A Guide On How To Reset Administrator Password On Hp Laptop

Are you worried about your husband’s late-night work on a laptop? Are you in doubt of his chats and search history? Do you want to check your husband’s laptop but can’t do it as you don’t know the administrator’s password?

Oh, don’t worry, we will let you know how to reset administrator password on Hp laptop. As long as we are here with you, you don’t need to be worried about anything.

Maybe you are here with a laptop you have recently bought from someone. While turning it on, a login screen pops up, and OHO!

You don’t know the password.

What to do now?

Take a chill dude! Actually, my younger brother spent his summer vacation at his grandmother’s house and after coming back from there, he totally forgot his laptop’s password.

He came to me distressingly therefore I gave him the solution and YES! It worked.

So, I decided to share the best of all solutions to reset the administrator’s password on the Hp laptop with my article readers.

This article will cover all the queries related to the administrator’s password on the Hp laptop.

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How to reset administrator password on Hp laptop?

There are many ways to recover your forgotten password on your laptop. We are going to state the all-possible ways that will lead you to the solution of your problem.

How to reset an administrator password by using a password reset disk?

Oh yeah! This is the best and the quickest way to achieve our solution. Don’t you know about password reset disks? Okay, no worries dude. When you buy your Hp laptop, you may get a password reset disk with it too. We will use that disk to reset your laptop’s password.

However, follow the given steps:

  • In default administrator account is chosen. Press the “Reset button”.
  • A window will pop up that will ask you whether you want to reset the password of the selected user, click yes.
  • At last, press the “Reboot” option and insert the password reset disk.
  • A new screen will appear that will ask you to enter the new username and password.

Hurrah! Finally, you have to reset your password by using the most convenient way. Don’t worry if you are unable to reset the password by using the above-mentioned way. We will provide you with better alternatives below. They will surely work for you.

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How to reset an administrator password without using a password reset disk?

If you don’t have a disk, there is no need to be worried. You can log in to your laptop without having a disk. Let’s have a look at the steps we should take to reset our password without resetting the disk.

  • Power off your laptop.
  • Remove the external devices like USB etc.
  • Power on the laptop by continuously pressing the F11 key until a display screen pops up.
  • Choose the troubleshoot option.
  • Press the system manager and click the system recovery option.
  • Don’t worry, you are just a few steps away from your goal.
  • After the system recovery, choose the option “Recover without backing up files”.
  • Click the Next button twice.
  • Just wait until your laptop’s new software is installed.
  • Finally, your password has been removed. You can now log in and set up a new password for your beloved laptop.
Remember! By following this method all of the data on your laptop will be formatted. Don’t want to lose the data present in the laptop? Sure, let’s move towards some more good ways to reset your password.

How to reset administrator password manually by using the old password

So if you know your Hp laptop’s password and want to change it, you can follow the following steps to meet your solutions.

  • Log in to your laptop by using your username and password.
  • Press the “Start Menu”
  • Don’t rush into things, just click the control panel.
  • You will see an option like “user accounts”, hurry up and click it.
  • An option named “change your password” will appear, click it and fill in the credentials.
  • After completing the required fields, press OK.
Congratulations! You have successfully changed your password. Don’t panic if you don’t remember your old password. You will surely get the solution to all of your queries and issues in this article. Just have some patience!

How to reset the administrator password by using the Windows password key?

Yes! You can reset your password even if you don’t know the old password. You just have to stay with us and follow the instructions properly and in the end, the results will surely surprise you.

Therefore, by using the Windows password key you can reset your laptop’s password.

  • Take the advantage of the Windows password key and download it on any available laptop or computer.
  • Insert a compatible USB into that computer.
  • Now, you will have to burn a bootable disk.
  • Ok now, attach that USB to the laptop whose password is to be reset.
  • Restart your laptop.
  • Press the F12 key to get the BIOS setting.
  • From the BIOS setting, choose “Removable device”.
  • Pursue the command prompts of the Windows password key.
  • And at last, Reset your password from there.               

Appreciative! Hopefully, you have reset your laptop’s password by following the above-mentioned steps. This process will enable you to reset your laptop’s password within minutes. This process will delete not only the administrator’s password but also create a Windows account. So, you can say this is the perfect way of password recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset the administrator password on window 10?

On Windows 10, the administrator’s password can be reset by using a reset disk or by using a Windows password key. All the above-explained processes are applicable to Windows 7 and 10.


I hope that after reading the information given here, you have successfully succeeded in your mission. It is too simple to know how to reset administrator password on Hp laptop? Because there are different methods for doing so. However, you will feel no technicality while following these steps and easily be able to figure this thing out. 

With all this, let’s see you soon on another great topic. Take care of yourself and may the blessings be your way. 


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