A Tutorial On How To Get More RAM On A Laptop?

Have you observed busy hours and leggings when you open multiple programs on your laptop? If yes, and your system is getting sluggish day by day, it means its memory is the problem.

So, today, in this article. I will let you know how to get more RAM on a laptop if the only thing that causes this problem is low RAM capacity?

However, it is also true that there could be several other factors to look for if your laptop or PC is getting slower. Like, there might be heating issues and low quality/frequency processors, etc. But the most frequent, basic reason, and solution to tackle these lagging problems is to upgrade your laptop’s RAM. 

Nevertheless, it is too important to know whether your system supports an additional RAM? Will it be worth it? Is it compatible? And how to do so if you are going to do so? Plus, a lot more questions might be appearing in your mind. 

So, take a deep breath and relax as you are finally in the right place and you are on the way to your solution.

How to get more RAM on a laptop?

How to get more RAM on a laptop

To achieve the right solution, it is necessary whether you have located the problem correctly or not. Therefore, do not worry as we are here to help you to find out the issue. And to provide the best solution to resolve it.

Coming onto that, below are the signs and symptoms you will notice if there is any kind of low RAM issue with your laptop.

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Be Attentive:

  • If your computer’s window is freezing for like 3-4 minutes, or your chrome begins to work slowly. Then at first go and check your computer with antivirus. If the problem remains constant, then there might be a problem with your laptop RAM
  • While turning on your computer, you usually hear a loud beep. This indicates that your computer has recognized your hardware. But unfortunately, if you don’t hear the loud beep, then sorry! Because you may have some RAM problems
  • Are your data files getting corrupted? Aren’t you able to download any kind of file smoothly? If yes, then pay attention to your RAM storage
  • If your computer is facing crashes randomly and without any reason, then you need to check the RAM of your laptop

However, also remember that sometimes, due to excessive dirt inside your laptop. The RAM stops working and gives you different kinds of errors. So, if you are facing any error related to RAM. Then you should go for a service to your laptop. Give it a complete clean-up from dirt and you will definitely see some good results.

How to get more RAM on my laptop?

Since you’ve read some basic symptoms that can make you aware whether you need more RAM on your laptop or not. Hence, if you figure out that the actual problem is basically low RAM storage. Then don’t worry, because there are several ways to get more RAM on a laptop. Below I am going to briefly describe some of them. Therefore, sit tight, and let’s get this thing done.

How to increase RAM using virtual memory?

It is an obvious and good practice to try the cheapest and the most compatible way to get the solution to your problem. So simply, if you don’t want to buy a new hard drive. But at the same time, you want to increase your RAM. Then you can use virtual memory. Virtual memory uses some space on your hard disk drive. And this will increase the RAM storage of your laptop.

To increase the RAM using Virtual memory, follow the steps given below:

  • First, right-click on This PC and visit the properties
  • Click on advanced setting options and press the performance setting

Click on advanced setting options and press the performance setting


Step 2

You will see a button “change”, Go and press it

You will see a button change, Go and press it

  • A virtual memory window pops up
  • Simply click on Customize size and select the size according to your will

step 3

  • The terminology applied here is like this. Imagine if you select 2GB. It will extend your virtual memory RAM to 2GB and will decrease 2GB from your hard disk. A simple and easy thing to do.
  • Now, restart your computer and you will see the increased RAM from the properties of your computer.

Congratulations! You have more RAM on your laptop now and this will make your computer perform fast and well. Remember that this will make your hard drive much slower than RAM.

How to increase RAM by up-gradation?

This is one of the best ways to increase the RAM of your Laptop. But this process requires you to have prior knowledge regarding your laptop’s model and its maximum RAM’s holding capacity. It is better to buy the RAM with the same shape and size memory module as your laptop has, to get good results!

Figuring this out, like how much you can upgrade your laptop’s RAM is very easy. Also, you will be able to know whether you can upgrade it or not? For this, you can search for your laptop model and brand information online or ask the relative support assistance.

Either, you can visit a nearby computer or laptop repairing store. The laptop expert will give you better information regarding making an upgrade. 

However, if you are already aware to what capacity you can update the RAM of your laptop and you’ve bought the dedicated RAM for it. Then Carrying out the following steps you will be able to upgrade the RAM of your laptop:

  • Initially, you have to click the start menu, then go to the control panel and check the system information to get your laptop’s processors, model, and RAM regarding information.
  • Hopefully, you are fully aware of your laptop’s requirements now, and it is time to buy RAM. Remember, do order the RAM according to your laptop’s model and memory size.
  • Got your RAM? WOW! Now, it is time to install it. Shut down your laptop for this purpose.
  • Okay, open up your memory panel and fix your memory module in it.
  • Put the battery back into it and turn on your laptop with the excitement of watching increased RAM!
  • Click the control panel and check your laptop’s memory from the settings. It will be upgraded for sure! 

That’s it. Bravo! You have increased your RAM by using the simplest and much easier method.

How to increase RAM by using a USB drive?

Another best route to increase the RAM of your computer is by using a USB drive.

So, for this, undertake the following measures to achieve your goal:

  • Plug your USB device into its place
  • Right after that click the start menu and open file explorer
  • Open This PC and from there select your USB device
  • Open properties of the computer and press the “Ready Boost” option
  • There will be a checkbox named” use this device” you have to mark it yes
  • Click apply and then ok

You can use this method to get additional RAM. After following the above-mentioned steps, unplug the USB drive and go back to the Ready boost menu if you want to use it as RAM again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we increase the maximum RAM capacity of the motherboard? 

The answer is NO. Maximum RAM capacity is fixed but you can upgrade your motherboard to get more RAM.

Can I increase the RAM just by installing any software?

No, it is quite impossible. You can’t do so.

Will more RAM make my computer run fast?

Low RAM hinders the ability of a computer to work fast. So, a better RAM will help your laptop to run as fast as your CPU is capable.


I hope that after reading the information provided here, you’ve successfully known how to get more RAM on a laptop. The process could be a little tricky and sometimes you’d have to do it externally. But updating RAM is not as difficult as you might be thinking.

Just make sure that whether your laptop is compatible with new or more RAM? Can you update it? How much will it cost to update a RAM? A little more information. Then go for the actual increment of memory.

However, if you feel like you have more queries to ask and information to add, Please! let me know through the comments.

Hence, this was all for today. Take much care of yourself, and let’s see you on another great topic.

Have a good day. 

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