7 Valuable Tips For New Mac Users

Are you a new MacBook owner who is looking to improve their experience using the device? If so, you should take a proactive approach and learn some basic things that you can use as a solid foundation and move from there.

Use this article as a reference for building that foundation and learn seven things that you, as a new Mac user, should know.

Back Up Data With Time Machine

To start with, you should get in the habit of backing up computer data. Time Machine is a built-in tool that you can combine with an external storage accessory. Think hard drives and USB flash drives that are compatible with the MacBook’s ports.

An accessory like that is relatively cheap, so getting one for yourself should not be too problematic.

The first time you back up MacBook data using Time Machine, you will notice that the backup will take a while to complete. It is expected, particularly if there are a lot of files you want to copy. However, the future backups will not require as much time because the tool will only need to copy new files. For files that were already backed up, Time Machine will have to sync them instead.

The purpose of backing up files is to create a safety net in case something happens to the MacBook’s hardware, the laptop gets a malware attack, or you delete a file accidentally.

Create Different Users 

If you are the sole user of the MacBook, creating different accounts is not necessary because you can stick to the original admin profile.

On the other hand, if there are other people using the device, you should have separate accounts. Learning how to delete new user on mac and create one is not that difficult. Click on the Users & Groups tab in System Preferences and access the lock icon at the bottom-left corner to launch the modification panel. From here, follow the instructions to add or delete users on your MacBook.

Check Relevant Keyboard Shortcuts

Check Relevant Keyboard Shortcuts

Those who have used Windows before macOS might already be familiar with some keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. As for those who have a MacBook as their first computer, it is possible that they have no idea where to start as far as keyboard shortcuts go.

Learning to type faster is one of the best approaches to become better at using your computer. However, you should also work on your finger memory and remember relevant keyboard shortcuts.

You can find the whole list of macOS shortcuts on the official Apple website. The list is located in the support section of the site.

Download Applications

Despite having plenty of great built-in applications macOS offers, you should still check the App store now and then to see what is new. Some of your apps might also have a new version out, meaning that you will want to download an update for them.

Of course, the kinds of applications you want to download comes down to personal preference. Some people are looking for entertainment and education, whereas others are more interested in productivity or health.

The important thing to remember is that the official Apple App store gets new app releases regularly, and you do not want to miss out on them.

Familiarize Yourself With Customization Options

Overall, the default UI on a MacBook should be good enough and comfortable to get used to. At the same time, you may be looking to make some changes to your liking and personalize the interface.

There are a few options. For example, you could set up a background to switch automatically. Switching the Dock’s position is also one of the popular choices as you can move it to one of the screen’s corners rather than keep it at the bottom.

Try different setups to see which one you prefer. And in case these modifications are not doing it for you, there is always the option to return to the default user interface.

Manage System Resources

Macs are not the best when it comes to their hardware. Therefore, you want to be cautious of the resources that background processes and visual effects consume.

It is recommended to keep tabs on Activity Monitor and sort background processes by their CPU and memory consumption.

Some of the applications you need to run in the background constantly. For instance, antivirus software or chat tools you use for work.

On the other hand, there might be a few applications that are more or less redundant and are only running in the background because you forgot to close them.

Keep the MacBook Clean

Keep the MacBook Clean

It is true that MacBooks are quite reliable, but you are still likely to experience problems, especially if you neglect to take proper care of the device.

Keep the laptop’s hard drive clutter-free, clean the dust inside, use antivirus software to scan for malware, and do other maintenance steps to keep the MacBook in good condition.

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