Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Freezing [7 Simple Steps]

Don’t have an idea about what happens when your laptop freezes?

Yes, I can understand your problem. When your HP laptop or any other laptop “freezes,” all your working and your activities on your laptop, go down.

There is a complete lockdown on it. Its window gives you no response for a very long time. It often happens due to a heavy load or low memory. There might be several other reasons you don’t have exact knowledge about.

This might also occur due to corrupt files, viruses, or by installing third-party software. Then, you just sit idle for hours waiting for your laptop back to work.

All you see in the window is a circle that keeps rounding around your cursor (arrow), and you can’t find the best thing to do. It happens often, and it becomes a panic situation for everyone who faces this. I also encounter this difficulty on my laptop quite often.

But you don’t need to worry about this much as I have found multiple solutions to your problem.

So, let’s solve your problem in some simple steps.

All you need to do is to follow these steps, and then just boom! Back to work.

Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Freezing Up And Not Responding?

Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Freezing


Step 1: Restart – Best Solution

Let me ask you a question. Have you watched a movie of Dwayne Johnson’s named “Skyscraper”? Well, if not, then never mind! The thing is, in this movie, when his wife’s cell phone gets hang, he asks her to restart it and says there is a solution to more than hundreds of problems when you continue a device.

The same situation applies here to your HP or any other laptop. All you need to do is restart your Laptop or PC to diagnose your problems and make them cold. Because freezing gets all your programs and software lagged. So, this is the simplistic solution to your question about freezing. Just Restart it.

Step 2: Antivirus

The second step is also quite simple. You may don’t know, but you might be facing a freezing problem due to some kind of virus or malware. Viruses are bugs that harm your laptop’s software and slow your working. They always need to be kicked out of the laptop.

So, for this, always utilize an antivirus like Windows Defender or any other easily available. Turn on the automatic scanning and auto-update. This will help you in removing bugs from your laptop and making your laptop work efficiently. But always keep in mind to get the latest version and a famous antivirus installed on your laptop because antivirus’s do have their own viruses. But don’t worry, it will help you get your PC or laptop back to work.

Step 3: Remove Temporary | Unnecessary Files

To remove the Temporary files, just follow the steps.

  • my laptop keeps freezing and not respondingGo to windows icon, and search for run.
  • Type temp and press OK.
  • Now you have you select all files and press DEL.


  • why does my hp laptop keep lockingGo to windows icon, search for RUN.
  • Type %temp% and press OK.
  • Select all files and folder and press DEL.

Once again,

  • why does my hp laptop keep freezingGo to windows icon, search for RUN.
  • Type prefetch and press OK.
  • Select all files and folder and press DEL.

Ok, that’s it. Make sure you have empty the recycle bin after that.

Don’t worry your important data will remain safe. These steps will delete your temporary files and folder that are not in use for long time. After applying these command you will feel significant change in performance.
Pro Tip: Apply these command once in week for smooth performance. I’m using this method for past 5 years. and the result is awesome.

Step 4: Hardware Replacement

Get a maximum capacity DDR4 RAM or SSD storage. Yes! You have heard, right. If your laptop is freezing, then there might be a reason that your RAM storage is low and you are taking heavy-duty tasks from your laptop. So, upgrade your RAM capacity, or else you might always be facing this problem.

You can also replace Hard Disk Drive with SSD because SSD is faster than a simple Hard Disk Drive. It is the latest technology coming in the latest laptops, and others can upgrade it. So, this is another solution to your problem, which can only be done through hardware. 

Step 5: Upgradation 

The latest updates and their installation are critical in windows. If you find your PC or laptop freezing at shut down or at startup or other places like you find some kind of software is not working, pc went to sleep for hours and other things like this.

All you need to do is upgrade your windows drivers and other software that requires upgradation. Like upgrading your antivirus will keep malware out from your laptop and keep your laptop work efficiently without stopping. Same are other software that needs regular updates should be updated. This will also help you with working without freezing.

Step 6: Defragmentation 

Another thing you can do is to defragment your Hard Disk Drive. This will manage your files and replace them back at their exact locations or elsewhere they are supposed to be. You can defragment your Hard Disk Drive through just simple steps that are given below. 

  • Click on the window icon 
  • Click on all programs or search accessories in the search bar of the window.
  • After clicking on accessories, click on the system section tools 
  • Then click on Disk Defragmenter
The process will begin, and it can take several hours if your laptop or PC hasn’t been defragmented for a while. I hope this will also help you out.

Step 7: Cleanup or Re-Format

If you are still facing a freezing problem, then do another simple thing. Run a complete disk clean up. It will help you get rid of the cache files that can cause a freezing problem if not removed frequently. Because due to cache files, Laptop or PC stops working effectively and causes a frozen pain.

Here are simple steps described to you, and by following them, you can run a disk cleanup. It’s also so simple. 

  • Click on the Window icon 
  • Click on all programs or search accessories in the search bar of the window.
  • After clicking on accessories, click on the system section tools 
  • Then click on the disk cleanup application
  • Select the hard drive and keep it running until it finds the files to remove.
  • Click on the cleanup button and wait.

This process can also take more than an hour, depending on how much data is removed from the Hard Disk Drive of your laptop or PC. Just wait until it gets done, then start using your laptop again like before. 

Another step you should take in most critical situations is to Re-format your Hard Disk Drive. Remember that you only need to take this step if your PC or laptop is still freezing after applying all those steps described above. The reason is that there might be persistent malware in your laptop or PC that could only be removed by formatting your Hard Disk Drive.

This process will delete all your data from your laptop or PC, including each and everything, so always keep it in mind to have a backup of your data with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Unfreeze My Hp Laptop?

It’s so simple to unfreeze any HP laptop. All you’ve to do is just follow the above steps. Hopefully, you will unfreeze your laptop.

  • Why Does My New Hp Laptop Keep Freezing?

A laptop may freeze when we run the non-compatible programs on any computer, whether it’s a hp laptop or another brand. However, there are unusual steps that you have to follow to prevent from freezing. For this, check out the above steps. 

  • Why Does My Hp Laptop Windows 10 Keep Freezing Up?

Your laptop keeps freezing and not responding – or it may be your windows 10 – right? Well, not a big issue. Just clean up the windows. To clean up your Windows 10, here is step by step guide. This is why your operating system sometimes keeps safe unnecessary files and folders in “Local Disk C” that cause lag and slow speed. 

  • Why Does My Hp Computer Keep Freezing?

Many things may freeze your computer, such as installing heavy software, programs, demanding games, etc., so always make sure you have capable system specs before running any kind of application. Furthermore, there are no particular steps for a computer system. You can apply the above steps on your computer as well.

  • Why My Hp Laptop Is Overheating?

This is the most common question asking google “why my Hp laptop is overheating”  The answer is: you don’t take care of your laptop. Yes, I’m right! You know why?

We take baths daily to refresh our body just like our machines need service. What you have to do is to service your laptop.

  • Clean up the vents
  • Remove the dust from the fans carefully.
  • Never try to run games without having a dedicated graphics chip.
  • New use your laptop on the bed.

For a complete guideline, check out our brief discussion on overheating laptops.


After explaining all this to you, I am damn sure that these steps have solved your Laptop or PC freezing problems. Still, if you are having issues, then please see your laptop or PC to the nearest repairing center or tell your situation to the company through an email. I hope this will also help you out.


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