Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Drawing Laptop Review [2022]

Creativity is something that is divine and bestowed to someone by the God Almighty.

In fact, every distinct and unique skill that we have is a gift. It’s just we need to figure it out sooner or later and, in any case, we all have it somehow.

So, what if you are a content creator and your mind allows you to turn your imaginations into reality?

What if there is a little hinge inside your heart that’d be wanted to come out and tell this world that you have got it?

Definitely you have it and that’s why you are here today. However, if that creativity wants you to get a good device for exploring your skills, then just forget about the further worries and overthinking. Because today, I am gonna make it smooth and easy for you.

Yes, that’s true that I have brought the best device that could turn your creative dream into reality in the form of the Samsung Notebook 9 pro latest addition 2 in 1 laptop. A great performer, a great companion, and a friend who stays with you all the time whenever you need it. So, let’s make this friend a best friend of yours by exploring it from every edge. 

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Drawing Laptop Review [2022]

When we talk about the best and expensive devices on this planet, Samsung also comes into our mind for that demanded perfection in the form of everlasting and ever imagined quality. Samsung, being one of the best mobile and PC manufacturing companies, has brought you its Samsung Notebook 9 Pro laptop which has become a piece of heart for many of its users. 

The sleek, portable and thin 2 in 1 laptop works faster than its predecessors and gets your work done in no time. With an Intel Core powerful processor, mega storage, bigger display, long-lasting battery, and at a very reasonable price, the laptop is best for those who are out there for turning their creative dreams into reality.

Moreover, with windows 10 home, multitasking, and backlight keyboard, the laptop will provide you with easy creativity and design. So, let’s dig into it and define every single bit of it. 

The Laptop’s Design and Stunning Look

The Laptop’s Design and Stunning LookThe laptop has nailed it in an astonishing design and exceptional looking. The very thin and very portable machine is coming in shining titan silver and black color which shines brighter even in those dim days. The 360-degree hinges and very thin chassis will let you convert this laptop to use as a tablet, tent, and stand as well as a laptop all in the same device. The flexibility from 0 to 360 degrees convertibility, let this smart ass go deeper and go easier whenever you find an urge to use it in another mood.

Weighing only 2.8 pounds and with 13.7, 9.4, 0.7 inches dimensions that make it easy to carry and easy to have. The smooth and soft touch for providing a user-friendly environment is also included in it which makes you work like you are floating your fingers over the water. I am not sure about anything else, but the design and look will make you proud between your gatherings. 

The Astonishing and Out Of Edge Display with Powerful GPU

Opening the lid, you’ll be pleased to have an edge-to-edge display. The laptop has a Brilliant Full HD 15 inches wider display with 1080P extraordinary result and visuals. The screen is touched one and you’ll have full control over it with its 360-degree hinges. The never-ending screen to body display shows everything sharper and faster with more clear images. You’d have on the go playing, watching, creating, and designing experience over this sleek and portable star performer laptop. 

Moreover, you’d also need a powerful GPU that could let you use some heavy software like Adobe Illustrator, Blender, and Unity, etc. Thanks to the hard worker AMD Radeon 540 GPU with a dedicated graphics memory of 2GB that makes creating and designing your every piece of pie, smooth and easy. So, definitely and easily you can use every design and graphics software over it. 

The Striking and Battle Performance

So, what about the performance?

Does this laptop justify it? Will it work according to your expectations and desires? Yes of course it will because an Intel Core 8th generation latest Core i7-8550U processor is working inside it. Such a great processor has an ultra-boost frequency of up to 4.00GHz which runs software and does creativity on your fingertips.

Just install any software and leave the rest over this laptop because the truth is, there won’t be any leggings and busy hours while performing your every task. Moreover, a 16GB DDR4 fast RAM also plays the role of diesel inside this powerful engine. You will have out of imagining performance and creativity with these extraordinary performance features.

Moreover, we all need some space for storing a little or reasonable amount of data in the same device that we are going to buy. Because, alternatively you will be installing much software, having some movies and music and also will be saving some important documents over it.

So, don’t worry because the Notebook 9 Pro has it in a maximum quantity. Its 256GB fast SSD storage capacity will provide you wider space for storing and keeping your important data anytime anywhere with you. The SSD will also increase this notebook working speed so you could have faster Netflix, Spotify, web browsing, emailing, and documentation time. 

The Multiple Connectivity Options, Camera and Audio Features

Having an urgency to connect your portable devices with your laptop? Yes, you’d definitely have it. Because in that case, the laptop gives you multiple ports for connecting every device with it and for transferring any amount of data inside or outside. It comes with 1 USB type C port for faster transmission of data, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, an HDMI port, a MicroSD card reader, combo headphone and mic jack, Bluetooth 4.1, and WIFI for faster internet availability. I mean just wow! Everything is more in numbers.

There is an FHD camera which makes you talk with your remote fellows and shows them your every adventure. Just turn your WIFI on and make it all time accessible. Moreover, for making it look finest there is a backlit keyboard that increases your typing speed by making you work on an easily built platform. There is also a TPM security option that keeps your everything safe and secure. 

In addition to this, the laptop has rich quality sound stereo speakers x2 that play some nice melodies whenever your mood is down. So, play your favorite songs and enjoy your own company with your true friend Notebook Pro 9 laptop. 

Battery Life

The battery life of this smart notebook is also on the other level. There is no reason for ignoring this one as you’d be having 12.5 hours of working, playing, creating, designing, drawing, emailing, and web browsing in a single charge. But sometimes, depending on the type of work that you perform the average battery timing could vary. So, get it to charge for once and work for half of the day. 


Well, no price could justify the happiness of turning your dream into reality. However, you should have at least 900 to 1100 dollars for having lifetime creativity and drawing time on this laptop. So, I think it’s reasonable and easy to have one for a daydreamer like you. 

What Is Additional? 

The laptop has a pressure-sensitive Pen that will let you work smoothly and with great perfection. A stylus that doesn’t require batteries and is also much more hidden under its extra smart body. 

What Is Lacking?

You would miss NVIDIA GeForce graphics that are best for drawing and creative work but still, you have AMD which also works great. The battery sometimes doesn’t stay that long as expected. The screen is the glossy one so you’d have to take care of it from breaking or any damages.

Pros & Cons

  • Smart, portable, ultra-thin stylish, and lightweight machine
  • Works in multiple moods
  • Best for creating designs and graphic works
  • Powerful working capacity with 8th Gen CPU
  • Better graphics
  • Natural display
  • Great battery life
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Battery life is not as promised
  • Glossy display which can break easily
  • Speakers could better


Though, I’ve explained much about this Samsung Notebook 9 pro. But my words will be only words if they won’t make any changes in your mind and make you satisfied. Well, I have tried my best for describing this masterpiece as a sleek, portable, and great working machine that works in tablet and laptop moods.

I hope that you have liked the article and I’d love to hear your valuable reviews in the comments. Until the next one, see you and good luck!


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