How To Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard To Computer?

Grabbing up your thoughts, let me guess, are you looking for how to connect Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to computer? If you do then do not look further as you are at the right solution. 

This is an obvious thing that technology has left no stone unturned in providing our day-to-day necessities, innovations, and gadgets for making our lives free from complications. Like, take a look at your computer’s desk, doesn’t it look like a messy one with wires around everywhere and you even can’t move its part from one place to another?

Of course, this is an absurd feeling that somebody like you or me can feel. That’s why, these days there are many wireless monitors, mouse, and keyboards available that don’t need any wire to connect with your computer and you can operate them from anywhere sitting in the room.

But sometimes it becomes difficult for us to connect these devices with the computer and make them useful. And as I said above, that if I am not wrong, you are facing the same situation with your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. Don’t you? 

So, let’s solve your worry and make this happen so that you can easily connect your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to your computer in this brief guide. But before connecting it, let’s have a look at what these Logitech Bluetooth keyboards are and know a little more about these wireless keyboards. 

What are Logitech Bluetooth Keyboards?

How To Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard To Computer

Since the keyboards are becoming wireless, flexible, and portable, so Logitech, which is one of the best Wireless keyboards manufacturing companies, is providing us these best quality Bluetooth keyboards. The keyboards work without any wire connection and transfer the signals to your computer with the help of radiofrequency waves if these are working with a small USB receiver.

However, if a wireless keyboard works with Bluetooth, you can easily connect it with your computer through the Bluetooth option. There are many wireless keyboards available that provide the versatility to connect with your Desktop PC, MacBook, Chromebook, or even android. And, the mobility to use them anywhere anytime within the limited connectivity range.

How many types of Logitech keyboards are available? 

As I said, there are many wireless keyboards available out there but Logitech offers different versions in its own entire wireless keyboards range. Some best of them are named as follows.

Moreover, if you haven’t bought a wireless keyboard specially made by Logitech and in case if you wanna buy, you can get yours from Amazon by clicking over the keyboards name or you can buy them from your nearest tech store.

Keyboard ModelConnectivitySize Price
Logitech MX KeysWireless Full-size (100%)
Check Price On Amazon
Logitech K380WirelessCompact (65%) Check Price On Amazon
Logitech k270WirelessFull-size (100%) Check Price On Amazon
Logitech k520WirelessFull-size (100%) Check Price On Amazon
Logitech k350WirelessFull-size (100%) Check Price On Amazon
Logitech G915WirelessFull-size (100%) Check Price On Amazon
Logitech k480WirelessCompact (65%) Check Price On Amazon
Logitech mk700WirelessFull-size (100%) Check Price On Amazon

These are all best in their own ways and offer different features and compatibility while being connected to your laptop, Desktop PC or computer, any windows operating system, Mac OS or Chrome OS. So, let’s get to the point and find how to connect a Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard to the computer.

But, as our topic is only concerned with connecting a Bluetooth keyboard with only to the computer so, I will let you know completely about it. However, you’d also need to specify whether you are connecting a Logitech keyboard with Bluetooth or a USB receiver. 

How to connect Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to computer

Logitech keyboards like k480 usually don’t come with a USB receiver so that it might block one of your computer or laptop’s USB ports. It has a built-in Bluetooth connection technology that requires you to directly connect it with your computer, PS, IOS, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and guess what? Also, android.

This one or its other versions with Bluetooth connections provide you great compatibility and ease for connecting them with your laptop or any device. However, if you have got a Logitech keyboard with a USB Unifying receiver, then the process for connecting it with your desktop computer might be a little different but you can’t connect them with the android or tablets.

Therefore, we’ll cover both of these in this article. So, without wasting time, let’s begin the conversation.

The process for connecting a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to computer: 

  • First of all, get a tutorial or a guide about your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to know how it operates?
  • Now bring your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and check it out to find, whether it has a pre-installed battery or a perfectly working one or not. In case, if it doesn’t have, put a new battery into it and bring it to work. However, if you need to recharge it, plug it in and let it recharge for a while you can use it.
  • The next thing to do is to turn the keyboard upside down, find power on the button and turn it on. You’ll see an indicator light when the keyboard will be working.
  • Now, on the front, you’ll find two buttons as one named with PC and the other with I. You can connect this keyboard with Android, Windows, or Chrome OS by clicking on the PC button. However, with the I button you can connect it with Mac OS or IOS. Note that you may find these buttons or features somewhere else on the other Logitech keyboards but they all operate the same as I am telling you in this tutorial.
  • As you are going to connect it with the computer so click on the PC button and hold it for 3 seconds. You’ll see that an indicator light will start blinking at a great speed. Now put the keyboard over the table and get yourself focused on the computer.
  • Find the Bluetooth option or icon on your computer and do the same things as mentioned. Click on Bluetooth> turn it on if it is not> click on show Bluetooth devices by right click on the icon or find the option from Bluetooth pop-up menu> click on add Bluetooth or other devices options> choose the option mentioned with keyboards, pen, etc. connections> press it and you will see your keyboard name on the screen. 
  • Now press the keyboard name and after a little process, you’ll see a pin on the screen. You have to put that pin on your keyboard to connect it. 
  • Dial the pin on your keyboard and press enter. Now your device is ready to go and perfectly connected with your computer. 
  • Now open a text document and start to type something with your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. You will see that you are all set to go. 
  • Moreover, there is a button on the keyboard that allows you to connect it with more than one device at a time and you can type over multiple files. 

How to connect a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard with Unifying USB adapter

Sometimes your keyboard comes with a Bluetooth USB adapter that you have to put into your laptop’s one of the USB ports for connecting it with your computer. So, let’s take a look at this brief process. 

  • The checking process with the battery is the same as described above.
  • Now take that unifying USB adapter and put it into one of your computer’s USB slots. If your window is compatible, it will automatically install the necessary drivers for making the keyboard workable. However, if it doesn’t, you can install software or related drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Also make sure that you are working on the latest version of the windows like windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. 
  • Once you have done with the necessary drivers or software, you need to turn your Logitech keyboard on by the same process we discussed above.
  • Connect it and type some test text for testing whether it is connected with your computer or not. 
  • Once you have done this part, you’ll see that your keyboard will start working perfectly with the computer. You are all set to go but mostly you can connect your keyboard with the first method as it is an easy way to do except looking for the software or relative drivers.

My Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is not working or connecting with the computer, what’s the matter? 

Well, in some cases, users may find difficulty in connecting the Bluetooth keyboard with the computer like they may see an error, or may not have installed the proper drivers, or also may not have a name of their keyboard on the computer’s screen.

In these situations, you don’t need to worry about anything as the things are easier to follow and less complicated to consider. You have to do the following things. 

  • Make sure that everything is working fine. The keyboard must be on, the battery must be charged up to date. Computers Bluetooth must be on and all the measures should be taken before connecting it. 
  • Also, specify whether your computer has installed the necessary drivers or not. In case if it doesn’t have them, do update the drivers or install new ones. Once you did it try to connect it again with the keyboard.
  • In case you aren’t able to connect, call for an operator or visit the nearest repair center. You’ll have your solution.


I hope that now you have completely known how to Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Computer. Just specify the keyboard and follow the standard procedures for connecting it with your computer. However, let me know if you have liked the information, have any kind of queries, or want to suggest something.

So, take care of yourself and see you soon with another great idea. Until then Good Luck.


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