How Much Does a Laptop Battery Cost? (2021 Prices)

There is a manifested fact that a laptop is somebody’s all-day companion. Whether you are a gamer, a businessman, or a normal student of a college. Even your girlfriend might not be around sometimes but yeah, the laptop does. And yes, we can believe that we can’t live without these things. 

But as there is an ending for everything that we have and even of ourselves. There comes a moment when your laptop’s battery drains out quickly and it’s not that capable now of working for longer hours. So, what do you do then? Replace it with a new battery or buy a new laptop?

Well, it seems strange when you go for a new laptop unless you have the option to buy a new battery. But as this might be concerned knowing how much does a laptop battery cost? You should have a piece of information even about these little things. Because everything matters in one way or another. 

However, a shopkeeper can tell you to pay any price, but it’s good to have basic knowledge about the cost that you will face while replacing your laptop’s battery. Because this can save your money, save you from being charged extra and make you have the right choice.

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That’s why I am going to help you understand how much exactly a laptop battery costs when you go for the replacement or buying a new one. This article will lead you and will provide you complete guidance so that you’d be able to do it rightly. Therefore, let’s worth the time and start it. 

How Much Does a Laptop Battery Cost? In dollars

laptop battery cost

Honestly, it totally depends on the type of battery and your laptop’s brand for which you have to buy it. But as a general gesture, you can replace it with 50 to 200 dollars. Seems like a lot of money, doesn’t it? However, the thing is, as I said above that if you are going to buy a MacBook’s battery you will definitely have to pay a lot which varies from another brand like Dell or Hp.

It’s a good thing that if your battery is not holding for longer, except buying a whole new workstation you can just click on some online stores like Amazon or a store in your town and find the same one matching your laptop’s capacity.

How to determine the cost of a new laptop’s battery? 

The uppermost things to look for are the brands and the type of battery that you are going to buy for your laptop, I mean your laptop’s desirable battery requirements. But it does depend on some internal factors of batteries such as mAH, Whr, or cells, etc. The more these things will be in quantity, the more will be the price. 

Cells of a battery—Some batteries are available with 3, 4, 6, or up to 9 cells. These cells tell the capacity of a battery and for how long it will stay. The same it tells that the more the number of cells in a battery, the more is its price. 

mAH—A battery with bigger mAH power always costs you more than a battery with lower mAH. Because you can compare the power provided by a battery of 5000 mAH to the 3000 mAH which is relatively more. 

Whr—It tells how much battery a laptop will use in an hour. This means a laptop with a higher Whr will consume more battery than a laptop with relatively low Whr. And the same, the more powerful the battery is, the more it will cost.

Volts—There are batteries out there available with different ratings of voltages. This means you can compare one with the required power of your laptop to analyze its cost. 

How much does a laptop battery cost? – Brand wise cost measurement

Brand wise cost measurement

Well instead of measuring it generally, you should know what type of laptop’s battery will cost what? Because it will save you from lotters as they are considering selling these spare parts as their money-making machines. Therefore, as all, we are looking for a complete piece of guidance that’s why I have listed this for you.

How much does a MacBook Pro or Apple battery cost?

Well, MacBook is something extraordinary and more in price, so does its battery cost. On the apple store, you can see the price is between 200 to 250 dollars, but you can replace your MacBook’s battery in 150 to 190 dollars depending on the brand and battery capacity. 

How much does a Dell laptop’s battery cost?

A Dell laptop’s battery can cost you from $50 to $120 depending on the type of battery, its cells, and mAH power. Usually, a Dell laptop’s battery under $70 can provide a backup of 7 to 8 hours.

How much does an HP laptop’s battery cost?

Hp is another great company just like Dell. Its laptop’s battery can cost you up to 100 dollars for a fully functional and competitive battery span. However, some of them are even available for $40 which again tells us about the difference of types and capacities.

How much does an ASUS laptop’s battery cost?

ASUS laptops are also striking higher. Its batteries can cost up to 30 to 60 dollars depending on the battery capacity and its type. 

How much does a Lenovo laptop’s battery cost?

Lenovo means the name of quality. Lenovo laptop batteries last for a bit longer than ASUS or HP. However, when it comes to replacement, it can make you pay from 40 to 70 dollars again depending on the type and capacity of a battery. A battery under 50 dollars can stand up to 6 to 7 hours.

How much does an Acer laptop’s battery cost?

When it comes to Acer, an Acer laptop’s battery comes in 30 to 120 dollars that means you can also replace it easily. 

How much does a Toshiba laptop’s battery cost?

Toshiba laptops are also being used widely. A Toshiba laptop’s battery can cost you from 40 to 90 dollars depending on the number of cells of the battery, its mAH, and type or brand.


Don’t rush to your laptop and don’t leave it plugged in all the time for having a quite long battery life. Because when you go out of limits, the laptop battery dies quickly and you have to pay some bucks for buying a new one. Well, seems like that’s not a big problem because you’ve already known how much does a laptop battery costs, right?

So, hit me up through the comment section and tell me if there is anything you need to ask or add. I would love to hear from you. In the end, thanks for your time and attention, and stay tuned for more latest updates. Have a nice day.


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