How To Charge Dead Laptop Without Charger | 5 Different Ways

Suppose it’s the weekend and you have come so far from home with your friends on a picnic. You have made a plan and have a lot of things to do.

You have also brought your laptop with you to kill some time while watching a movie, playing a game while sitting beside the bonfire, listing to some good quality music, storing your trip snaps, and getting some work done for the office.

Believe me that is the best thing you’ve done, as the laptop is someone’s best companion in your loneliness. It will never let you down or bore you.

But when you unpack your things, you realize that you’ve forgotten to bring your laptop charger in a hurry. Now you are running on a low battery, and the situation might seem critical to you. You can’t just turn your laptop off and pack it up.

In fact, you become worried and say, omg!

Now, what should I do?

Moreover, you may also face this situation while heeding in a rush towards the office, University, School, or any other place in the morning.  

Don’t panic as it’s the 21st century, and there are multiple ways to charge a dead laptop without a charger? 

The laptop must indeed be charge with its original charger only because it is defiantly the best source to charge it in a limited time and in a secure way. But it’s also true that things can be done in other ways too.

How To Charge Dead Laptop Without Charger | 5 Different Ways

How To Charge Dead Laptop Without Charger

Like today, you’d be able to get familiar yourself with not only 1, not 2 but 5 different ways that will tell youhow to charge a laptop without a charger.” The list is given as:

  • Charging your laptop with USB Port-C using an Adapter
  • Charging your laptop with a Power Bank
  • Charging your dead laptop in a Car
  • Charging a laptop with an External Battery charger
  • Charging it with A Universal Charger

So, after digging into these by one, we will come up with multiple solutions. But, I should remind you that you should always check your packed things before setting off anywhere. If your device chargers (mobile and laptop, etc.) are also packed up, you are all clear to go. I hope I wouldn’t have to remind you again.

Now, let’s dig into all the available options one by one.

How to charge a laptop battery with USB?

Laptop chargers are the most recommended and best source of charging laptops. That’s why they are also expensive and highly appreciated in need. But we know that laptops come with many USB ports for transferring data and charging other devices like mobile phones. Some of them are with breakneck processing speed.

How to charge a laptop battery with USB_

But what if a laptop needed power through the USB port to charge itself? Sounds exciting and crazy. Well, yes, a laptop can indeed be charged with a USB port. It is all possible due to advancements in technology and the latest accessories embedded in the latest laptops. 

There are different types of USB ports that a laptop may have. These include USB Port Type A, B, and C. USB Port Type C has two versions. One is 3.1, and the other is 3.2.

So, it is the one that is faster than the different types of ports because it has the latest technology and the features of its predecessors. The other ports like USB Port Type A and B are useful in transferring data, but these ports cannot charge your laptop.

That’s why this USB Port Type C can be used to transfer data through external devices as well as charging a laptop. 

For charging a laptop with USB Port Type C, you should do the following things.

  • Your laptop must have at least one USB Port Type C, so it’d be easy for you to charge your device. 
  • Make sure while purchasing that you are purchasing a laptop with the recommended USB Port type.
  • For charging, you need a charging cable with a suitable plug adapter so you can connect your laptop with the adapter and get it charge.
  • This is the safest way of charging a laptop and a highly recommended one. 
  • Ensure that you only charge your laptop by using USB C Adapter because any other adapter will not handle the voltages that the laptop carries and can harm you and your device. 
  • You can find this USB C Adapter in your local store, or maybe your colleague may have one.

How to charge a laptop with Power Bank?

Here is another way to charge your laptop without its charger. You can use a power bank. Yes, indeed, they can also charge a laptop instead of mobiles. Charging a laptop with the power bank is the easiest way to charge or turn the laptop on for back to work. For charging a computer with the power bank, you’d have to take care of the following things.

How to charge a laptop with Power Bank_

  • Get a power bank and connect it with your laptop. It will start charging in just no time.
  • A power bank has the power to charge your laptop more than one time.
  • Always try to buy a Type C Power Bank because it will be suitable for charging other devices.
  • Most of the power banks can charge many devices in a single time, but you need to make sure that you are plugging the only one with your laptop suitable for it.
  • Please do not give your power bank to anyone because it is you who needed it the most in bad times. 
  • Also, make sure that you have charged your power bank and use it only in critical situations, like when you don’t know how to charge dead laptop without charger.
  • If you don’t have any yet, I would recommend you to buy one ASAP. 

