How Often Should I Dust My Pc? Ultimate Guide

Wait what I heard you never dust your computer? Jeez, it’s not fair. How cruel! 

Just like we humans need to clean ourselves for good personal hygiene & to protect ourselves from germs or viruses, computers or laptops also need to get clean for their ‘Good Hygiene’ i.e., to work properly in order to avoid any error.

Imagine what an unclean body looks like? Certainly, awful. So that’s how your computer will look from inside if you don’t clean it on and off.

Let me clear one thing here we don’t mean that just go and wash your Pc from inside out. Haha, it’s just a pun to break the intense conversation. We never mean it.

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So, we are here today to tell how often should I dust my Pc? Means you!

Coming back to the point, what does dusting your pc mean? So, it’s really simple. With the passage of time, dust enters inside your computer and then your computer starts creating problems while running programs. Most users say that dust can slow down their computer that means your computer won’t work like it used to do. 

Though, not so many users bothered to dust their computer or keep it clean as they are unaware that cleaning your computer will only provide benefits. To enhance your knowledge, there are many little areas in your computer where dust can accumulate and if you don’t bother, you are risking your computer as dust reduces airflow, and eventually, it will heat up your computer. This heat can harm your computer’s hardware as well.

I’m pretty sure that you can spare 10 minutes from your busy schedule for cleaning/dusting your computer. 

How Often Should I Dust My Pc?

How Often Should I Dust My PcIn such a scenario, there is no option but to make your computer dust-free. And for this, you require enough knowledge on how to dust your computer. 

If you are expecting that we are going to share some kind of fancy way to dust your laptop then take a chill pill man. There’s nothing to worry about as We always look forward to helping you most effortlessly. 

It all starts with a screwdriver and a compressed air can. You see two screws, remove them. Now you can move the side panel of your computer. Bring your computer outdoors and start blowing the dust away from all the components and all cracks with the help of a compressed air can.

Make sure to hold the can as close as possible to prevent unnecessary liquid spray. When you see your computer is dust-free, put the panel and bring your computer indoors. Tada! you’re done.

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How To Dust A Computer?

This is a frequently asked question as you guys are curious about it, we decided to answer you here.

You should clean your computer at least every three to six months. If you are that user who never dusts his computer then often try to clean it. I won’t say do it every week but if you notice the significant level of dust and hair present inside the computer then do it more frequently.  

Furthermore, it depends greatly on how dusky your house is. If you live in a dusky area or you are a smoker then of course you have to clean it on a regular basis. Besides, you have to pay special attention to the area that gets hot like the CPU.

Make sure there must be an airflow through the system. You will see a buildup on the fans when you turn your computer off.

Here Are The Main Cleaning Areas:

  • CPU heatsinks
  • motherboard chipset fan assembly
  • power supply
  • case fans
Caution: Don’t use a vacuum. This can build up on the plastic nozzle, which you don’t want discharging on your pricey parts.

Is dust in a computer base?

As we said earlier, when the dust-covered your computer, it reduced the airflow and somehow ventilation stops. This will heat up the internal components and an alarming sign for your hardware as well.

Eventually, it causes sudden failure of critical parts and pieces in the body of your computer. So, if you don’t clean your computer, it will harm your computer. To avoid this from happening clean it every so often.

How to prevent a computer from becoming dusty?

If you are worried about why your pc is so dusty and how you can deal with this situation. Then, first of all, should you make sure that the air vents in your home or office are clean or not? And if you live in a dusty area then it will also be a reason why your pc is so dusty.

For this, you need to clean the area near your computer. That’s how you can prevent your computer from becoming dusty.

Can dust slow down a PC?

Of course, it does! Dust can impede airflow and we know air keeps your system temperature down. When your system overheats, it’s pretty obvious to down your computers’ performance.

Does cleaning your PC improve FPS?

To boost your computer’s performance, simply clean it from the inside and you need to be very careful. As you know dirt and debris clogs up your computer’s fan and stops airflow and as a result, it will heat up. So, for optimum performance, try to clean it once in a while.


If you want to keep your computer clean and want to run smoothly, give each component a cleaning on a daily basis. 

Moreover, if you keep the nearby area clean and dust-free as much as possible, your computer will last a few years without inside dusting. However, we will personally advise you to clean at least after three to six months with the help of a compressed air can.

Feel free to ask any further queries, we are always here for you. See ya again.

Have a nice day!



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