Laptop Screen Weird Colors And Lines – Problem Solved!

One of the biggest issues regarding your laptop disability is facing the laptop screen weird colors and lines. It’s a bit annoying when you are working on something very important and you see that your screen is flickering or showing weird lines of different colors. 

One might even think of throwing the laptop away and smashing it, isn’t it? But don’t worry, because if you are facing the same issue with your laptop screen or looking for a solution, then congratulations buddy…

Today, in this precise guide, we’ll get to know why these weird lines appear on your laptop screen, what they can do, and how you can completely solve this issue.

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So, be my guest, and let’s start this conversation. 

Laptop Screen Weird Colors and Lines – What’s the Reason?

Laptop Screen Weird Colors And Lines

To solve the problem, you must be aware of the problem itself. First of all, make sure that what thing inside your laptop is causing this trouble on the screen and then we’ll look into fixing it. In this regard, there might be two possibilities that are given below. 

  • First, it may be a hardware issue with your laptop monitor or screen and usually, this can be observed when you add pressure to the panel 
  • Or there might be a problem with graphics, or any kind of drivers update 

Well, whatever it is, I am here to help and sort this out. Therefore, let’s have a look at how you can fix this issue of facing weird lines or distortions on your laptop screen by yourself, or also I will let you know when you need further assistance or help from an expert.

Troubleshooting the problems: 

The thing is if your laptop screen is showing strange or distorted lines on the display, you can repair it by visiting any laptop repairing shop near you. Or else, you can also do it by yourself if you have the appropriate tools and basic knowledge of diagnosing this problem.

So, the first and ever recommended solution is visiting any repair shop near you, however, if you think that you can also figure out the problem and then solve it all by yourself, here are some steps that will show you how you’re gonna do this. 

Restarting your laptop or Computer: 

The first and foremost thing to solve the issue regarding the screen showing distorted lines is to turn off your laptop, wait at least 5 minutes and then again restart it. There might be some programs, viruses, malware, or other minor issues that might be causing screen issues and a normal restart can usually fix them. Therefore, it is the most recommended method of solving this type of problem. 

Use an external Monitor to figure out the problem:

The screen flickering or having distorted or weird lines on the screen might be tested to check out if there is an issue with the laptop screen. For this, you must have an external monitor. But not in every case you’d have a separate monitor to check it out. Therefore, you should get help from a repairman and he will sort this problem out, then finally solve it.

But just in case if you’ve got the external monitor, you can connect your laptop by using a VGA cable, DVI cable, S-Video cable, or HDMI cable to figure out the issue. The successful connection depends on what type of connection you have. But most monitors have a VGA connection. 

Moreover, some monitors can automatically detect the connection and you start seeing results on both screens from the startup. However, sometimes you’d have to show your laptop screen on your monitor manually.

For this, you can use the function keys for switching the video between external or internal modes. You can click on Fn+F4 for Hp, Fn+F5 for Toshiba, Fn+F8 for Dell, and Fn+F7 for Lenovo laptops, etc. to look for the connecting menu and then manually connect it. 

But what does this tell us actually? Basically, you will start seeing the results on both screens and if you see the clear or normal display, then the problem is not the laptop screen, but it is your graphic card, a bad LCD connection, or a bad connecting cable.

However, if you see lines on your laptop screen and your monitor is showing excellent results, it’s time to visit your nearby repair center and get your laptop screen repaired. 

Checking cable connection Of LCD with Motherboard: 

Have you checked your laptop monitor out? Was there any problem or not? Or did you see the same bad results with vertical lines on the laptop screen as well as the monitor? Well, if there is no issue with the laptop screen but you are still seeing lines on the display, there might be a problem of poor connection of your laptop’s LCD with Motherboard. 

The thing is, your laptop screen receives signals from the motherboard with the help of a cable. But if the connection between these two is not good or solid, or the cable itself is of bad quality, having issues of breakage or anything else, your laptop will definitely start showing distorted images on the screen. 

To correct it, check and plug the cable in if it is not plugged in, in a good way to find out if this solves the issue. 

This connection from the motherboard to the LCD of your laptop can basically be found under the keyboard of your laptop. There is no hesitation in finding it out. 

Replace or Wiggle the LCD cable: 

Also check whether the cable has any breakage or not, and if it has, you should buy a new cable. You can also wiggle to the cable while the laptop is running to find out if it causes any screen flickering or distorting issues. And if it does show you the distorted results, it’s time to get it replaced with a new one.

Updating the graphics card drivers: 

Another thing you can do by yourself is to update the drivers of your laptop video card to check out if this solves the issue. Sometimes, we have old drivers on our laptops that might not be compatible with the new software running on the operating system. Therefore, you can go for updating them or replacing the video card if still it doesn’t resolve the issue. 

Checking the display screen itself: 

To check out whether your laptop display screen really needed to be replaced, try applying gentle pressure on the upper panel of the display. If it shows colorful lines or spots, believe me, you are going to have a real problem. Therefore, you should replace it immediately. However, even after applying the pressure, the display is fine, you will not have a problem at all.


How to fix the rainbow screen on the laptop? 

The best way to diagnose this type of problem is to turn your laptop off, wait for a while, and then restart it again, or you can use an external monitor to find the problem and ultimately its valuable solution.

How to fix horizontal lines on a laptop screen? 

Seeing horizontal lines on your laptop screen means your laptop LCD is not of good quality. You can solve this issue, and the best thing to do for fixing it is to replace the entire LCD with a new one. This will be a better solution in this case. 

What do I do if I see my laptop screen with fuzzy colors? 

To troubleshoot the problem, do the following things and find out if any of these work out or not. And if nothing changes, visit a local computer repairing center near you. 

  • Test the LCD with an External Monitor 
  • Check out the Cable Connection from the Motherboard to the LCD
  • Update video card drivers 
  • Put pressure on the panel

Final Saying

As I have already mentioned, having issues with the display screen on your laptop, like seeing your Laptop screen weird colors and lines on it, is very disturbing and annoying.

You can do several things by yourself to figure out the problem and solve it, but the best suggestion to you would be to visit any nearby laptop repairing center and hand over your laptop to a technician.

Because he is the one who can tell you the real solution to your laptop screen problem. 

So, this was all for today, let’s see you soon on another great topic. Until then, take care and let me know if you have any queries to ask. Have a good day.

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