How to charge a dead laptop in car?

Imagine being heading towards a destination wedding or at a distant place and playing music over your laptop. But, suddenly, you find that your laptop needs to be charged.

So, what will you do if you will not have a charger?

Not a big deal, man, as you can charge your laptop with your car battery.

How to charge a dead laptop in car

In fact, she will help you because everyone knows that there is electricity in every car so, if your computer has Port Type C, then slap yourself a little because you are the lucky one. For charging a laptop with a car or in-car, you will have to do the following things.

  • For an easy way, make sure that you have an AC Adapter with a USB type C connecter at one end and Type A at the other end, along with a USB charger. It’s not a big deal as every car has it. 
  • Now all you need to do is turn the engine on and connect your laptop with your car through AC Adapter. Your computer will start getting charged quickly. 
  • There is another method, as you can step down the car’s battery voltage to your required need with the help of the built-in voltage regulator that is often available inside many vehicles.  
  • There is no easy way to connect your laptop with the car’s battery directly. As you will see, there will be an explosion, so don’t do that. Always make sure that you have a voltage regulator to minimize the voltage. 
  • One more thing you can do to charge your laptop with the car’s battery is by using a power inverter. It will be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet, which will provide a sufficient amount of voltage to charge your laptop. 
  • Now, as your laptop has charged so turn the music on and be on your way.

How to charge a laptop with an external battery charger?

Another way to charge your laptop battery is to charge it with an external battery. It’s the secondary way of charging a laptop without a charger. If your charger might have broken or the jack has been smashed, then you can charge your laptop battery with the external one.

How to charge a laptop with an external battery charger

For doing so,

  • The battery of your laptop must be removable. 
  • The external battery must specify the brand of your laptop. 
  • It will charge your laptop’s battery directly.
  • You can connect your laptop through a little cable. 
  • This method might seem prettier, but it is risky as you can damage your laptop’s battery. So, better purchase a new charger instead of this.

Another way- 

How to charge your laptop with A Universal Charger?

Now there might be a question in your mind that what is A Universal Charger? So, it’s not rocket science. It is a charger with the capacity or capability to charge many laptops available in the market.

How to charge your laptop with A Universal Charger

I mean, it has multiple plugin options or AC Adapters like the laptop’s charger that fit into your laptop charging port. They are not very expensive though. 

You can find A Universal Charger in your Local Store or the nearest Computer accessories market. So, what if you have many laptops without chargers or have a dead laptop whose charger has been lost or broken?

You can charge it with the Universal charger. It would be best to purchase this than the new laptop charger. But always try to buy a premium one.

After a lot of information, we have shared and learned how we could miss people’s frequently asked questions? So, let’s have a brief look at them.


How to charge a laptop with phone charger or phone?

Well, this is something exciting but still available. You’d be amazed to hear that you can charge your laptop with your mobile phone. Just connect your phone with the laptop by using a cable through USB port Type C, and there will be an option to your phone like transferring files same as power transfer. You can turn that option on, and your laptop will start charging, but it will cost your mobile battery. After getting some charged, you have to charge your phone through its charger. The laptop can also be charged with a phone charger, as described in the Ac Adapter section.

Can you charge a laptop with USB?

Yes, of course, one can charge his/her laptop through the USB, as we have mentioned earlier. However, the USB port must be of C type and the recommended cables and connectors, etc. So, it will be a fast and easy way of charging a dead laptop without a charger. 

How to charge dead laptop without charger?

Well, it doesn’t matter which laptop you are using and trying to charge. If you follow our above recommendations and suggestions, you’ll defiantly charge you any laptop. But these must be capable of being charged. 

Are there other ways to charge a laptop?

Yes, there might be several ways to charge a laptop. Still, every other way rather than charging by its original charger costs a little to the laptop. So, they can’t be best than our described ones. However, still, I would love to recommend you to keep your charger with you.


I hope that you have found a lot of useful information from our today’s article. Now you have found the answer to the question about how to charge dead laptop without charger? These solutions are only recommended in case of crucial situations.

Otherwise, a man should be responsible and always take care of things before they get ugly. It’s a golden rule that we should always check our items and confirm anything left behind before going anywhere.

So, next time ask your friends to wait for a little so that you can pack your things up quickly. In fact, I would suggest you pack them up at least one day before getting out. It would be best for you. You will not face any unconvinced whether it is related to forgetting your laptop charger or anything else. I wish you the best of luck and see you in the next article soon.


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