How To Clean Laptop Mouse Pad In 7 Steps

What? What did I just hear buddy?

Your laptop’s mouse pad got dirty and you are looking for a solution to clean it? right? Well, if I grasped up your mind correctly then you do not need to be worried about anything.

Because in this comprehensive guide, I will tell you about how to clean laptop mouse pad by different methods. There is no rocket science in applying these best-recommended methods and you’ll see that you will easily be able to get your job done in no time.

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So, bring up your laptop, and it’s time to get to work. 

When Do You Need To Clean Your Laptop’s Mouse Pad Or Touchpad?

How To Clean Laptop Mouse Pad

Actually, there are some certain reasons for cleaning it and keeping it clean all the time. Suppose you have dropped a sip of coffee or tea over your laptop’s mouse pad, or maybe water or any other liquid. In this case, the liquid might go to the internal circuit of your laptop and can damage its internal hardware like processor, etc. If the liquid is in much quantity.

However, if it is in a low quantity then it might cause your laptop’s mouse pad’s keys to be stuck, may have residue over its surface, and can stop its normal working. So, one should always keep its laptop’s touchpad clean and clear because this is the most sensitive part of your laptop’s body.

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However, everyone knows a little bit or more about how to clean a laptop’s mouse pad but sometimes you need a complete guide and a good selection of some sprays or liquids for cleaning it. Because if you don’t know the exact method, you may cause any serious trouble to your laptop. But don’t panic as I am here to help you and sort this out.

Things To Remember Before Going For Cleaning:

Before you go for the cleaning process, you need to keep in mind some very important things. These are given as follows:

  • Make sure that your laptop is powered off and no type of current should be following through it.
  • Use the recommended procedures and methods and also mentioned lubricants with great care and in a reasonable amount.
  • If you damage your laptop accidentally while cleaning its mouse pad, the laptop mill won’t be responsible for that because it is you, who would be doing it for yourself. So please consider this.

Things That Would Be Needed For Cleaning:

A good cleaning of the laptop’s mouse pad must be done professionally. Moreover, for making it look like a new and proper working one, you do need to know the tools that would be the best help in this work. However, make sure that you can clean it by yourself, otherwise showing it to a laptop’s repairer won’t cost you much.

So, let’s have a look at the things that you’d be needed before you proceed with the cleaning process. 

  • A damp piece of cloth (soft cotton of soft materialistic).
  • A piece of dry cloth.
  • Some water.
  • Solution of isopropyl alcohol in 50% quantity. 
  • Window or glass cleaner.
  • You may also use some soap or detergent solution.
  • Windex degreaser.
  • Some cotton swabs for removing dust.
Keep in mind that these things have different functions in cleaning your laptop’s mouse pad. So, let’s get to the cleaning process by using each of these tools.

How To Clean Laptop Mouse Pad – The Cleaning Process

Coming towards the actual cleaning process you need to make sure that your laptop is turned off, plugged out, and completely shut down. Make sure that you are not using your laptop while cleaning it otherwise, certain damage might occur to your laptop.

Step 1 – Using dry or damp Piece of Cloth

If there is a little dust over your laptop’s mouse pad or touchpad, you can use the piece of dry cloth for removing it. If it is difficult with it, use a damp piece of cloth as this will do a trick. 

Step 2 – Using Water 

If the mouse pad is too dirty and it is not possible to remove the residue or dust with the help of a dry or damp piece of cloth then you can try some other things as well. Use water for cleaning it. Damp a piece of dry cloth with a little amount of water.

Remove all the extra water from the cloth by wringing it as it must not have water that might drop over the laptop’s surface. Because this extra water can cause your laptop’s internal hardware. 

Now take the cloth in your finger and start rubbing the laptop’s mouse pad. Use a little force for removing all the residue but not much that might break your laptop. You’ll see that the laptop touchpad will start getting cleaned.

Step 3 – Using Solution of isopropyl a*lcohol or Glass cleaner 

As you have used water and you observe that there is still a rugged amount of residue that is not removed or the laptop’s mouse pad is still oily, you can use the Solution of isopropyl a*lcohol with the same process as used in water.

You can also use a window or glass cleaner as this is being used for cleaning some other electronic devices. Just spray a little amount of it over the piece of cloth and clean your laptop touchpad. This will remove the residue or oil completely from your laptop’s body.

Step 4 – Using special lubricants 

Many laptop manufacturers stop you from cleaning your laptops with regular detergents or some other kind of cleaners available in the market. But if you observe an area over your laptop’s mouse pad that has sturdy oil build-up or some sturdy residue, you can use special lubricants for removing it such as Windex greaser or detergent solution.

Also, Mr. Clean Magic eraser is best for removing the oil from the surface. But be careful with it as you shouldn’t use it in much quantity that it might cause trouble to your laptop. 

Step 5 – Using the Cotton swabs 

Cotton swabs are also helpful in removing the hard dust around the area near your trackpad. So, you can use them as well. 

Step 6 – Its time

Now it’s time to use again a dry piece of cloth and remove all the lubricant or solutions from the trackpad surface. This will make your laptop clean

Step 7 – Let it dry

Once you have done cleaning and used a dry piece of cloth, leave the laptop alone for getting dry for some time. When you observe that it gets completely dry, you can turn it on again and check whether the mouse pad is working or not. If it is working then congratulations to you and in case it is not, it is time to go for a new one or getting it checked by any repairer.

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Things You Need To Take Care Of While Cleaning Your Laptop Mouse Pad:

  • Since you can do all the cleaning by yourself, there are some important things that you need to keep in your mind while cleaning it. These are given as follows. 
  • Do not use any kind of liquid, solution, water, lubricant directly to the surface of your laptop. Don’t drop it directly over its mouse pad as this might cause your laptop great trouble. Always prefer to use them with the help of a piece of soft cloth. 
  • Do not use bleach or some extremely harsh lubricants as they can remove the shining of your laptop’s body and make it yellowish or absurd. 
  • Keep the things away like liquid or lubricants from your laptop as you might accidentally drop any of the bottles over the laptop’s body which might be a big trouble.
  • Do not push your laptop’s mouse pad hard as you can break it. as it is too sensitive so it is not a good resistor against forces.

How To Keep Your Laptop Mouse Pad Clean In The Future:

For this, you have to take much care of your laptop and should follow some general rules of thumb that are given as follows. 

  • Use your laptop every time after washing your hand with the soap so that there shouldn’t be any oil over them.
  • Keep the laptop away from children as they are the biggest factor in making your laptop mouse pad and its surface dirty.
  • Also, use only when necessary and when you use it, clean it up every time with a dry and clean piece of cloth. Its mouse and keyboard always required a frequent cleanup.
  • Don’t eat or drink or place anything around your laptop.


I hope that now you have completely known about how to clean laptop mouse pad and after applying this process, you’d easily be able to clean it up. Just make sure you don’t damage your laptop while the rest is easy and simple to follow.

Moreover, if there are any queries, suggestions, or anything up to your mind, feel free to reach me out through the comment section. So, take care of yourself and your laptop too and see you soon with another solution to the problem. Have a nice day.


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