Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Drawing Laptop Review 2022

If your mind is looking for peace and your heart wants to dance with it then let me make it easy for you.

Yes, right here, I’m to talk about a strongly and magnificently built, extraordinarily stylish and thinner like a piece of glass the great Microsoft Surface Pro 6. The laptop included every feature and blessing that you’d behaved at a very reasonable price. 

That’s why all hail to the Microsoft that has provided us with this masterpiece. Microsoft though is not that famous for producing electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and laptops but still, they have proved it in the form of this giant multifunctional machine that they can do this. The ultra-advanced laptop is being used by many Microsoft lovers and they are making their everyday lives easier with it.

So, let’s find out why we are saying this a lot about it and what it has actually got.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review | At A Glance: 

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 ReviewThe notebook has got everything that you’d be looking for in complete perfection. Its stylish look and out-of-edge performance add a bit more to your expectations. The long hour’s battery, powerful processor, storage, and connectivity provide you every ease that you need for doing your daily tasks.

Moreover, the book is available at a very reasonable price and anybody could have it for playing, creating, browsing, and emailing. All in all, the choice would be beneficial and you won’t be disappointed at the end of the day. So, let’s make that easy for you.

Remarkable Design and Extraordinary Look 

The first thing to look for and to have is its amazing design and astonishing look. This one is designed in a very sleek and thin way. Its stylish steel body will add a pleasant glimpse to your mood and personality whenever you’d be working in the office or performing any task between your friends. The 2-in-1 laptop can also be used in a tablet mood as you can easily remove the keyboard which also looks amazing and a very portable way of doing things anywhere anytime.

You can also put it in a stand mode for long watching and cinematic time just by adding or removing the kickstand. With a very soft and comfortable smooth touch, your fingers will flow like they are on water or some very soft surface. Moreover, this tablet, or we say notebook, is lightweight, having only 1.7 pounds weight and an easy carrying machine that provides you the portability you’d need.


I would suggest you not go over its sleek look for justifying its performance. Being so like that, the laptop is still a great performing machine. When you will start digging under its sleek and stylish body, you’d find that there is a powerful, extra advanced, and multitasker an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor operating by Windows 10 home, the platform that you know, and the environment that you are used too. The advanced performance with multitasking is faster and smoother as it was ever before. The 8GB RAM also adds a boost that makes it work like a giant beast even in that smart sleekish look. 

But what to do with having data in the same device?

Of course, nothing! Because the surface book is already having it in a bulk and in that quantity that you would be needed based on your daily working conditions. The laptop gives 256GB SSD storage memory which is not just a good place for storing a large amount of data but also plays a great role in the performance of the laptop. This means the laptop is giving everything to make those busy and sluggish hours, fresh and time-saving ones.  


display ReviewAs I have talked about its smooth and soft touch so that its display is also amazing. This means the laptop is gonna give you a faster image capture and better-quality visuals display. This thing is hidden in its 12.3 inches FHD crystal clear and retina display which provides great room for Netflix, Spotify, and all the long cinema time.

Moreover, the graphics would be sharp and faster with astonishing graphic technology that holds this smarty’s back. The machine is for everyone whether you are a professional, student, or a creator, as it provides you the next level of easiness and comfortability. 


When it comes to connecting this laptop with the outer world, the laptop will also let you do that. Because this surface book includes WIFI for faster internet, USB ports for transferring data, SD card ready option, and a lot more even in that sleek body just to make sure that you get it. 


The HD camera over the front of this smart tablet will let you talk with your dear ones anytime and anywhere overs the best quality result. So, just connect with the WIFI and have a never-ending video chatting with your friends.


Moreover, the audio speakers beneath it give you the richest sound quality audio whenever you find listening to your best songs over Spotify or some other musical platform. This means, the laptop would also be refreshing your mood and will provide you some quality music.

Battery Life

But what about the battery? Yeah, it’s also winning the hearts of surface book 6 users. This notebook 13.5 hours long battery time keeps the screen on and will never let you leave it untouched. You’d be able to do much and save much in a single charge. So, I don’t know if there is still something worth buying except the versatility and durability with never-ending performance. 


However, if you are to look at professionalism and portability, style, design, and performance in the same thing, the price must not be your concern at all. Because that would be something that will make you proud between your friends and gatherings. But still, for having this smart masterpiece, you should have at least 900 to 1000 dollars and all is yours.  

What Is Additional?

Since the price is very relative but, yet the laptop has more to offer. Microsoft has added a feature to remove the Signature Type Cover and use your own choice that is comfortable and according to your own chosen style and color. The Surface dial gives you the versatility for creating 3D structures very easily and smoothly.

The stylish Surface Pen is also there for performing each and everything that your mind asks it to perform. Moreover, there is also a Surface Arc Mouse to use if you’d prefer to touch by using a mouse. It means much to offer by this stylish and portable notebook under this small price. 

What Is Lacking?

Yes, there are small numbers of USB ports. The laptop is very sleek and cannot resist forces against it. NVIDIA GeForce graphics is also missing which is very recommended for graphics work. The screen is also small which means you have to adjust your creative and professional work over a little bit smaller display than its competitors.

Pros & Cons

  • Smart and stylish
  • Portable and lightweight than anything ever before
  • The build quality is excellent
  • Powerful processor
  • Sharp display
  • Epic battery
  • Versatile and long-lasting machine
  • A bit smaller display than usual
  • Shortage in ports


The things I have explained at this price will not be offered in any other notebook like this one is offering. The sleek and portable machine, with a powerful processor, ram, extra storage, smooth and soft touch, long hours battery, and much more, besides, is just to get at a very reasonable price.

All in all, I don’t think that there will be any reason for ignoring this masterpiece, as this one is best for getting your daily basis works done and making your life easier.


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