A Guide On How To Turn On Bluetooth On Hp Laptop?

After attending a family wedding, one of my lovely friends came and transferred all of the wedding pictures to the laptop to save them for memories but wait, what!

His Bluetooth support service was not responding, and he was unable to turn on the Bluetooth. He called me worryingly and asked, “How to turn on Bluetooth on Hp laptop?

Therefore, we both worked on it to find ways to resolve all the issues related to Bluetooth on a Hp laptop. And YES! We did it successfully.

Maybe you are here with the same problem, or maybe your friend gifted you a well-known Bluetooth headphone, but you cannot enjoy it as you don’t know how to turn on Bluetooth on a Hp laptop. If so, then you don’t need to be worried, my dear fellow. You are absolutely on the right platform now.

I assure you that this article will resolve all problems you are facing while turning on Bluetooth on your Hp laptop. Not just this, but we will explain all the related problems through this article.

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How to turn on Bluetooth on Hp laptop?

Turn On Bluetooth On Hp Laptop

Before turning on your laptop’s Bluetooth system, it’s mandatory to turn on your Bluetooth device with which you want to connect your laptop. Your Hp laptop has this wireless Bluetooth technology but to understand its functioning, first, turn on your Bluetooth by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Press the start menu on your laptop.
  • Go to the control panel and click on HP wireless Assistant
  • Search for the Bluetooth option there.
  • After getting that option, click it and turn it on.
Congratulations! You have turned on your Bluetooth successfully. Now the question arises of how to connect it with other devices after turning it on. No problem, let’s move forward and solve this confusion too.

How to connect an Hp laptop through Bluetooth with another laptop/mobile/headphones?

As you have turned on the Bluetooth of your laptop and the other device, now it is time to connect them. Typically, Bluetooth devices allow a connection within a range of 20 to 30 feet, but it is better to connect them firstly at a shorter range to avoid any disconnection or error.

Therefore, we have to follow the basic steps:

  • Right after turning on the Bluetooth, click on Add Bluetooth or search for other devices.
  • Your laptop will begin to look for all other devices whose Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Find out the name of your device with which you want to connect your laptop from the list and click the option “Connect.”
  • You will surely receive a notification regarding the pairing of devices. You just have to press yes.
  • Finally, your device has been paired with other devices correctly. Take a chill and do what you want to do.

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How to install Bluetooth on Hp laptop Windows 10?

So, dude, it is necessary to install Bluetooth drivers on the laptop for smooth functioning and connections. 

If your drivers have become corrupted or are not working well, you should first uninstall them. After that, install it again.

Following are the guidelines to uninstall the drivers of your Hp laptop:

  • Go to the device manager.
  • Locate your driver and right-click on it.
  • Find the uninstalling option and press it.

Now, reinstall the drivers by following the methods we are going to tell you below. Just stay with us!

Although there are many ways to install drivers on your laptop, we will here in this article provide you the best of three ways with which you can freely install your drivers.

 How to update Bluetooth driver in device manager?

This is the best possible way to get access to your Bluetooth. Let’s have a try:

  • Right-click on the start menu.
  • Choose the device manager from there.
  • Click on the Bluetooth expansion.
  • Right-click on it to get the option to “update driver.”
  • You will see a couple of options there; select the option which can automatically detect the driver update. Most probably, it is the first option.
  • After this, windows will surely locate the best drivers for you, follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
  • Right after, restart your laptop.

AND YESSSSS!! You have successfully updated your Bluetooth driver by using the simplest steps. You are a genius, dude!

How to install Bluetooth driver using manufacturer’s website?

This is another simple and commonly used way to install Bluetooth drivers.

  • Click the start menu and go to the device manager.
  • Go to Bluetooth, and from there, you can see the manufacturer’s name.
  • Search for that manufacturer’s website on your chrome and download the latest driver for your Bluetooth from there.
  • Finish the installation procedure after downloading the file.

AND BOOM! Your drivers are successfully installed on your laptop. You can now enjoy your latest headphones through connecting Bluetooth. 

But! Don’t worry if you are still unable to install or set up Bluetooth on your laptop yet after following the above methods. We have one more good option for you. You will surely get your solution with that.

How to install Bluetooth driver using third party tool?

    Let me show you some free-to-use tools. With the help of those, you can easily install your Bluetooth drivers.

  • Driver booster
  • Driver max
  • Driver talent
  • Avast driver updater
  • Smart drive care

All these drivers are easily available and free to download. These are compatible with Windows 10/8/7. You need to download and install any of them and update your drivers with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my Hp laptop doesn’t show the Bluetooth option?

If your laptop is not showing the Bluetooth option, it means either its drivers are missing, corrupted, or needs to be updated. You should have to follow the methods explained above in the article to reinstall Bluetooth drivers. You will surely get your solution.

What is a Bluetooth driver?

It is a wireless technology that will enable your laptop/desktop computer or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to connect with other devices. If your laptop initially doesn’t have a Bluetooth driver in it, there is no problem. Go and install it by following the above-explained methods.

Why does my Bluetooth option keep disconnecting in Windows 10 on Hp laptop?

Oh, that’s not a big issue. You can simply resolve it by using the troubleshooting Bluetooth wireless option from your laptop’s setting. You will resolve your issue for sure.

Final Thoughts

This article aimed to identify the problems related to the connectivity or availability of Bluetooth on laptops and how to turn on Bluetooth on a Hp laptop. All the methods and processes explained above are applicable for windows 10,8 and 7.

I hope that after going through this article, you have successfully resolved your issue. If you have any queries, you can ask any time by commenting below. Thanks a lot for sticking with the article till the end and for staying with us. Your time and appreciation mean a lot to me!

 Stay cheerful and have fun! See you later with another awesome topic.

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