Microsoft Surface Go Drawing Laptop Review 2022

If those blessed intentions and desires have got you here looking for a notebook with each function but yet at a very low price, then yes, this is the place where you should be.

Since we have talked about Microsoft surface book pro 6 drawing laptop and you saw how it was beautifully manufactured and marvelously designed, the same I have another great offering for you from Microsoft. 

Microsoft Surface Go Review

The laptop or you can say a notebook or it won’t mind even being called a tablet named Microsoft surface Go is something that is here for grabbing your attention. Yes, this is the product I am to talk about here. The extra sleeker, the extra smarter, the extra stylish, the extra performer Surface Go 2 in 1 laptop has got everything that you would need for getting every daily basis work done at a very low price. The style is in perfection, golden color wins your heart and the body lets you take this laptop anywhere with you. So, let’s talk about it deeply and find out why there are so many praises. 

Design and Appearance

Microsoft Surface Go Drawing Laptop ReviewThe most important thing that needed to be discussed at the top is its marvelous design. The laptop leaves no stone unturned in providing the out-of-edge personality. It’s the soft and smart body in that dark brown lush color that shines brighter even on those gloomy days. The very lightweight and portable one with only 1.1 pounds weight and dimensions that could easily fit in your backpack, is ever ready to be everywhere for you wherever you need it. The smartest, durable, versatile, and yet the smallest surface until now is a great performer too, that works beyond imagination and will turn those busy hours into the freestones. 

Display and GPU

The laptop has also got a very great and astonishing display that needs to be admired by its every user. It comes with a 10 inches FHD crystal clear touch display screen with a PixelSense display feature that allows you to have great watching and movie time over Netflix and other movies platforms. The display is designed in a way that can be used as a laptop, tablet, and studio mood for creating, designing, and writing each and everything. The windows 10 home makes you feel like you are home and performing multitasking at a very great speed. Moreover, the graphics quality is also beyond the borders as it is supported by an integrated graphics memory of 2MB. Though it doesn’t mean much, at least a good gesture inside this cheaper machine for better quality graphics. 


So, here comes the feature on which your daily things depend the most. The performance of this sleek and smarty. The laptop has a built-in processor of 1.6GHz with dual-core Intel platinum Gold which makes this smarty work faster. You’d have easy watching, playing, and designing time over it. Moreover, the laptop is available in three pairs of memory. It comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB SSD, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD, and 8GB RAM with 128GB SSD so the choice is yours. However, the one that I am discussing here with you has got 8GB RAAM with 128GB SSD storage which makes this sleekish run faster and stores a reasonable amount of data. 

Connectivity, Keyboard and Security

Microsoft Surface Go Drawing Laptop keywordThis surface Go also has multiple connectivity options. The laptop gives you Includes a multi-tasking USB type C, fast charging surface connector for charging purposes, and a headphone jack for having music in silence. The WIFI and Bluetooth are also installed in it. So, you can simply transfer any amount of data inside and outside the laptop.

Its detachable keyboard adds a little bit more to its style and performance. You can have only a tablet with you if you want to leave the keyboard at the house. For doing so just detach it and keep it in a safe place. However, when the intentions are to use a laptop, attach your keyboard and let it work according to your expectations. 

The security is given with windows 10 home. This means everything of yours inside this laptop will be safe and secure from unauthorized login and usage. So, just log in by yourself and experience streamlined performance everywhere.

Battery Life

This smart machine does have a superior battery life of about 9 hours maximum for your drawing and watching time. The ambient light sensor will let you work at low power all day long. So, get your most of documented, browsing, emailing, and daily basis work in a single charge any time anywhere over this slightest surface Go.


Price is the most important thing to know about this laptop. But you don’t have to worry that much. Because for having this latest invention by Microsoft in your backpack, you should have at least 400 to 600 dollars just. With this little money, you’d be having more than just a laptop with you for working and performing. 

What is additional?

As I have told you about its very low price but still the laptop has much to offer under this small budget. You’d be having many necessities with this surface Go in your backpack. Like, the laptop comes with a pair of stylish Surface go signature-type keyboard covers. So, you can use your own choice and attach it to your surface to go for a stylish and professional typing experience. 

Another thing to offer with this laptop is a surface pen. This Pen is given for faster and smoother performance over your surface Go. 

There also comes a full package of office 365 including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, etc. with 1TB free space over cloud drive. This means you don’t need to worry about storing your document data.

Moreover, the laptop is also offering you some stylish Surface mobile mouse that is there to help you work even from a distance from the laptop. With all these additional, performance, slim body, epic battery, and a very low price, there won’t be any more choices or devices to find out for having a lifetime solution just at your doorstep.

What is lacking?

However, the laptop is best in its class, but as you know 10 inches display isn’t enough for a cinematic view. The GPU is also of low ram so you have to take care of your most heavy-duty performances. The ports are also less in number but all in all, under this low budget, the Surface GO is a lifetime solution of daily basis works of a student or professional like you.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightest and smartest Surface book until now
  • PixelSense display
  • Easy carrying, portable, and on the go anytime
  • Epic battery life
  • A lot more in a very low price
  • Needed more protection and care
  • Small display

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