How to Afford a Macbook – 7 Ways in 2022 (Full Guide)

How to Afford a Macbook

There is no doubt that the Apple MacBook is one of the best laptops. Its superior performance, handy features, and software fluidity make it a worthwhile purchase for everyone. But the problem is that an Apple MacBook doesn’t come cheap.

The high price tag of an Apple MacBook might be too much for you; however, it justifies its remarkable performance. Lag-free user experience, crispy display quality, and aesthetic appeal are features that make a MacBook stand out. So, if you are wondering how you can afford one, here are a few tips that can work for you.

Sell Items You Don’t Use

One of the best ways to afford a MacBook is by selling items that you don’t really use. It might be some old piece of equipment, furniture, or decorative items accumulating dust in your closet. Or perhaps it’s your old smartphone, a pair of headphones, or a gaming chair that you don’t use anymore.

So, start digging around your home and see if you can find something to sell on Facebook or eBay. You might be astonished at how much money you can make by selling your old stuff.

According to recent studies, people have about $3500 worth of items at home that they don’t use. So, you can try and sell this stuff and offset some expenses of buying a MacBook.

Start Freelancing

Getting your hands on an Apple MacBook might force you to think out of the box. Your monthly salary might not be sufficient to get you a MacBook without breaking a sweat. So, you need to cash in on money-making opportunities that might come your way. Perhaps you need to create opportunities for yourself to make some extra money.

If you hate the idea of working for someone, freelancing can be a good option. For this purpose, try and search for some authentic freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. Here, you can create your profile based on your skills and advertise them through online gigs. It can be anything from blog writing to programming to graphical designing.

Freelance websites are a great way to earn money if you want to afford a MacBook quickly and conveniently. Online clients tend to pay more if you know what you are doing. On top of that, you are self-employed and can choose to work whenever you want.

Purchase a Used MacBook

Although a used MacBook isn’t as good as new, it is still worth considering. Most people hesitate in buying a new Apple MacBook due to its high price unless you have a lot of money. However, many people prefer buying a refurbished MacBook from eBay or Amazon that costs way less than a new one.

If you search Amazon for a refurbished MacBook, you might be able to find quite a few in pristine condition. These refurbished MacBooks arrive with a short guarantee of 30 to 60 days and are relatively cheaper. So, if you decide to get your hands on one, you’ll have enough time to ensure it’s in good working condition. If it isn’t, you have the luxury to return it and get your money refunded.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

The thought of paying the full price for an Apple MacBook can force you to look for other alternatives. However, buying the same laptop at a discount can keep you interested. Like any other company, Apple often tends to announce sales on its product once or twice a year. This is a golden opportunity for you to buy a MacBook at a lower price.

Typically, Apple announces sales during the holidays and when Black Friday is around the corner. So, watch out for sales on Apple’s products listed on their website. If you can manage to wait, buying a MacBook at a discounted price is worth it.

Make Use of Apple Store Coupon Code

Utilizing coupon codes is an interesting way to make online purchases at a discount. But this is where your luck comes into play. While you can find coupon codes for multiple websites by completing surveys, getting an Apple Store coupon code can be difficult.

Still, you can try and keep your eyes open when surfing the web. You can also follow Apple’s official website or page on Facebook to receive timely updates when such an opportunity arrives. Or you can search multiple forums such as Apple Discussions and get lucky enough to find one.

Cut Down on Your Expenses

Cutting down on your expenses is arguably one of the most effective ways to afford a MacBook. Interestingly, while most of us focus on making more money to buy a MacBook, very few think about reducing their overall expenses.

But cutting down on your expenses can drastically help you offset the expense of buying a MacBook. You can save several hundred bucks a month by just making a few changes to your daily routine. These include keeping track of your spending habits, saving energy, and sacrificing unnecessary luxury items. Remember that minimizing your expenses while making more money can get you a MacBook in no time.

Choose an Installment Plan

If money-saving tricks aren’t enough for you, maybe choosing a feasible installment plan using a credit card can do. Keep in mind that using a credit card isn’t the ideal choice, but it can work if all else fails.

Before you pick a monthly installment plan, make sure it isn’t long-term. Although a long-term installment scheme would feel less of a burden with minimum payment requirements, it isn’t worth it. This is because it will cost you way more than the original price of an Apple MacBook due to growing interest. Instead, opt for a short-term installment scheme and try to pay it off as soon as possible.

Wait for the New Model to Arrive

Unless you have made your mind to buy the latest MacBook model, you can also consider waiting until the new model arrives. Apple’s MacBook isn’t cheap, so you’d like to save as much money as possible.

As Apple announces a newer version of their MacBooks every year, older models tend to get cheaper. For instance, soon after the latest MacBook Pro was announced, Apple slumped the cost of their last year’s model by $200. So, if you don’t mind purchasing an older model, you can probably wait until the new MacBook is released.

Ask Your Company to Buy One for You

Using a MacBook for work is a dream for many individuals. Although its sky-high price tag can be demoralizing, the thought of using a MacBook for free might be of interest. Today, numerous companies perform the bulk of their business operations using computers, so it’s not something new if your company provides you with one.

Based on the nature of your job, it isn’t out of the question for your company to buy you a MacBook. You can ask your boss if they can arrange a MacBook for you to facilitate the business operations. Be mindful that if your company agrees to buy you one, the company will own it. However, you’ll still get the luxury of using a MacBook for free.

how to afford a macbook

Sell Your Old MacBook

If you are looking to upgrade to a newer model of MacBook, selling your old one can offset some expenses. You can sell your old MacBook on eBay, which can earn you several hundred bucks. Or, if your MacBook has died out completely, you can sell its spare parts to someone who can make use of them. This way, you’ll be able to get rid of old hardware while making room for your new MacBook.

Purchase Open Box MacBook from Apple Store

Buying an open-box MacBook from the Apple Store is perhaps the easiest way to get your hands on the latest tech. It is quite often the case that several Macbooks may arrive partially defective from the factory.

If the defects aren’t serious enough, Apple frequently puts them up for sale at a discount after fixing them up. So, keep an eye out for such deals if you want to buy a MacBook at a relatively lower price.


Can I pay monthly for a MacBook? 

Yes, you can choose to pay monthly for a MacBook using Apple Card monthly installments. Apple Card gives you the luxury of buying your desired Apple product with interest-free and low monthly payments from the Apple Store. Instead of paying all the money at once, the amount you fund for your device is deducted monthly from your Apple Card credit.

Is MacBook worth the money? 

There is no denying that the Apple MacBook is one of the most capable hardware you can find on the market. Typically, your work needs will determine what sort of laptop would be a good option for you. If you require a powerful laptop while staying in the Apple ecosystem, the MacBook is worth every penny.

Does Apple do Afterpay?

Yes, you can avail of the Afterpay facility if you are willing to buy in-store with a seller who offers Afterpay. All you need to do is open the Afterpay app and hit the ‘Card’ tab. Here, you’ll be provided with information regarding your available spending limit. To make the purchase, tap the ‘Pay with Afterpay Card’ tab to pay with Apple Pay.


The Apple MacBook is one of the most high-performance laptops that you can find on the market. But because of its high price, it exceeds the purchasing power of many individuals. Therefore, to offset its expensive price tag, you can consider purchasing a used or an older model. Or you can sell some of the stuff that you don’t use. This way, you can afford a MacBook.

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