in power consumption and are inclined to consume 85% less electricity than a Desktop.

In short, a high-End gaming laptop consumes 130-185watts, and a high-End gaming PC consumes 350-700 watts. 


Since I have told you many factors that specify how many watts does a gaming laptop consume. I hope that this article helped you find the relevant information you are looking for. The thing is, the more these laptops perform, the more they consume.

So, this was for today. Let’s see you with another question. Till then, Good luck.


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