How To Unsend A Message On iPhone? Very Easy

Suppose yourself sending a text message accidently through your iPhone or iPad to your Ex, a junky fellow, a rude mate, or a person with whom you don’t even wanna talk. This might be a little absurd feeling for you because I did send a text message to my EX without intentions and then she blew my head by her toxic torture.

But guess what? I can save you from this squeezy situation by telling you how to unsend a message on your iPhone if you have already sent it.

So, get yourself a little more confident as you are going to use your iPhone under your best control even if you are drunk, driving, doing some kind of chore or in a busy situation where you send something to someone you don’t ever wanna send.

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Can You Delete An Already Sent Message On Your iPhone?  

How To Unsend A Message On iPhoneThere is a situation that if you send a message to another iPhone user through the iMessage or text messages app, and you realize sending a wrong, incomplete message or to a wrong person, you cannot delete it from the receiver phone by deleting it from your phone whether he has opened and read It, or not, but the message has been delivered successfully.

You may delete it from your iPhone but it won’t affect the receiver’s phone as he will have the same conversation. Most people prefer sending messages through the iMessage and it provides them the facility to send a voice, picture or a text message to their iPhone.

But once the message is delivered, there is no way of undoing that. However, as the app operates on the internet, the only thing you can do is to unsend a message on the iPhone before it’s delivered. This little guide will help you understand the solution so that next time you may be careful and can easily unsend your message within the limited time.

So, How To Unsend A Message On iPhone?

You can observe that whenever you send a message through the iMessage app, it takes time while delivering depending on your WIFI or internet speed. Mostly, the voice messages and images take more time than usual. So, if you feel like you have sent the wrong message, you can unsend it before it gets delivered to the recipient mobile. Here is a complete process for doing so. 

  • Try sending a voice, picture, or a text through the iMessage app.
  • Observe if the message is on the process of being delivered to the recipient iPhone.
  • As there will be a little processing, you can quickly do some steps for preventing it from being delivered.
  • Swipe up your iPhone’s control panel for accessing the quick setting. It may be swapping down or swapping up depending on the iPhone or iPad model that you are using. 
  • Look for the Airplane mode and turn it on ASAP.
  • Now you’ll see that your sent picture or message will be marked red and have a sign of “not delivered”. 
  • After this, tap and hold the message for seeing “more” options.
  • You can delete the entire conversation or the selected text by clicking on the trash or bin icon. Trash icon will delete only one message while another option named “Delete all” will delete all your texts from the conversation window.
  • You are all good to go and your mistakenly sent message has been recovered now. 
Please Note: This method works only in situations where your internet connection is not that good, your file or picture size is large which takes time in delivering, or you do the undo process as quickly as possible. However, a plain text with small memory that is being sent over the fastest internet will be on the recipient mobile in no seconds. And you will have no way of undoing that. 

How To Unsend Messages On iPhone iOS 14

As Apple is working day by day to improve the privacy of its users. The iOS 13 doesn’t have a function of deleting text messages that you have sent and receiver have read them or not. But there is news that Apple will launch a better solution in its next version which is iOS 14. Here the users will be able to delete their messages from each other’s mobile even if they have made it.

Are There Any Apps That Can Delete Messages From The Recipient Mobile?

There are many apps being used on the Apple as well as Android mobiles that have the features of deleting messages once you have made them. They do have some basic settings that automatically delete messages after some time. Like you can consider using Gmail, Privates, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger etc.

Final Saying

Since there is no quick way for how to unsend a message on iPhone but only if it is not delivered yet. However, as I said that the apple is working on it and maybe you have a better solution very soon. Moreover, hit me up if there are any queries, you have liked the information or want to suggest something through the comment section.

So, take care of yourself and use your mobile without disturbing anyone intentionally specially your EX. I hope that you get it. Have a nice day. 


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