How To Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen In 2021 | 6 Easy Steps

If your laptop screen is broken, it doesn’t mean that your laptop is useless. It can be repaired. If you are worried about it, stay calm because, in this article, I will tell you some easy steps that will show you How to fix a cracked laptop screen

A personal laptop always has those files and documents that you don’t want to delete or replace. The first thing that always comes to your mind is fixing my cracked laptop screen to save your data from being wasted and saving your money.

If you take your laptop to a repairer, he will charge $80-300 to repair or replace the laptop screen. But you can fix or replace it by yourself just by following some simple steps. It will save both your time and money.

How To Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen

The best way of fixing the broken laptop screen is to replace it with a new one. If your laptop’s damaged screen is covered in the warranty, do not repair or replace it yourself. Instead, get repaired in warranty. And if it is not being covered in the contract, then you can improve it. For this purpose, you need to follow the given steps that I will tell you now.

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How To Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen

Complete inspection before replacement; you need to make sure that you inspect your laptop thoroughly. If the graphic card is damaged or dead, then your replacement will be useless. For this purpose, you can plug the TV into your laptop. If it is working, then check for the keyboard and other components of your laptop. If all the other ingredients are functioning correctly, you can proceed to the next step to replace your laptop screen.

1.   Replacement tools and new screen

After a thorough inspection of your broken laptop, the second step is to find out some tools needed to replace your broken laptop screen and the suitable screen that you will be using as the replacement of the broken one.

Some of the tools that you’ll need are listed below.

  • Flat area for proper working.
  • Needle or some safety pin for the removal of the stickers.
  • Magnetic head screwdriver for easier removal of small screws from the laptop as they will stick to a magnet.
  • Thin plastic or any other light and stiff material which will help in separating the screen from the laptop.
  • Small cup or a bowl to keep the screws safe.

You can buy a new screen from the manufacturer or wholesale dealer, which usually costs $50-250. But suppose you want the exact one that you were already using. In that case, you need to remove the broken one and take it to the manufacturer for the actual copy.

1.   Removal of screen rim

For the removal of the screen, you need to unplug the AC and remove the battery first. Then it would help if you sifted through the laptop around the net. Usually, laptops contain some transparent rims around the screen. 

To fix the broken screen, you will be removing those rims carefully with needle or safety pins. After the removal of rubber bezels, you will see some screws that are holding the screen. Remove those screws with the help of the screwdriver to separate the broken laptop screen.

Some laptops contain cushions that hide the screws, and others don’t even have screws. There may be a rubber tape of some hooks holding the screen, so; you need to be careful while removing the screen because it may harm the other components of the laptop. Some laptops have a metal trim that holds the screen from both sides.

To remove the screen, you need a thin plastic or metal knife. Separate the rims carefully to clear the screen.

1.   Removing the damaged screen

After successfully removing the screws and the rims around the screen, you have now reached the final step of removing the broken laptop screen. You need to remove the broken screen gently and separate all the cables with a bit of force. Just keep in mind the position of the screen in which it was placed. The correct insertion of the new screen needs to replace the broken laptop screen.

1.   Insertion of the new screen

After the complete removal of the broken laptop screen, now it’s time for laptop screen replacementKeeping in mind the previous screen’s position, place the incorrect screen position and re-attach the cables carefully. Then reverse the removal procedure and, first of all, but the rims on the screen and tighten the screws to hold the net in place.

Be careful about the edges of the screen and place it so that it fits in place.

Make sure you have set the panel in the correct position with the right dimensions. Now you are almost done with the laptop screen replacement procedure.

1.   Testing of the new screen

Now you are ready to test your newly installed screen. Reconnect the battery and plug-in AC and start your engine. If the display appears, it means you are done now. Ensure that all the rims and external screws are attached and attached if any of the screws or edge remains. With this step, the procedure of replacement of the broken laptop screen is completed.

But keep one thing in mind that the complete replacement process you are undertaking is at your own risk. No one will be responsible for your damage so, work properly with full attention.

I hope that if you follow the steps mentioned above, you will not face any difficulty, and your work will be done with convenience. Secondly, you will be saving many dollars that you would have given to the repairer if you have taken your laptop to him. You will also gain some experience from this, and in the future, it will be beneficial for you.

Repair of laptop screen without replacement

Sometimes the damage is a small one, and you can repair your laptop screen without replacing it. There can be problems with the display or some small crack that are easy to repair. The first thing you need to find out is the reason for the damage; it can be due to excess pressure, extended time of closed atmosphere, hasty opening and closing of laptop or due to the internal problems such as motherboard, video cables or exposure to the high intensity of light. Some issues that can be solved by just repairing are explained here.

  • To fix the small cracks in the laptop screen, you can use sticky materials such as adhesives to hold such material, such as panels and screens.
  • Display damage can be due to the backlight. It creates an obstacle that hinders the visibility of the light. To repair the laptop display damage, you need to reach out to the switches near the hinges and unstick those latches causing the display problem.
  • The solid white display may occur due to the connection of cables between screen and board, and you can fix it by just making a reliable connection of cables after opening the laptop.
  • Pixel problem is another kind of problem that can occur, and it is due to the damage in pixels of the laptop screen.

In the above cases, you don’t need to replace the laptop screen. Instead, it would help if you repaired it with some easy techniques. But for this, you should examine your laptop thoroughly to see the problem and the cause of the problem then you will be able to work on that properly. It will bring an excellent result for you.

How Can I Fix My Broken Laptop Screen?

There are many ways to repair the broken laptop screen, but the most child’s play way is to replace it with a new one. However, it will cost you some money. But if you want to do it by yourself, then you can experiment with it. And the guidelines about it are provided in the above discussion.

How Can I Repair My Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

You can repair or replace the laptop screen. But it depends upon the extent of the problem. Suppose there are problems with display damage or blurred screen. In that case, you can repair these problems by just following the instructions given in the article. And if the problem is more significant than that, the only option then will be the replacement.

What Is The Best Way To Fix The Small Cracks In The Screen?

Many different ideas work in fixing the small cracks in the screen. You can use sticky materials such as adhesives that are used for such kinds of optical materials. You can also install a plastic sheet on your laptop screen. It will make sure that no further damage is done.


With such comprehensive and keen information on how you can fix your cracked laptop screen, I believe this article could be helpful. The best way is to take it to the repairer and if you want to do it by yourself, follow the simple steps described in this article.

Please let us know with the comments in the comment box if there is something to add more. We’ll glad to hear from you. So, take care of yourself and let’s see you with question.


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