How To Use Laptop In Bed Without Overheating

Are you looking for an answer about how to use laptop in bed without overheating?

Well, you’re at the right place.

A laptop is a portable machine you can use wherever you want. For example, Some people like to travel. Some of us like to use it while sitting in a college cafeteria, enjoying a coffee cup. And those are students like me.

But wait, some of us even don’t disturb their comfort zone. Therefore, some people want to use a laptop on a bed like you because we are very dependent on technology.

Don’t worry, no one is judging you here. Because I sometimes use my laptop in bed without overheating. But yeah, not too much.

However, my laptop doesn’t heat up while lying down. Why?

Let me tell you in brief. You need to understand this first because this is something that some of us, like you, probably faced laptop overheating issues while using on the bed.

Why Does Your Laptop Get So Hot In Bed?

Let’s Jump the inside the laptop to find the answer.

How To Use Laptop In Bed Without Overheating

You probably noticed the airflow somewhere on the laptop. Some laptops have vents on the bottom. Some have on the left or right side. The built-in fans generate that airflow on your laptop to keep the laptop cool.

So it’s simple to understand if you use a laptop on a blanket or the bed, the air will not be able to flow out by the vents. Ultimately, the warm heat will get into the laptop, and the laptop will heat up over time. 

So what do I use to keep my laptop cool from overheating? And what you should do.

Here is the solution about how to use a laptop while lying down.

How To Use Laptop In Bed Without Overheating

There are different free and paid methods (don’t worry, a paid strategy will not cost you too much) which you can use to keep the laptop cool, and I’ll also share what I use to keep my laptop cool. The first one is: which is very useful.

By Using A Cooling Pad Check Price

How To Use Laptop In Bed Without Overheating

Alright, this is one the easiest and popular method that I’ve ever used to prevent my laptop from heating. It will cost you around 30 to 40 bucks. There are different models available online, and if you invest, it will be a significant investment.

What is a cooling pad?

The cooling pad is just like a replacement for your built-in laptop fans. It consists of dual fans specially designed to keep your laptop cool, as you can see in the image.

You can check out the best laptop cooling pads.

How to use a cooling pad?

It’s so simple to use it. You have to put your laptop on it and connect to your laptop via USB cable. Most of the models allow you to adjust the fans settings.

By Using A Portable Bed Laptop Table Check Price

How To Use Laptop In Bed Without Overheating

It’s another paid method. However, it’s worthy of it. A laptop bed table is mostly made for those who like to use a laptop on the bed. It’s an adjustable portable table.

First, you have to adjust at the right position while lying down and then put your laptop on it. Many advanced tables provide you with built-in cooling fans and additional storage like you can hold a cup of tea, which prevents your cup from falling and slipping. So ultimately, it’s beneficial. 

A bed laptop table helps you when you like to use the laptop on your lap. Some are made with aluminum, and some are made with plastic. Both are available online.

Clean The Vents Or Exhaust Area

If you want to use a laptop in bed without overheating, you might have to clean the vents first. Vents are something where the air flows out from the laptop, which is generating by fans. Sometimes fans try to blow out the air, but vents do have dust layer that causes the laptop to overheat.

Clean The Fans

How to clean laptop fans? When you try to clean the vents, make sure you have to clean the fans. If you don’t have technical knowledge like how can you open the laptop and then clean it. Just go to a laptop shop.

Although it’s not so complicated. You can do it by yourself. So make sure you have cleaned the fans safely and remove the dust around the fans. This way, you solve 60 percent of laptop overheating problems. 

Service The Laptop

The laptop must clean out after 6 months. If you have an old model, then you must have to do it. Even if you buy a cooling pad, it will surely not help you. If you want to do it by yourself, it sounds good. Unscrew the laptop and clean it with air blow or vacuums. Make sure all the components do not get damaged.

By Using A Solid Surface

It is another important point because a laptop needs to flow out the air. If you do use a laptop on a blanket, you will probably face overheating problems. So always use a hard surface such as a book or wooden cutting board.  

Consider the things mentioned above while using a laptop in bed if you want to keep your laptop cool.

Here are the tips you may keep in mind:


  • Adjust the graphics settings if you’re not doing any graphical work like drawing, editing, or gaming. This way, your laptop will remain calm and will not consume battery life quickly.
  • Always use a solid surface under your laptop.
  • Keep the exhaust area open and make sure it must be clean.
  • Always use a laptop stand. It will keep you healthy. Otherwise, you may face back pain. I hope you understand what I mean because I felt that pain just one year ago.
  • Use an oscillating fan just near the computer or laptop.
  • Adjust the computer settings from maximum to medium while using on bed, only if you’re not performing heavy duties on your laptops.
  • I also recommend keeping your laptop shut down when you’re not on it, although most of us do not do this. However, This will help to save battery life and stop your laptop from working.    


  • Please do not use a laptop in your lab. It will irritate your legs by heat.
  • Do not use a laptop by putting on your legs while sitting on the bed. It causes pain in the neck muscles.

Frequently Ask Questions

Where To Keep A Laptop While Using It In Bed?

It is something which is very, very important while using a laptop. So the best position to use a laptop, always uses a laptop stand, table, or something like that. Never use a laptop on your lap whether you’re in bed or sitting on a chair. It will harm your health and cause neck pain.

How To Check Laptop Temperature?

Good question. I highly recommend using Core Temp software, which will monitor the CPU temperature and other important information. It’s a perfect software to monitor the temperature.

Why Is My Laptop Overheating While Keeping It On A Bed?

Well, as we discussed above, why computers and laptops overheat on the bed. Please check the above point what’s the reason.

Is It Wrong To Put The Laptop On Your Lap In Bed?

Yes, it isn’t pleasant. If you use a laptop on your lap, the heat will irritate your legs. So never put it on your lap.

What Am I Using To Prevent My Laptop From Overheating In Bed?

Well, I’m using a laptop stand, which is very useful for me. It’s not too expensive. If it fits for you, you can go with that.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ll understand how to use laptop in bed without overheating. Now all you’ve to do is: follow the points that I mentioned above. 

Further, if you don’t prevent your laptop from overheating, it can damage your laptop’s component.

So always try to choose the best surface to put your laptop on And enjoy your comfort zone. 



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