How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max?

Hi gorgeous people, it’s your guide Edward here, and today, I am gonna teach you how to make laptop screen brighter than max? Maybe you are on the same query and have lifted your asses because you want something extra brighter than usual on your laptop, right?

Well, I am just supposed to add a little sarcasm here because that’s natural and we can’t stick to something purely natural. We always have a stink to make the most from everything. That’s why let’s do the same in today’s specific piece of content.

On some extremely brighter days, even brightness of 100% looks low and you want for yourself to have more vibrant colors of everything that you are seeing or exploring on the laptop’s screen. These days, most devices including laptops, mobiles, 2 in 1 laptop, or tablets are coming with an automatic brightness adjustment feature.

It means the device can automatically adjust its brightness according to the environment in which it is exposed. But still, if it is not bright enough brighter, you can adjust to ultra-mood for a more realistic experience. However, how to do so? Will your laptop offer this versatility?

What type of Windows operating system has this kind of features and many more questions might be circulating in your mind. Therefore, don’t worry because we are gonna solve all of them one by one. 

 A guide on how to make laptop screen brighter than max?

a guide on how to make your laptop screen brighter than max

Suppose you’ve reached the maximum level of brightness which is 100% but still some things are not that clear or you are stuck on some kind of videos or images that are gloomy. In this case, you can apply some measurements for having a little clearer view. There is a manual way for doing this and also there are many apps available that will help you in increasing your laptop’s screen brightness maximum than usual. 

The first thing that you need to do is to find the keys on your laptop containing brightness icons like the sun. It may be somewhere between all the function keys from F1 to F12. When you get these keys with a sun icon, you can maximize or minimize your laptop’s screen brightness. This is also helpful if you are using tablets or any kind of laptop with any operating system like Windows 10, 8, 8.1, or 7.

Moreover, if you are using Windows 10 on your laptop, there is another good and easiest way for doing this. Go to the Action Center of your laptop which is available at the right side of your taskbar> now you’ll see a slider there that will let you change your laptop’s screen brightness easily. 

However, if you have a MacBook, you can do this by clicking on System Menu>Apple Menu option for setting display brightness. But in case, if these options are still not brighter enough, here are some other things to follow. 

How to adjust display brightness in case of a monitor with Windows 10?

Monitor has a whole panel of different settings that allows you to perform different actions on its screen. But adjusting the brightness is very common and easy to do. For doing this, open the menu by using the buttons given at the bottom of your screen. Now you can use the buttons again to flash the menu. Here you can set your desired level of brightness. 

How can you maximize your laptop screen using apps?

There are many apps available that let you maximize your laptop’s screen brightness at maximum level. Apps like f.lux and Lemin App with CF etc. will make you customize your laptop’s brightness with different levels of brightness and on the situations like including time or the place, wherever you are. 

Also, if it is a MacBook, there is another app named Brightness slider that will do the job. It lets you control your laptop’s brightness from the menu bar and also allows you to customize the dimensions of your laptop. It provides a safer environment under a natural brightness level which is less harmful to your eyes. 

Making your laptop’s screen brightness at maximum level by using the Calibration wizard

If you are on a laptop with a Windows 10 operating system, you’ll have an option of calibration wizard for adjusting its screen brightness to the maximum level. For doing this, follow the below-given procedure,

  • Click on Start button> Settings> System> then Display
  • Drag until you see an option of “Advanced display Setting“. 
  • Now, click on the display hyperlink option. This will lead you to a pop-up menu. There you will have to click on the Color Management option. Click next, and you’ll have another pop-up Window.
  • Click on the Advanced tab option then go to the bottom of the laptop’s Window. There you’ll see the Display Calibration option. Click the Calibrate display and now you can easily adjust your laptop’s screen brightness. 

How to do this in the case of Desktop Monitor?

How to do this in the case of Desktop Monitor

If you have a desktop monitor with Windows 10 and you want to adjust its display by using display calibration, you can do this by doing the following. 

  • Click on Start button> Settings> Systems> Display> Advanced display settings> Adaptor properties
  • Now click on the calibrate display option under the color management button. 

Unless you have a MacBook, the procedure is the same for several desktops or laptops out there. But in the case of the MacBook. You can calibrate the display as follows.

  • Click on System preferences then display then color and then calibrate. So simple and easy as here you can adjust the brightness at a more profound level. 

How to turn off and on the automatic brightness level option in your laptop

Since, you can turn off and, on your laptop’s, automatic brightness level. So here is a brief guide to it. 

  • Click on the Start Button> Control panel> hardware and sound> Power option
  • Click on display plan> change plan setting
  • Now you can move the slider to adjust your desired level of brightness and the automatic feature will be turned off.


How to make a laptop screen brighter than max Windows 7?

Usually, in Windows 7, this option is available in the control panel. You can open the control panel and adjust the screen brightness at your desired level from the display and screen brightness option. Or else you can do so by clicking on the battery icon that is appearing on the right side of the taskbar. 

How to make the computer screen brighter using the keyboard?

Using the keyboard, press the Windows icon+ A option. You’ll have an Action center, from where you can drag the slider for adjusting your desired level of brightness. Moreover, you can also do this by using Sun icons mentioned on your laptop’s keyboard function keys. 

Is it possible to increase the brightness of my laptop screen beyond the max settings?

Well if there is an urge to speak honestly, there is no max level for screen brightness except its being on 100%. However, yes some apps may bring a little more or less difference in the level of your laptop’s screen brightness, but you can’t go beyond 100%. I hope that you get it. 

Final saying

I hope that being your lovely host, I have solved the issue regarding how to make laptop screen brighter than max in this article. And I do hope that the information will satisfy you. However, if you have any more queries or want to add something, please let me know through the comment section.

So, this is all about today, we shall meet soon with another important thing to learn. Until then, take care of yourself and stay blessed. Have a nice day.


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