5 Ways | How To Remove Scratches From Aluminum Laptop

What? What am I, hearing dude?

Did you get scratches on your recently purchased brand new laptop which is made up of aluminum?

Or are you having them for a quite long time?

Of course, man, I know the problem and that’s why you are looking for: how to remove scratches from aluminum laptop. Right?

Well, all I would like to say is to not panic and take a chill pill, because I’ve brought an A to Z solution in this guide for removing every little or bigger absurd scratch from your laptop. You’ll see the appearance of your laptop as it will start looking like more than a new one for this time.

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So, let’s just do this.

How To Remove Scratches From Aluminum Laptop

How To Remove Scratches From Aluminum Laptop

Things to know about aluminum laptops

Laptops are the most important and most advanced inventions of this era. Day by day they are getting much more expensive and their quality is also improving to a great deal.

Today, laptops are being made from a very famous metal named Aluminum so that they don’t be so heavy to carry and their appearance must make you their fans. But as there are some certain causes too of this pretty impressive metal which is, due to uncareful usage and not keeping your laptop’s body clean, it might get scratches sometimes.

These scratches result in the bad appearance of your laptop and make its aesthetic appearance and model look into an old and absurdly one. Even your aluminum-made MacBook might have scratches too that could make it look like you’ve not cleaned it for centuries. Believe me. 

However, what if somebody tells you that there is a complete solution for it and removing them is also quite easy. Yes, you’ve heard right and that’s what we are onto today. So, hold on and keep reading with me as, in the end, all you’ll have is your brand-new laptop once again.

What Type Of Scratches Your Aluminum Laptop May Have? 

There are two types of scratches that your special aluminum-made laptop might have. These are given as follows: 

Minor scratches:

These are very mild scratches that may appear on your laptop’s aluminum body. They don’t create too much worry but you should keep your laptop clean from these minor scratches too. Some people also call them hairline scratches. They might appear when you put your wet but dirty hands on the laptop’s body or anywhere over its surface or you put something dirty itself. 

Major scratches:

Major scratches require you a little bit more attention and they are also a big worry to consider. Sometimes a major scratch doesn’t remove completely but you can do a little bit of hard work to make its appearance unfocused. It’s these major scratches that result in the appearance of your laptop to look out of appearance.

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They appear over a long-time usage of a laptop without keeping it clean. Moreover, you might have them on your laptop’s body if you scratch its surface, or put something sharp or oily or something like that. So, you should be very careful about these particular ones and always keep your laptop’s body clean and clear.

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Ways For Removing Scratches From Your Aluminum Laptop

Having scratches on your laptops is not a big worry because there are multiple ways for removing them completely out from the surface. So, let’s have a look at what we have for doing so and then I’ll explain each step to you in brief detail. 

  • By using Laptop cleaner or Scratch remover.
  • By Using Plastic Polish.
  • By Using special Metal Polish. 
  • By using Baking soda.
  • By using Toothpaste.

But before applying any method, you need to get a soft lint or stain-free piece of cloth so that it must be perfect for use with any solution. This is very important to remember otherwise, with a dirty or unusual cloth, you’ll create more scratches.

You can find this piece of cloth online or even from your home but just make sure that it is soft and clean enough to apply over the scratches. 

Before applying any method, make sure that your laptop is turned off and plugged off from the electrical wall socket. This will be safe in preventing any serious trouble. Also, use these methods carefully by taking care of your laptop’s internal hardware.

By using Laptop cleaner or Scratch remover:

For removing scratches, whether they are minor or major from your laptop that is made up of aluminum, copper brass, chrome, stainless steel, or even any metal you have to do the following things. 

  • First of all, buy a laptop cleaner or a scratch remover from your nearby local store or gear accessories, that is also used for removing scratches from the car, any glossy or hard surface.
  • Now get some solution over that soft lint-free piece of cloth and make the cloth wet with it.
  • Try moving the cloth over the laptop’s scratches gently and move it in a circular motion by applying some pressure over the scratches.
  • Use multiple coats as doing only for once won’t be much effective.
  • However, this laptop cleaner or scratch remover won’t be that effective in removing all the scratches but It will work out pretty well in making its appearance good. 

By using Plastic Polish:

Another way for removing scratches from your aluminum laptop is by using Plastic Polish if the scratch remover doesn’t make that move or hard to find.

  • For doing this, mix some dishwashing soap into the water and make a solution.
  • Use again that soft linen piece of cloth and fill some of its parts with the solution.
  • Now start rubbing it over the scratches on your laptop in all directions in a pretty good way.
  • Now clean the surface with a dry piece of cloth.
  • After this, apply plastic polish over the laptop’s scratches cleaned surface.
  • Then again clean the surface with the cloth. This will be a much easier way for removing them.

By using Toothpaste:

Now, this sounds stupid to you to use toothpaste as a scratch remover. Isn’t it? But as it has experimented so yes, it is true that you can remove scratches from your aluminum laptop by using toothpaste.

Here is how it works:

  • Take a gentle amount of a good quality toothpaste like Colgate over that soft piece of cloth.
  • Now start rubbing it over the scratches same in a circular way.
  • After you have done this, wipe your laptop with a damp cloth to remove the remaining toothpaste residue and then leave it for getting dry. 

By using special metal polish:

This special metal polish is named Rolite Metal Polish which is the best option to have as a scratch remover if you got deep scratches on your aluminum laptop. The polish comes in a paste form and all you need is to know how to use it over the surface of your laptop.

So, let me tell you in pretty good detail.

  • As I said it comes in a paste form, so get it in a little quantity and rub over the scratches.
  • This will fill up the scratches by covering most of them and then you can remove them with the help of that microfiber cloth.
  • It is similar to using toothpaste but as it is a special one so it will protect your laptop from further scratches too.
  • However, for better results, apply the second coat as there might be some absurd scratches too over the aluminum surface that doesn’t remove on the first try.

By using baking soda: 

Some homemade solutions like baking soda can also be used for removing scratches on your laptop’s surface. This will be the most efficient and less costly method for doing so. So, let’s find out how to remove scratches with baking soda. 

  • Make a thick paste by mixing baking soda with water in a bowl or a pile taking two spoons of soda and one spoon of water (spoon means, 1/2).
  • Again, take that piece of cloth and use this compound over scratches. 
  • Try to rub with gentle pressure in a circular motion.
  • After this, wipe the surface with a little damp cloth in the water as this will be the best way for removing those disturbed scratches from the surface.

How To Keep Your Aluminum Laptop Safe From Scratches

The best option will be having the best quality backpack in which you can put your laptop after using it. Moreover, also keep a piece of cloth inside that best quality made backpack for cleaning the laptop every time you use it. This will keep all the stains away and provide your laptop a soft environment which will be free from all types of scratches.

Related FAQs

How to remove scratches on the laptop screen?

Use the best quality laptop cleaner or scratch remover for this particular purpose. Get some of its amount on a soft clean piece of cloth and then clean the laptop’s screen by gently rubbing the cloth over it in a clockwise direction. You’ll nail it I know. 

How to remove scratches from Lenovo laptop?

Try using toothpaste for it. Take a little amount of it over a clean piece of cloth, rub it in a circular motion over the Lenovo laptop’s body then clean the toothpaste residue with a damp cloth. All is well.

Final Saying

I hope that now you have completely known how to remove scratches from your aluminum laptop. Just apply these simple methods and you’ll have a brand-new laptop that will have a gorgeous look like you have brought it just right now.

With all this, please also let me know if there is anything to ask or to suggest because I would love to hear and respond. So, take care of yourself and your laptop from scratches and see you soon with another great idea.


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