Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops?

There can be a lot of queries in your mind regarding differences between laptops and desktops. But if today’s specific one is to find out why are laptops more expensive than desktops then you are exactly at the right place.

As everyone knows that the technology has been much upgraded and since it has come this far, it has also made some things even out of our reach. Consider that Abacus computers in the earlier centuries as to how bigger and less efficient they were.

When you compare them with today’s modern inventions, as the most advanced laptops, you’d easily be able to know what is the main difference and the difference is very significant to most of us. Isn’t it?

But as far as the price and cost factor is concerned, so I will tell you the main difference between why the laptops are more expensive than desktops by comparing them.

In this article, you’d be completely aware of many factors that differentiate and make laptops more expensive than desktops.

So, let’s find out. 

Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops?

Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than DesktopsThe main reason is the way they are built and the hardware that is being used in them. Desktops are only made for home or office usage while sitting stick and next to them. But laptops are the best sign of portability, lightweight, and long-lasting spans even in a single charge.

That’s why they are more expensive than desktops. You’d be amazed to know that the money in which you buy a heavy-duty performing or a most efficient gaming laptop, you can easily buy two or the most advanced and best hardware equipped desktop at a half-price than that specific laptop.

So, see what a bigger difference it is. You can also check some best gaming laptops from this gaming laptops buyers guide.

But first, let’s have a look at the benefits that laptops offer over a desktop computer and probably these are the reasons that why they are too many expensive products.

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Benefits Of A Laptop Over The Desktop That Determines Why Laptops Are Expensive Than Desktops

Since the laptops have been upgraded much, it doesn’t mean that the desktops are not worthy to keep now. Most people, like me, have desktops and laptops, but only a main difference is that I can keep only one with me when I am not home and that is definitely a laptop.

But some important benefits that are coming only with laptops can clarify their significance and can tell you why they are more expensive than the same power working durable desktop computer. So, let’s have a look at these factors.

Portability and Compactness: 

Before knowing about it, just tell me, what will be better? Using a laptop anywhere like in the bus, airline, or at any hotel shop or just sticking with your desktop at your house with a bunch of family members or in a separate room? Of course, you know the difference and also what would be better. That’s why the laptop has adopted never-ending portability and compatibility with some latest and advanced level features.

Laptops are coming with the latest and small hardware that make them lightweight, easy to carry, and a small unit for getting you every work done anytime anywhere that a well-developed desktop will only be able to perform just at your house, office, or some certain area. Therefore, portability is the most common and important factor that makes laptops more expensive than desktop computers. 

Cable mess and power efficiency:

Laptops don’t need power cables all the time put into them so they might keep running. Yes, you can consider and compare this with the desktop as it is always surrounded by a lot of cables. Also, laptops consume less power than desktop computers. Because a durable and versatile laptop under a budget of 1000 to 1200 dollars would only be needed to charge for once and it can stay with you for a pretty reasonable long time. However, even if you have spent this money or half over buying the same featured desktop, you still need to connect it to the power socket in case of using it.

That’s why laptops are more expensive than desktops:

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So, Why They Are More Expensive Than Desktops?

For specifying this, let’s take you to some general rules of hands and some certain characters that can give you more clarification about this particular query. 

People demand:

It is a very well-known fact to everyone that the importance of desktop computers has fallen from previous years. Right? But what is the main reason? Of course, people are rapidly changing their desktop computers with laptops because of the on-the-go benefits that these laptops offer.

Even the best laptop under 1000 can get your work done in no time and be anywhere for you wherever you need it. but a desktop computer for the same price won’t do this for you. That’s why when people buy more of these laptops, it makes companies charge more for the laptops because they know that no matter what, even if the laptop is too expensive and solving their problem they will definitely buy. 

Hardware and case:

The laptop’s hardware is more advanced and tiny. Moreover, when it comes to comparing the laptop’s hardware with the desktop computers, you’d be able to know that the ram, GPU, motherboard, Drives, mouse, keyboard and everything related to laptops is fitting in a single compatible unit. Whether the desktop has everything bigger, covers more space, and also separates from each other.

Its bigger case is sometimes much heavier and sometimes it gets too hot. While the laptop’s advanced features like its cooling systems keep it cool even while performing heavy-duty tasks. Therefore, when companies make these smaller units and combine them into another single unit, the cost definitely goes higher which makes these laptops more expensive than desktops. 

Display and battery life:

Laptops have magnificent and gorgeous display screens with the most advanced and high-level graphics features. Some of them even have sensitive touch displays these days. Just tell me. Do you have a desktop lying around?

Bring it here and compare its display with your high-quality laptop’s display screen. You’d be able to know the difference that why laptops are that expensive than desktops. Yes, right, because of that astonishing display screen which the desktop is lacking.  

Also, companies make laptops with greater battery capacity and battery life while the desktops are lacking them and they can only be used in case if the electricity is at home. That’s why companies charge more for the laptops as they offer these efficient and long-lasting batteries in the laptops which make them more expensive units than desktops. 

What Would Be Better If You Want To Choose Between A Desktop And A Laptop?

Well, the choice is yours, the same as the money that you are going to spend is yours. Right? But what would be actually better? See dude, if your all life is spent while sitting at a chair in your house then you should definitely go for a desktop and also if the budget is a little tight.

However, if life keeps you busy and wants you not to sit and explore, and you want a device with you everywhere, wherever you go, and wherever you find suitable. Then a laptop is the best option for having most of your work done, playing some games, listening to some music, or watching a movie anytime anywhere. 

Moreover, when it comes to my recommendations, I would definitely ask you to go for a laptop if you want to choose between these two. Though your desktop can be that powerful even in low money than the money that you are going to spend for buying a laptop.

With all those above-mentioned benefits that a laptop can offer, it will be a great choice to make. But if you are like me, who has a craze for both of these and your budget allows you, then you can have both of these.


I hope that after reading this article, you now have a piece of complete knowledge about why are laptops more expensive than desktops. Moreover, if you like the article, want to suggest anything, or have any kind of more queries like this, you can reach me out through the comments section.

I would love to hear and reply. So, take care of yourself and see you soon with another big idea. Good luck.


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