How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

In this modern world, you can imagine how difficult it would be to have some free time. And if you have got some time to keep yourself free from the worries of the world you would looking for some fun. In this digital world, you will choose to play games to spend your leisure time.

However, if you are unable to find a game with good graphic quality then go for Nintendo switch. It is a small portable gaming gadget. But the question arises that how to connect Nintendo switch to laptop or any other electrical equipment to enjoy the game.

If you are facing any problem like that then keep calm and read this article with open eyes. Because in this article I am going to explain the complete process that how you can connect Nintendo switch to your laptop.

Things Needed To Connect Switch To Laptop

Nintendo Switch can be connected to a laptop. However, if you ask connecting Nintendo switch to laptop without the help of any external material, then the answer is “Huge No”. The reason is that laptops usually come with only one type-C HDMI-out port and the Nintendo switch needs two type-C ports. Nevertheless, you can still connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop by using some external assistance.

For connection to the Nintendo Switch, you will need the following things.

  • Nintendo switch 
  • Video capture card
  • HDMI cable
  • Video capture software

Nintendo Switch: 

Nintendo Switch is a small tablet-like gaming instrument. Always try to buy the official Nintendo switch that comes with console. However, if you can’t afford to buy that then use the conventional Nintendo switch console.

Video capture card:

You will need the capture card to get your job done with ease. The capture card is used to catch up with high-resolution video streaming or games from PS4 or WIFI-devices. Buy one capture card according to your budget. Some of the capture cards available in the market are as under.

  • Elgato capture cards: Elgato has a wide variety of capture cards from HD60 to HD60 S and HD60 pro. HD60 S is most common among gamers and beginners due to its features of supporting high-resolution video games it does not show any disruption in footage and also has some features of time-shift.
  • AVerMedia capture cards: These are also smart capture cards and second to none. Some of its versions available in the market are Live Ultra Gamer-GC553 and C985 Live Ultra Gamer.

These video capture cards have the features of 4K recording, 4K 60fps passthrough, HRD recording and passthrough, High frame recording, and 1080 60fps, etc. Usually, these HDMI capture cards come into the market in various prices ranging from 150-200 US dollars. These prices are according to their quality and performance. You can buy one according to your budget.

HDMI cable: 

This is another important material for the connection of the Nintendo switch with a laptop. Because it connects the laptop with a capture card and Nintendo switch. However, the quality of the HDMI cable should be up to the mark for proper working.

Video capturing software: 

Video capturing software is compulsory for the running of games and showing them onto the screen. You can download or buy any good video capturing software. Some of the attractive video capturing software is OBS Studio and Stream Deck. These are the most sought out software in the modern age amongst gamers.

The last thing that you will need is a laptop to complete the procedure.

Procedure For The Connection Of Nintendo Switch

If you have completed all the above requirements then you can start the procedure.

Step#1 Disconnect the Nintendo switch if it is already connected with any monitor or TV

Step#2 Now insert the HDMI cable of a switch into the HDMI in-port of the video capture card. Keep one thing in mind that everything should be done in sequence and make sure that all steps are being done with complete surety.

Step#3 Start the video capture software that you have already installed on your laptop and turn off the switch just by operating the home button on the controller. 

Step#4 Take the help of a USB to connect the video capture card with a laptop. After the successful connection of the capture card, the video capture software will confirm it on the laptop screen.

Step#5 Now turn ON the game and switch to full-screen mode. Then your footage will be visible on the laptop screen.

Cheers! You have successfully connected the Nintendo switch to your laptop. And you can enjoy playing the games on your laptop as you were playing on TV or monitor.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Computer?

If you don’t have a laptop, you can connect a switch to a computer. Here the question arises that how to connect the Nintendo switch to a computer. If you are thinking of connecting the Nintendo switch to your computer without a video capture card then you are wrong.

However, you can connect a Nintendo switch to a computer by using an HDMI video capture card. The reason is that the computer also has a single type-C out port so, there is a need for an in-port for the connection. Therefore, you will have to repeat the process of connecting the Nintendo switch to your laptop.

After repeating the exact process, you will be able to connect Nintendo switch to your computer. The second question is how to connect Nintendo switch controller to pc?

The answer is simple just plug the switch controller cable into the computer’s USB-C type port and that’s it. You are done with it. Now you can continue playing the games on your PC as you were playing on the TV screen.

Related Questions

Some of the common questions asked by the users are as follows.

How can I connect Nintendo switch to laptop by using HDMI card?

Nintendo switch has HD gameplay features and you can connect it to your laptop with the help of an HDMI capture card. The complete process is explained in the above article you can take the help of the article for performing steps of connection.

Can I connect Nintendo switch to laptop without HDMI capture card?

Many people ask that how to connect Nintendo switch to laptop without HDMI capture card. The answer is” NO” you cannot connect the switch without an HDMI capture card. Because 99% of laptops come with only one USB-C type out-port.

In the case of a Nintendo switch, there is a need for an in-port as well so you will have to buy a capture card to connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop. However, the exception is there in case if the in-port facility is available on a laptop.

How can I connect Nintendo switch to computer?

Nintendo Switch can be connected to a computer as well by using an HDMI capture card. The complete process of connection is given in the article you can read it carefully to do your job.

Should I need to buy a new Nintendo dock?

No, if you are already using one for your TV then you can use it for your laptop as well. However, if you don’t have one then you can buy from the market according to your choice and budget.

Final Words

You can play video games on your laptop, computer, and MacBook. But the HD resolution games are available in the Nintendo Switch console. You will have to purchase it if you haven’t got one.

However, if you already have one then you can use it. The complete connection process is very easy but you should take care of all the steps while making the connection. You should gather all the required material such as a Nintendo Switch dock, Video capture card, and HDMI cable.

After performing all the steps of the connection, you will be able to enjoy high-resolution games on the device you have got.


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