How To Connect Ethernet Cable To Laptop In 3 Minutes

Seems like you are having difficulty in connecting an ethernet cable to your laptop, right? This guide will help you to know how to connect ethernet cable to laptop. These days’ laptops aren’t those laptops which were leggy, bulky, time-consuming ones or lazier.

Today’s laptops are the fastest, problem solvers and yes, ultra-portables. Most of them have the latest built-in WIFI technology and also have an Ethernet port for having even faster internet than the WIFI. But some of them are sleeker and smart that they just rely on WIFI and don’t have any ethernet ports.

Well, we’ll discuss each scenario as to how you can connect an ethernet port to your laptop in both cases. So, hold a little tight, and let’s begin.

What is an Ethernet Port?

how to connect ethernet cable to pcEthernet port is a little bigger port in your laptop that lets you connect your internet directly with the computer by a cable for the fastest internet signals and a better experience. Since technology has been rapidly changing every day, so there are many types of ethernet ports available in laptops that provide signals of higher or lower bandwidths according to their capacities. 

What is an Ethernet cable and how many versions of it are available?

Basically, the wire that connects your computer directly to the LAN (Local Area Network) through a dedicated ethernet port of your laptop is called an Ethernet cable. It manages to deal with the signals all around your house including your laptop, gaming consoles, modem, router, and other readily available internet devices.

You can consider that if there is a WIFI connection, it can be interrupted by many factors such as including weather or air but an ethernet cable makes sure that you have the fastest internet connection on your laptop. It works as a direct medium between your laptop and the internet and it is far better than connecting your laptop with WIFI.

Through this, you can upload videos on YouTube, surf the web, download or stream anything that you want at a rendering speed. 

But how many versions or types of ethernet cables are available out there? Well, there are three types of ethernet ports available that will let you connect your laptop to the ethernet and conversely to the LAN.

CAT 5- these are generation 5th ethernet cables. These include some older pieces that can hold up to 100 MBs of data. But since technology has grown faster, so these are not being used to an extent.

CAT 6- These are generation 6th Ethernet cables. They are much more advanced and speedy than the CAT 5 cables. They can provide a speed of up to 1000 MBs.

CAT 7- These are generation 7th Ethernet Cables. A much upgraded and latest technology that is being used rapidly in this era. it can provide more speed even above 1000MBs. They are more durable and offer a larger lifespan which makes them something worthier to have. 

Now the question is how to connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop?

There is no rocket science or some hard and fast rules that will seem complicated but all you have to do is to follow some simple steps. Even most of you do know about connecting Ethernet cable to the laptop. But in case if you don’t, then let me help you. 

  • The first thing to do is, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your laptop which is dedicated to it, and the other end to the modem or router. It happens in most of the cases that you get access to the internet automatically and easily. However, in case it doesn’t work out, go to the next step.
  • Jumping to the next step, it seems like you are not able to connect it with your internet connection. So, let’s troubleshoot the problem.
  • Click on the Network icon or go to the network, or click Windows key + X and in network connections. After this, click on the Ethernet which is shown on the left side.
  • If you don’t see any connections here, try reconnecting the cable again, or else contact your local internet provider as this will be the best thing to do in that case. 

How to connect ethernet to your laptop, in case if it doesn’t have an ethernet port

In case if your laptop is too slim and doesn’t come with a dedicated Ethernet port, still you can connect an ethernet cable with it for the fastest internet connection. But how will this happen? Well, too easy and simple to follow.

  • In this scenario, we’ll be using Laptop’s USB Type-A port or its Type C port for connecting an Ethernet cable with it. 
  • For this, you’ll have to buy a Gigabit Ethernet Adapter separately. Once you have got this, plug this into your laptop’s Type C port if it’s C-type and A port if it is A-type. Now on the other side, plug Category 6 or 5e ethernet cable into the adapter’s other port for connecting your laptop to the internet through an ethernet cable. 
  • These adapters are also quite tricky and pretty impressive in providing faster data transmission by using the Internet. 

Summing Things Up…

So, you saw how it is too easy to know how to connect an Ethernet cable to a laptop. I hope that the information has helped you a lot whether you are dealing with a laptop having an ethernet port or not. Now, you can reach me out through the comment box, in case you have any queries or want to add something. Until you come up with something new and meaningful, take care of yourself and have a good life. Stay tuned.


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