Hey dear students, just get ready and gear up your tools because Laptopmill.com, on becoming a branded platform for the Best laptops for every niche, is excitedly announcing its Brand Ambassador Scholarship for hardworking students like you.

The Scholarship is giving $1500 and a Branded best laptop for Students to the winner who will write an essay of 2500 words over the given topics. We believe in finding the potential and serving the best. That’s why the Scholarship is only for those who trust in hard work and in turning their dreams into reality. The passionate and enthusiastic ones about writing.

2021 Laptop Mill’s Scholarship

What Is This Scholarship All About?

Who doesn’t know about Technology? It’d be a funny question if you would ask someone that what is Technology? We live our everyday lives in the shadows of technological advancement and using every gadget that this Technology has bestowed us. We owe it too much as it has turned our lives worth living and more accessible. So, what does Technology require from you, and why this Scholarship is given to you?

What Will You Have To Do?

You need to write an essay of 2500 over the below-given topics of your own choice. We don’t think that it will be a daunting task for such a struggler like you to write about Technology. However, the topics are:

  • What is the role of Technology in 2021? 
  • What is the reset that Technology has to impact in this Global Pandemic?
  • What do you know about Digital Marketing and its changing trends?
  • What do you say about the technological advancement till 2050? 

What Are The Criteria For This Scholarship?

The criteria for writing are not that difficult or hard to meet. However, your writing skills will matter a lot. Hence, to get this Scholarship and be announced as a winner, the students should meet the following criteria. 

  • Student or we can say the writer must be only from the College and University. This Scholarship is not for High school students
  • The Student must have a piece of profound knowledge about Technology. Talking through the bushes will not be entertained
  • The Student must have 8 CGPA for becoming a writer for this Scholarship
Note: Students who won’t meet the criteria but will still send us the essay need to consider checking the official documents after confirming the winner. Because the Scholarship is also fulfilling the need-based requirement and will only be awarded to the University or College winner. 

What Do You Need To Keep In Your Mind?

The Following things are too important to consider before starting a ride towards writing this essay. 

  • The Student will write only on the given topics. He will not write on any other subject except the above ones.
  • The essay must not be copied or plagiarized. We’ll check it out, and the cheater will be knocked out. That’s why you have to write it based on your best knowledge and writing skills. 
  • Any student who doesn’t meet the above criteria will not be entertained.
  • Also, the essay must be to the point. Any irrelevant information can cause you to get disqualified.

How To Submit The Essay?

This is also not a big task. Just pick up the website’s official email address (support at laptopmill.com) and sent your essay by including some information like;

  • Your name
  • Your university/College name
  • Your university and college year
  • Your major 
  • Your favorite hobby 
  • Your essay file attached in a soft Word form

Will It Be Beneficial For You?

A big yes! As the Scholarship Is giving 1500 dollars and an intelligent laptop to the winner, he will have much peace in his study life. We think this will help him explore more, and maybe we have some other plans for him too about writing.

Moreover, the winner will get his prize from the financial aid office of his college or university. We will send the amount and laptop after necessary verification and complete details. 

Note: Your essay will be judged and reviewed by our professional writers and analyzers, so make sure that you could win their hearts. 

Deadline of this Scholarship:

Students can send their essays by 31st December 2021. We will accept every article, and also you should keep it in mind that, later on, if we find suitable then there can be more than one winner. 

Also, remember this, laptopmill.com will give the same Scholarship next Spring. So, stay alerted. 

Scholarship’s terms and conditions:

Students need to remember that we’ll own full authority over their essays. We’ll award you the prize if you hopefully get selected as a winner. However, if you don’t, we’ll still hold an exclusive right over your submitted content. 

Moreover, the students also have to focus on these different rules.

  • Your content will be ours after submission and can be used anywhere we would like to
  • You can submit only one essay. If you try to submit multiple entries, we’ll disqualify you.
  • You have to write only in English. No other language will be entertained.
  • The Scholarship is only for 2021. We’ll let you know next year when we’ll announce another one. It means the current is just for this year.
  • The Top 10 entries will be featured on the website and the Best Review wins the $1500 Scholarship.

Laptop Mill holds an absolute right to change the terms and conditions anytime if we find something new to add or remove. But the good news is, the criteria and task will remain the same. In the end, good luck, hard workers, and show us some of your best writing skills. We are waiting for your warm response.