Why Do Laptop Charger Gets Hot | 6 Common Reasons

Most of the time, when we plug in our laptop’s charger, its adapter gets hot. You might be worried about why do laptop charger gets hot?

Well, it’s not a big deal as we all can be. But how to know the reason behind It?

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Why Do Laptop Charger Gets Hot?

You should know that a laptop charger habitually gets hot. Scrutinize it as expected as the battery is getting charged. You might feel a little warmth while you fortuitously touch it. 

But what if there is a drastic issue?

Like, you instantaneously touch it and feel burn, or you may get an actual wound while handling it. Now, you should worry about this and ask the question like.

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Why Is The Charger So Hot?

There can be many reasons for the adaptor to become extra hot that we shall explore in this article. The reasons for becoming its hot or hottest are as following:

  • Charging process 
  • Fault in the laptop’s battery
  • Using the wrong charger 
  • The laptop battery is being misused.
  • Defect in the laptop’s charger 
  • Hot environment 

Charging Process:

Just grab your charger and observe it. You’ll come to know that there is a big block located between the plug and the adapter. There is a transformer in it which converts the high voltage of 120 to 16 so that your laptop gets charged. That’s why during this process, it may get heat up. 

Fault In The Laptop’s Battery:

The laptop’s battery is the biggest issue for a laptop charger to get heat up. Sometimes, the battery is full, and the charger is still plugged in. Or, the laptop battery might have become so old that there is a need to replace it.

In that case, the charger will keep supplying electricity forcefully to the damaged cells of the battery. It will start getting warm to an extent. After a while, when you touch it, you may hurt yourself. 

What to do in this case?
Plug out the charger and let it be on rest for a while, or get a new battery for your laptop. 

Using The Wrong Charger:

What if you are not using your original laptop charger to charge it?

Using the wrong charger

In that case, your charger will start getting warm. It is too important to get the exact charger for your laptop with the actual voltage rating that it requires. Otherwise, you may face a permanent laptop damage issue. 

Like, you are charging a laptop with a 50 watt power adapter; however, that laptop requires a 70-watt adapter. That’s why it overheats. 

What to do in this case?
Put away the wrong adapter and get a new one for your laptop that must be suitable for charging it because your laptop is more important than the adapter. 

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The Laptop Battery Is Being Misused:

Another reason for getting the adapter warm is that you are using the wrong battery. But how is this possible?

Yes, it is. You may fit a battery in your laptop’s designated battery slot that is just of the same size but not with the same specs. This can affect your laptop’s charger adapter, and it becomes hot. 

What to do in this case?
Do not try to misuse the battery or another battery in the space of the original one. It will cause your laptop, as well as the adapter, to get overheat or hottest. 

Defect In The Laptop’s Charger:

From all the reasons why a laptop charger gets hot, this is the most prominent one. The laptop charger is not suitable for charging its battery. There can be a defect inside its adapter, it may be a third party, not recommended to use for your laptop, it may be damaged or leaks voltages, or there can be many more reasons.

So, when you charge a laptop with such a charger, it will start overheating, and sometimes it can burn. 

What to do in this case?
I’d recommend you throw it away and get a new adapter for charging your laptop if you don’t want to face a severe burn or hurt. 

Hot Environment:

if your laptop is placed inside a hot climate and getting a charge. Its adapter will start heating up. Because there will be no cooling elements to keep the temperature down. Most people use a laptop over the bed, and its adapter gets heat up as it may be beneath the blanket. Due to this, it starts overheating. 

What to do in this case?
Try to sit in a relaxed environment and have the fan working. Moreover, if you are using your laptop over the bed, its adapter must be having cool air or AC or fan. 


Now, we can make sure that you can diagnose a problem regarding your laptop charger overheating. We Do hope that this article might have helped you a lot.

If it did, please let us know by simply putting a comment. Also, suggest to us if there is something to add more. We shall be much obliged.

So, let’s have a see-off till the next idea.


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