5 Easy Ways | How To Remove Stickers From Laptop

Stickers over laptops sometimes might look astonishing and stylish to you when you first placed them over the laptop’s body. But there also comes a time when you want to get rid of them. Don’t you?

Well, if I am not wrong then let me ask that are you looking for how to remove stickers from laptop or your laptop sticker has been removed and you also want to remove the residue?

Surely you are just here for this. So, don’t worry because in this article I will help you out with a step-by-step procedure of removing stickers and their remaining residue from your laptop for making it again look like a new one.

So, let’s dive into this comprehensive piece of information. 

Can I Remove Stickers From My Laptop?

How To Remove Stickers From LaptopYes, sure you can as there are no hard and fast rules for doing so. But you should have a piece of proper knowledge about the procedure that you are gonna use for removing them. You should not use some harsh chemicals or irrelevant methods for removing stickers as this might cause you and your laptop severe harm. 

What Type Of Stickers Can Be Removed From Your Laptop?

Well, all types of stickers can be removed from your laptop and other hardware like refrigerator, microwave oven and even from mobiles, etc. if there are any. But some stickers are absurd and they take time to get removed from these devices. However, if you have placed a sticker over your laptop recently, a month, or even a year ago, you can remove it with the help of your nail or knife or any kind of key. It will be an easy way to do this. 

How To Remove Stickers From Laptop | 5 Easy Ways 

From many devices, laptops are the most covered hardware that comes with stickers placed over them from the manufacturer. Or maybe they are yours that you placed once and now you want to get rid of them. Therefore, for removing them, or removing the remaining residue you should apply the following methods. 

NOTE: But before applying any of the below methods, make sure that your laptop is turned off and also plugged out from the electrical wall socket. This will save you and your laptop from any unwanted injuries of a short circuit. 

Try using your nail, a piece of the blade, or a key:

Try using your nail, a piece of the blade, or a keyIf the sticker is not that old and you have put it on your laptop recently or you’ve bought a new laptop and want to remove it. Then, try to remove it with the help of your nail, a piece of the blade or a key, or any solid but a little sharp thing like a knife can be used too. For doing so, follow up this simple procedure:

  • Pick a loose end, or scratch the sticker from its loose end with the help of your nail, blade, or knife.
  • Once you have picked it up, keep removing it carefully so that the stickers won’t break in the middle of the process. Because if it gets broken in the middle, it will be too difficult for you to remove the remaining part. 
  • Also, don’t scratch the knife or blade over the laptop’s surface hardly because it can damage your laptop’s shape and it will be difficult for you to make it right again. So, consider removing a sticker slowly and easily. 

Try using mild abrasives:

Instead of a knife, blade, or eraser, you can also use some mild abrasives for removing stickers from your laptop. For this purpose:

  • Use baking soda, toothpaste, magic erasers, or scotch bright pads for removing stickers from your laptop. Paste these abrasives directly to the stickers as these liquids will wear them off and after this, you can remove them easily.
  • Microfiber cloth would also be helpful on these uncoated stickers for wearing them off and then completely removing them.
  • However, in this process, make sure that your laptop skin won’t get damaged as these liquids might be harsh for the laptop’s surface. So, always try to use the mildest one if you can find it otherwise don’t.

Try using a damped piece of cloth:

Another easy and simple method is to remove the stickers by using a damped cloth. But how? Let me tell you about it.

  • Take a piece of cloth, dampe it into the water, and make it a little wet. 
  • Now start rubbing it over the sticker as after sometimes, the paper of the sticker will start removing and its sickness will lose. So, you’ll see after some time, that the sticker is removed safely and effectively 

Try using a blower or heat gun or hair drawer:

Try using a blower or heat gun or hair drawer_Sometimes it’s been a while having stickers on your laptop and it’s hard for you to remove them. Now you’d be worried in search for what to do? So, no worries at all, the best thing you can do is to remove them with the help of a blower, hair drawer, or a heat gun.

For this;

  • Set your heat gun at a normal temperature level so that it won’t burn your laptop screen or surface. 
  • Now hold it and throw the pressure at the sticker. After some time with temperature, it will start erasing off from the laptop.
  • You can have a clean laptop surface by using your hair drawer or a blower too; they all operate in the same way and get your work done. 

Try using solvents or oil-based substances:

There are plenty of oil-based substances and solvents available for removing stickers from your laptop. Some of them are olive oil, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, tea tree oil, lotion, and other similar substances along with solvents such as WD-40, lighter fluid and mineral spirits are best for dissolving the adhesive over the stickers. So, you can easily scar them and then remove them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove stickers from the laptop for reuse?

If the intentions are to make the laptop again new for selling or reusing by removing stickers, then there is no best way other than the above-described methods. You can apply anything, like a nail, knife, olive oil, and heat gun for removing these absurd stickers from your laptop for making it reused. 

How to remove laptop stickers without damaging them?

For removing stickers without damaging them, you need to apply Non-oil-based solvents like water and al*cohol, etc. over a piece of cloth. So, instead of throwing these solvents directly onto the stickers, try using them around the sticker edges. This would be a better idea as this will make them soft and then you can remove them completely. 

Should I remove intel stickers from the laptop? 

Intel stickers are from the laptop manufacturers and mostly these stickers remove by themselves which happens after a long time since you have bought the laptop. So, intentionally there is no need to remove them at all. 

Does removing stickers on laptops void warranty?

No, it does not. Because according to the 197 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act the companies cannot void the warranty of your laptop if you have removed the stickers from it in any case. It will remain valid.

How to remove sticker outline from the laptop?

A short method for removing sticker outlines from the laptop is as follows.

  • Take a piece of cloth or a paper towel and fill it up with al*cohol or any other solvent like petroleum. 
  • Then rub the outline with a little force.
  • Keep rubbing it until the end and you’ll be able to rap it off.

How to put stickers on a laptop without ruining it?

The simple and short process for doing so is given in this video: 

How to remove sticker residue from the laptop screen? 

Sometimes, when you clean out the stickers from the laptop there may leave some residue that might look absurd to you and that should be removed. Therefore, for removing it, you again need to use some liquids or I can say solvents such as Al*cohol or petroleum with a piece of cloth. Rub the residue until it goes away and your laptop starts looking like a new one.

Final Saying

So, these are some simple methods for removing stickers from your laptops whether they are newly put off or old ones. I hope you liked this information about how to remove stickers from laptop and if you did please let me know through the comment box. Plus, also feel free to ask or add anything that you might be thinking it is missing in this article.

Moreover, you can also look for some high-quality laptops from over below given buying guides. However, until the next idea, take care of yourself and safely remove those absurd stickers from your laptop if you want to. See you soon and good luck.


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