How To Rotate Camera In Sims 4 On Laptop?

Hey, gameaholic! I just got to know that you are having a problem with the camera while playing the most dynamic game, Sims 4?

I’m pretty sure you have scrolled a lot of websites but haven’t been able to solve your problem, eh? Don’t get worried champ. We are here to remove all of your ambiguities. So, in today’s blog, we’re gonna tell you how to rotate camera in Sims 4 on laptop.

Well in today’s blog there are a lot more interesting things for you and certainly, you would love them.

After reading this blog, you will be quite proficient in rotating cameras in Sims 4 on Laptop, PS4, Mac & on Keyboard. Furthermore, we are sharing some hotkeys so you can play your game more passionately & free from any hurdle.

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How To Rotate Camera In Sims 4 On Laptop & Keyboard?  

For Laptop:

Just Hold ctrl and right-click, now you can adjust the pitch.

Above we share the easier way to change camera settings in sims 4 and the method remains the same for sims 3 and other versions of this game. For easy to move neighborhoods, you should make sure edge scrolling is on.

For Keyboard:

Well, it’s super easy. You can do it in a couple of minutes.

  • Press Control + Shift + Tab 


  • Press Esc >
  • You see Game Options, select
  • Then click on Controls and Camera
  •  Now Sims 3 Camera popped up on the screen. Do necessary changes and you’re done!

How To Rotate Camera In Sims 4 On Mac?

So, here we are sharing a palsy-walsy way to rotate the camera on Mac. You just have to say 3 magic spells and Abracadabra you are done!

Here are the magic spells Command + Shift + Tab

How To Rotate Camera On PS4?

Seems like you have XBOX and have some trouble tilting the camera in sims 4. Read with open eyes because we are going to make your life trouble-free. On Xbox, you have to hold LB + RB and the spin with the joystick. As simple as that!

Hotkeys in Sims 4
  • Home – Walls Up
  • End – Walls Down
  • Page Up – Go up a floor
  • Page Down – Go down a floor
  • Hold Right-Click – Move Around the Neighborhood 
  • W or Up Arrow – Move View Up
  • A or Left Arrow – Move View Left
  • S or Down Arrow – Move View Down
  • D or Right Arrow – Move View Right
  • Shift + Enter – Center on Current Lot
  • Left-click Sim Pic – Select that Sim
  • Left-click Sim Pic – Make Camera Go to
  • Right-Click Sim Pic – Make Camera follow that Sim
  • Hold Mouse Wheel – Tilt Camera Up/Down to change angles.
  • Z, X, or Scroll Mouse Wheel – Zoom In and Out
  • C – Take a Screenshot.
  • V – starts/Ends Video Recording
  • For 1st person
  • Shift-Tab – Enters and exits First Person View
  • Left Click – Interacts with objects
  • Shift (Hold) – Allows you to move the mouse 
  • Right Click – Brings up ‘Move Here’ to help you to get around doors and walls that you cannot see through.
  • Tab – Removes the interface
  • Ctrl – Seems to re-center the camera
  • Mouse Wheel – Adjusts Field of View which can let you see more on the screen.

So gamer, now you are well aware and would probably enjoy your game as well. And for sure you gonna nail it.

If there is still any ambiguity, write us back. Our team will contact you asap!

Take care 🙂

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