3 Ways To Screenshot On Mac Without Keyboard

I have come to know that your mac keyboard is not working. Is that right? If your response is yes, then you will be looking for some methods to take screenshots. Am I right? Now the question is how to screenshot on Mac without keyboard?

Well, keeping this question in mind, I’ve come up with a detailed answer for you. If you are still uncertain about how it works, then don’t worry. Because in this article, you will get the answer to your every query.

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So, let’s begin with some basics.

Now, when it is clear that your Mac keyboard is not working or you want to try your mouse for taking the screenshot. You can, because there are some methods to take a screenshot without a keyboard. Taking a screenshot without a keyboard is not so difficult. How?

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Let’s find out.

How to Screenshot on Mac Without Keyboard

Screenshot On Mac Without Keyboard

Usually, on a Mac, you use some keys to take a screenshot. Just like command+shift+3. However, even if your keyboard isn’t or it is not connected to your device. You can still take a screenshot. There are some ways to do that. 

These simple methods don’t even require the keyboard. You can only use your mouse to get your task done. Although there are many methods and our focus will be on the following methods.

  1. Using preview app
  2. Using Grab app
  3. Using screenshot app

All of the above methods are equally good and work without any inefficiencies. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Taking screenshots by using the Preview app

Screenshot can be taken on a Mac without a keyboard with the help of the preview app. For activation of the preview app, you need to follow the steps given below

  • Go to the search bar, type “Preview app” and open it
  • Now a menu will appear on your screen
  • Click on files and go to “Take screenshot” When you click on “Take screenshot” you will come to see three options
  1. From selection: This will make the cursor a selector, and you can screenshot the selected portion using this option
  2. From Window: This option will enable you to take a screenshot of the selected window or tab from your device
  3. From the entire screen: This will help you to take a screenshot of the entire screen

The use of the preview app has some benefits or, you can say, very attractive advantages.

  • It helps you to edit, crop, rotate and change text before saving the image
  • It also provides many options and formats for saving the image, such as JPG, JPEG, PDF, etc.

Taking screenshots by using the Grab app

Taking a screenshot using the Grab app is another great method. For using this app, you will also need to follow few steps as follows

  • Search for the Grab app in your search bar
  • Open the app when it appears
  • Go to the menu and select “capture.” You will see the following options there
  1. Selection: You can take a screenshot of the selected portion by using this option
  2. Window: You will be able to take a screenshot of the selected window via this option
  3. Screen: Screenshot of fullscreen 
  4. Timed Screen: You can take a screenshot by using the timer.

This is a working method for all the mac computers such as iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook pro.

Using Screenshot app

This is another useful app for capturing screenshots without the keyboard. However, it would help if you launched it before using it. Follow the steps given below to launch the app.

  • In the finder, search for “applications” and go to “utilities.” 
  • Now open the “Utility folder” by double-clicking on it
  • In the “Utility folder,” you will see “Screenshot app.” Double click on it to launch 

After the screenshot app has launched, you can open it. When you open it, you will see different options. You can use the options of a selected window, selected potion, or even a selected screen. There is another valuable option of a timed screenshot. 

You can go to settings and set the timer. Once you have selected the desired option, click on “Capture,” and your desired screenshot will be saved in your selected location. And if you haven’t selected the location, then it will be saved in the default location. In most cases, the default location is desktop.

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The main advantage of the app is that you won’t need a keyboard. You can perform all the above-stated tasks just by using a mouse. However, there is a limitation of the app as well. Once you have taken the screenshot, the app will disappear, and you will have to relaunch it.

How to print screen on Mac keyboard

How to print screen on mac keyboard

Are you new to mac? If yes! Then you will be facing some problems in capturing the screen because the Mac keyboard has no print screen button. I am sure there will be a feeling in your mind that this process can be complicated. 

However, keep yourself calm because there is nothing complex in the process of capturing the screen on a Mac keyboard. Different short keys can be used to capture the screen. The only thing you need is to keep those short keys in your mind. 

So, let’s see what those keys are.

Key for capturing complete screen


The key will capture the entire screen for you, and it will be saved on your device’s desktop.

You can also use the key “Command+Control+Shift+3” to capture and save the screen on the clipboard.

Key for capturing the selected area


This key works in two steps. First, when you press the key, then the pointer will turn into a cross-wire. Use that to select the area you want to capture. Secondly, the space bar of the keyboard will help you capture the entire screen. And this captured image will be saved to the desktop.

The key “Command+Control+Shift+4” will capture and save the screenshot to the clipboard.

Key for capturing the window


After pressing this key, you will be given the option to select the window, and when you select the window, the command will save the screenshot on the desktop for you. 

The key “Command+Control+Shift+4” will capture and save the Windows to the clipboard.

Capturing screen via touch bar

The MacBook Pro has the feature of a touch bar, which can also be used to capture the screen. After pressing the keys “Command+Shift+4”, you can use the touch bar to capture the selected portion, window, or the full screen. There is an additional feature of taking a screenshot of the touch bar just by the key “Command+Shift+6” or by clicking on the screenshot icon on the touch bar.


How to screenshot a Mac German keyboard?

After observing the German keyboard for the first time, you would have got confused because it does not have any key for screen capture. However, you can use different shortcut keys to capture the screen on a German mac keyboard. Different kinds of keys for capturing different screenshots are given in the article. For more details, visit the article.

How to screenshot on a MacBook Pro without a keyboard?

Capturing the screen without the keyboard is not much difficult. There are three main methods to capture a screenshot on Mac or MacBook pro. You can capture the screen via the Preview app, Grab app, or Screenshot app when the keyboard is unavailable. Read the article for more details.

How to print screen on mac keyboard?

Different keys are used for printing screens on mac keyboards. The keys and their details are explained in the article. You can select any of the keys and use them to capture the screen. Go through the article for more help.

Final Words

To screenshot on a Mac without a keyboard is not a hard nut to break. There are different methods for capturing screenshots on a Mac without the keyboard. All you need is to pick the method that suits you well. I have also provided a detailed explanation of each method. So, you can understand it easily. 

As the Mac keyboard lacks a direct key for capturing a screenshot, you can use different keys for capturing the screen on the Mac keyboard. I hope this information will be very helpful for you. 

And you will get your task done by using any of the methods given in the article according to your own choice and preference. It’s enough for today. See you soon with another creative and informative idea. Until then take care and goodbye.

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