How To Change Storage To SD Card On Samsung Tablet?

These days, gadgets like laptops, mobiles, and tablets are coming with built-in storage space for storing most of your data. The memory ranges even from 32GB to 2TB or maybe more. But not all of them have a large amount of space for keeping a large amount of data.

So, what do you prefer in this kind of situation if you find a shortage of space in the gadget that you own, like take your Samsung tablet? Of course, you go for an extra SD card option. SD cards are one of the best innovations of this era.

However, sometimes it might be difficult to deal with things, like what if you are in a situation to find how to change storage to SD card on Samsung tablet? And if I am not wrong, you are looking for the same query today, don’t you?

Well, if it is then let’s solve your problem and tell you a complete process for changing storage to SD card on your Samsung tablet in this comprehensive guide. By reading this article, you’d be able to know how to do so, and it will be easy for you to transfer your files and apps from the tablet storage to the SD card.

Moreover, you’ll have a smooth working Samsung tablet. 

So, grab up your Samsung tablet, and let’s dig into it.

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What Kind Of SD Card Do You Need For Your Samsung Tablet?

Before you go for changing the storage to the SD card, you need to get a versatile and good memory capacity capable SD card. So, look for the following things in that card before buying it.

  • Get an SD card that must be of maximum memory so that you don’t have to buy another one. In this case, a memory card of 64 GB or more would be better. 
  • Make sure you are getting a good memory card manufactured by a good company like Samsung, transcendent or Sony, etc. You should spend your money wisely and make a good choice as it will be a long-term benefit for you.

Now you have got your SD card, put it into the tablet SD card socket and make sure that it is showing in the files option and working fine. 

So, How To Change Storage To SD Card On Samsung Tablet? 

Since the SD card is working well inside your Samsung tablet. It’s time to set the default storage at your SD card so that the next time if you install any app, save any file or keep any data, it will be automatically saved over the SD card. And you’ll have a reasonable free space for the tablet’s built-in storage. Anyway, without wasting time, let’s start the process. 

  • Open your Samsung tablet setting. 
  • Once you have done it, now go to the storage preferences option. You’ll find the current storage space of your intel storage and SD card.
  • Now go through the list and look for the option named “change default setting”.
  • Here you’ll be allowed to choose between the external storage and internal storage options to set any of them at default. Now click on the box dedicated to external storage and you will be done with it.
  • You have successfully changed the default storage from internal storage to SD card. For the next time, the SD card will be the place where most of the files will be stored and kept safe.

However, if this method doesn’t look suitable or doesn’t work out in any case, you can use your computer or laptop for transferring data from internal storage to external storage like an SD card. This process is so simple as all you have to do is to put the SD card into the SD card reader or the tablet, connect it with the PC and transfer anything from one place to another.

How To Transfer Apps To The SD Card

Not all devices like Samsung offer this feature where you can install or move your apps to external storage. However, Samsung allows you to transfer your apps or install the apps on the SD card, so you can do this by the following process. 

  • For moving the Apps to the SD card, open your tablet, and click on the setting. 
  • Go to the app menu and then open it.
  • Look for the storage setting option from here, once you find it, you can change the storage of each app by clicking on the options like Change destination or change storage. After doing this, you’ll see that you have successfully moved your installed apps to your tablet’s SD card or external storage.
  • However, sometimes there also comes an option in most of the Samsung devices that allow you to transfer all data from internal to external storage at once. You have to find the option into the setting and then you can select all your apps and transfer them to the SD card storage. This would be better instead of transferring every app individually to your SD card.


I hope that after reading this brief information, you have completely known about how to change storage to SD card on Samsung tablets. The process and the way to do it are so simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is to get a maximum storage capacity holding and manufactured by a good company SD card. Use the storage changing options from the setting of your tablet and you are all set to go.

So, this was it for today, and in case if you have any queries, want to suggest something or if you have liked the information. Please feel free to reach me out anytime. I would love to hear and respond. Until the next idea, take care of yourself, stay happy and stay prosperous.

Good luck with Cheers.

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