Lenovo Flex 5 Drawing Laptop Review 2022

Lenovo is being recognized as one of the best laptop manufacturing companies. It has done well and beyond the borders for almost every niche. From magnificently designed gaming laptops to a simple laptop for a college student, Lenovo is fulfilling everyone’s needs.

And, that’s why we are here to discuss one of its masterpiece Lenovo Flex 5 laptops which is rocking in many hearts with its marvelous specs and undefined able looking. The laptop is itself a sleek yet compatible machine that works like a giant robot and gets your work done in no time.

So, let’s find out the reason for which it is being praised too much.

Design and Appearance

Display and Graphics

Design is something that makes you attractable to that thing and its appearance adds a glimpse of satisfaction in your eyes. This masterpiece is doing the same. The laptop does much better in performance as well as look than its competitor. Its amazing design can be seen in the way it is manufactured. The laptop is a sleek and thin machine that is a 2 in 1 convertible. The chassis is magnificently built and perfectly shaped.

The laptop has a 360-degree hinge which makes you work in any mood and in any way, you’d find suitable. The laptop won’t bother even a little with it is easy converting from 0 to 360-degree hinges that provide you 4 moods of working. Make it a tablet, laptop, stand, and tent for performing everyday tasks. The one that is comfortable and soft to touch and creates a user-friendly environment for you.

The appearance and design do come with portability. Since you can’t buy something which is not an easy caring and handicapped one. So, the good news is this laptop is a thin and lightweight device that is always on the go wherever you find computing suitable. It weighs just only 3.64 pounds and it is only 0.82% thick. This means, just grab it in your backpack and the laptop is ready to be with you all the time. 


However, you can’t compromise over performance, no matter how beautiful that thing is. Right? Yes, it is So, don’t worry because this Flex is also fulfilling this requirement. Its strongly structured AMD Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor with Radeon graphics makes you perform faster than you’ve ever before. With more cores and Windows 10 home the multitasking is on the other edge and the experience for productivity, browsing, and gaming are beyond imagination.

The 16GB DDR4 RAM makes this laptop perform like a beast during hard times and provides more room for getting your work done in a very little span. This DDR4 RAM powers this laptop’s processor and make it perform like an all-rounder. You could have entertainment, games, movies, productivity, creation, and everything in the blink of an eye over this super-powered machine.

Moreover, for letting you store a reasonable amount of data the laptop has a built-in 256GB SSD storage. This not only helps you in keeping safe your important files and videos but also enhances the laptop’s working capability. However, if you intend to store more data, you’d have to be a little compromised over this and get a portable/separate one data storage device like a Hard disk drive. 

Display and Graphics

Design and Appearance

Your concern should be moreover display and graphics rather than anything else. Because these are the features that will make you see every bit of your creativity over a natural display or a bad display. But, what about this one? Is it regarded as a good one or a bad one? Of course, there is nothing bad. The laptop comes with a natural cinematic edge-to-edge display screen of 14.0 Inches. Such a big and holly display provides you best results and quality visuals with a 1920 x 1080 widescreen ratio.

The 4-sided narrow bezel along with FHD IPS panels matters a lot in its stylish look and remarkable performance. Moreover, when you figure out that there are professionally designed AMD Radeon graphics working inside this machine, your happiness knows no bounds. The graphics are sharper and qualitative when they are supported by such a great GPU. So, there is a surety that everything will be based on the expectations that you wanted to have

Security and Connectivity 

Did you just hear about security? Yes, you heard right. This Lenovo Flex 5 is there to keep you and your data safe from unauthorized access. There is a physical privacy shutter on the HD 720p camera with Fixed-Focus CMOS, 2×2 that allows feeling safe from unwanted disturbance. This feature helps you to keep every amount of data in safe hands.

Moreover, the camera does provide the mobility to hear skype for longer hours from friends, relatives, and remote folks. With a never-ending privacy feature, the laptop does come with many connectivity options that allow you to transfer any amount of data inside and outside the laptop.

The Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac) and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity options permit you to use the fastest internet and data transferability option. The 2 USB- Type A, 1 USB-Type C, and an HDMI port lets you transfer bulks of data with no extra effort. Just connect your device with your laptop and get transferred any amount of data in very little time.  


Well, for running these extraordinary features you do need a powerful and long-lasting battery. Therefore, the battery is also one of your most important concerns. In this regard, the laptop has got a good lithium battery that stays and keeps your screen on for at least 10 hours maximum. There will be no hindrance and leggings as you’ll be doing your most of work in a single charge anytime, anywhere.

So, what does it take, forgetting it charged? charge? Of course, nothing. You need to put the charger for only an hour and get your charged masterpiece for making it work again for you. Such a great battery feature is one of the top qualities of a great laptop like this. 

The Quality For A Reasonable Price

You could have any laptop in your hand other than Lenovo Flex 5 but it won’t be something with the same features you have in this glossy superstar. This laptop creates value for the money that you are going to spend on it. It provides you a platform for getting every piece of work done related to graphics, small gaming, documentation, or any other in just 700 dollars.

I can make sure that there will be no other laptop that’s going to provide you these flawless features on a very low budget. So, the laptop leaves no reason for having some hate or ignorance for it. Just a demanded availability of everything that you are looking for so far. 

What Is Additional?

The laptop comes with an Active touch pen which makes you work with flexibility and reliability by giving perfection in comfortability. The touchscreen is not just a screen, it’s a smooth surface over where you simply slide your fingers and the job is done. With this stylish pen and soft screen, the laptop comes in 5 stars rating with many happy users’ experiences.

So, making a choice won’t be a big deal. 

Is there anything lacking?

Yes, the laptop lacks an Intel core processor, generation, NVIDIA GeForce dedicated GPU, and wider display. These features could be found in some giant gaming laptops but that’s not the matter. This laptop is perfect in its way. Like, whatever if it doesn’t have an Intel processor, the AMD also works with great speed and provides much power. The AMD graphics is also there to get your attention. Moreover, the laptop is best for creativity, some light gaming, cinema, chit chat and much more. 

  • Smart and stylish look
  • Professionally built with remarkable softness and quality
  • Great performance over a wider natural display
  • Capable of staying on for longer hours
  • Provides outstanding shutter privacy
  • Provides 4 moods of working
  • Ultra-Portable and lightweight 
  • Too flexible and delicate machine
  • Needs more care and protection from forces.

Final Said

I hope that you’ve liked the information I provided about Lenovo Flex 5 idea pad. The laptop is a blessing for businessmen, students, graphic designers, artists and an enthusiast like you. Moreover, with its AMD supported great performance, wider and sharper display, long hour battery timing, and sleek and smart look, the laptop is something worth getting at a very low price of 700 dollars. So, make sure you have it in your backpack whenever you need a trusted companion. 


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