How To Increase RAM On A laptop For Free?

Do you find yourself regularly using up all your laptop’s RAM and then having to close programs to make room for new ones?

Do you ever feel like your laptop is sluggish and could use a speed boost?

If so, you may be able to increase the RAM on your laptop for free! We’ll show you how to do just that. And here is a guide on how to increase RAM on a laptop for free without having to purchase an expensive new memory module.

How to increase RAM on a laptop for free?

Having enough RAM can be very important. When your memory keeps running out, your laptop will start slowing down dramatically. Below you will find the steps to increase your laptop’s RAM for free!

  1. Look up your laptop’s specifications. Using a program such as CPU-Z or visiting the manufacturer’s website will do the trick. This will tell you how much RAM your laptop has and what type it is.
  2. Find out how much memory your computer can take. You may be able to find out this information online or by contacting the manufacturer. Most laptops can only handle up to 8GB of RAM, so it is important to find this information before moving on.
  3. Purchase and install new memory modules. If your laptop can handle more than 8GB of RAM, you will need to purchase two 4GB modules to reach the maximum amount of memory possible. Be sure to get the right type of RAM for your computer.
  4. Open the laptop’s cover and remove the old memory modules. This can be done by releasing the clips that hold them in place.
  5. Insert the new modules into the empty slots. Before proceeding, ensure the modules are properly seated.
  6. Close the laptop’s cover and power it on. You should now see more available RAM for your programs!

That’s it! You can now enjoy a boost of RAM on your laptop for free. This is a great way to speed up a slow computer and Windows will handle the new modules automatically.

There are a few ways that you can increase the amount of RAM on your laptop for free. One way is to use a software tool like CCleaner to clear out old files and unused programs from your computer’s memory. You can also use a program like Razer Cortex to optimize your computer’s settings for better performance. Finally, you can add more RAM to your laptop if it has an open slot.

Adding more RAM is often the best way to improve your laptop’s performance, as it gives your computer more memory to work with. If your laptop has an open RAM slot, you can purchase some additional memory and install it yourself. Alternatively, you can visit a nearby computer shop and have technicians do it for you.

CCleaner is a program that can delete temporary files, clear out your browser’s cookies, and clean various other debris from your computer. This operation frees up some space on your computer’s hard drive to allow for increasing RAM.

The Razer Cortex gaming tool can be used to optimize the settings of any game you are playing. Doing so will often improve your laptop’s performance considerably, allowing you to run games that require more resources than usual.

If none of these options work for you, then you may need to purchase additional RAM for your laptop or replace old hardware with newer components. If this is the case, take your laptop into a shop and have them install new RAM for you; they can also help you choose which type of RAM to get.

Another way to make the most of your PC’s RAM is by using a memory management program like Memory Cleaner. This program clears out inactive memory and makes more space for active programs, which can improve performance and boost your computer’s speed.

How to increase PC RAM from 4GB to 8GB for free?

You can’t increase your PC’s RAM for free. However, there are a few ways to get more value out of the RAM you already have.

One way to maximize your PC’s RAM is by using a 64-bit operating system. A 64-bit OS can use more than 4GB of RAM, so if you’re running a 32-bit OS, upgrading to a 64-bit OS will allow you to take advantage of all the memory your PC has to offer.

How to increase RAM on a PC?

There are a few things you can do in order to increase the amount of RAM on your PC. One option is to add more RAM sticks to your computer. Another option is to upgrade your current RAM sticks to a higher capacity. You can find out how much RAM your computer can support by checking the documentation or contacting the manufacturer. If you’re not sure how to do this, there are a number of online tutorials that can help.

Another way to increase your PC’s RAM is by using a software tool like ReadyBoost. This tool uses a USB flash drive to boost the amount of available RAM. It’s important to note that ReadyBoost won’t work with memory less than 256MB.

How to free up RAM?

It’s a question that’s asked a lot, and with good reason. RAM is one of the most important things for a computer to have, as it helps keep everything running smoothly. But sometimes your system can start to run low on RAM, especially if you’re running a lot of programs at once.

So what can you do to free up some extra RAM? Here are a few tips:

  1. Close any unnecessary programs.

If you’re not using a program, close it! This will free up some valuable RAM.

  1. Delete unwanted files or folders.

If you have any files or folders that you don’t need anymore, delete them! Your hard drive will become more space-efficient and some RAM will be released.

  1. Stop any programs from running in the background.

While you’re not actively using some programs, they may run in the background. You can check for these sorts of programs by going to “Task Manager” (on Windows) or “Activity Monitor” (on Mac). End any unnecessary tasks that are currently running, as this will release a lot of memory on your computer.

  1. Clear out your Recycle Bin/Trash bin or Downloads folder regularly!

If you have a file with a temporary name saved in either one of these places, it’s taking up space without serving a purpose. Make sure you clean out both of these folders regularly so that you can free up some extra room.

  1. Upgrade your RAM.

This may be a last resort, but if your computer is really struggling to keep up with all of your programs, you may want to consider upgrading your RAM. This will give your computer more breathing room and help it run more smoothly.


Increasing your laptop’s RAM does not cost anything and it should speed up your laptop considerably! You may even be able to run more programs at the same time. Simply follow these steps, and you’ll have a faster laptop in no time!

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