How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram From PC

Instagram is one of the most leading social media platforms these days. It is influencing many people to become great Vloggers, bloggers, helping them to run their online businesses and much more for generating a handsome amount. Even a simple student near you, living at the corner of the street has a social media account and especially on Instagram.

Instagram is also leaving Facebook behind in providing more accurate and specific content with more leads plus it is also a bigger place for many celebrities for sharing their daily lives and keeping their fans up to date with the latest updates.

But when it comes to using such a great social media source, many people prefer using it on an iPhone and Android mobiles or tablets. However, some of you might also be using this on their Mack books, 2 in 1 laptops, or PCs. Concerning uploading multiple photos on Instagram, it’s easier to do so on a mobile phone.

But how to upload multiple photos to Instagram from pc? Well, if you are in search of this specific kind of information then you are at the right place. Today, in this article, I will let you know how somebody can upload many photos at the same time to Instagram from his/her PC. 

Uploading multiple photos to Instagram from Computer/PC

It takes a lot of time to transfer your photos from Pc to mobile for uploading them to Instagram. Because Instagram doesn’t allow its users to upload more than one photo from a PC. But don’t worry as there is much third-party software, apps, social media managing tools like available for accomplishing this task. You can also upload photos from the Instagram app while using it on your pc. But as a matter of fact, how will you be able to do so?

Let’s begin!

Uploading many photos to Instagram using

Uploading many photos to Instagram using

Lately social is one of the most leading social media managing tools or sites that allows you to manage your social media accounts from your computer all at the same place. There, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to post multiple photos to your Instagram at once. Therefore, let’s look at the procedure. 

First of all, go to the site by clicking Greatly Social.

When you will be on the site, you will see many plans as most of them are paid. But don’t worry, because you can choose a free plan and create your account.

step 1

However, you need to create a new account by clicking on the sign-up option if you are for the first time on this site. Or else you can log in with your previous account.

step 2

After clicking on the signup option, fill up your account details that will appear on the next page. After logging in, you’ll have a window like this on your PC.

step 3

Now Click on Instagram and then Post by clicking just like this.

step 4

But before posting, you’ll have to link your Instagram account with it. Now you’d be thinking that it would be something much more difficult to do. However, the thing is, it isn’t as it doesn’t require you much to do. 

For this, go to the account manager option and click on it.

step 5

You can add multiple accounts in there and manage them efficiently. For adding the account, click here.

step 6

After this, you will have to add your Instagram account details. I can make sure that you’ll be a little amazed to see stinky messages on your Instagram account as it will be like your Instagram account has been hacked. But that’s not gonna happen.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to do things like that which means you have to use this third-party software or tools from another server. But as many people are using these tools for managing their multiple social media accounts, just don’t worry and go ahead. It’s safe and secure.

Once you have linked your Instagram account, now you go to the post again, check the account on where you wanna post, and then click on the carousel option. This is what allows you to post multiple photos from your computer.

step 7

Now use these options to select and upload photos here from your drive, cloud, or PC.

step 8

After this, when you have got your photos, you can add a caption, edit them or change their position. But once you have done with it all, simply click on the post option and your photos will be on the internet through Instagram.

step 9

So, you saw how it is easy to upload multiple photos to Instagram from your pc by using Greatly Social. All you have to do is to create a free account, link your Instagram account, select your multiple photos to upload, and then boom, you’ve done it. This works from your PC, MacBook, tablet, and any version of windows as well.

Uploading multiple photos from PC to Instagram using third-party software

I hope that you’ve got the method for directly uploading your photos to Instagram from the computer by using Since there is other third-party software available that provides you more than one versatility for managing your multiple social media accounts and uploading whatever you want to. The most prominent of them are being named as.

  • Bluestacks
  • Gramblr
  • InstaPic
  • Deskgram 
  • Uple

Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload multiple photos to the Instagram story?

It is too simple and easy to do through your mobile and you are probably aware of it. But when it comes to uploading through your PC, you can do this by using because it does provide you the option to upload multiple stories at the same time on your insta account.

How to upload multiple photos to Instagram from mac? 

Launch insta on your mac and select on multiple from the bottom of the image preview area. Now you can select multiple photos and videos from your mac and can edit them in the carasoul. After completing this part, you can upload them to Instagram.

Best way to post multiple photos on Instagram?

Your best way to post multiple photos on Instagram is As discussed above, this provides you the versatility to upload as many pics and videos as you want. So this is gonna be much easier. 

Does Instagram allow using third-party software for managing multiple accounts and uploading photos?

Well officially, it doesn’t allow you to do so. Because Instagram terms and conditions say that you can’t use your Instagram account by a third party software like Uple or InstaPic. But seems like they provide no harm and many people are using them already, so there are no worries about doing so.

Summoning things up…

So, this was it for today and I can make sure that you can easily upload as many photos as you want from your PC to any social media account. I hope that the information was quite helpful and easy to follow. However, in case you have any queries or want to add something, please let me know through the comment section. Until the next idea, take care of yourself and stay happy. 


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